Can I add olive oil to coffee? How does it taste?

olive oil in coffee

Drinking coffee is many people’s daily routine, and when it adds healthy fats, it gives an extra reason to continue drinking it. So many options that you can add to your favorite cup of coffee. However, making the right choice is essential. Olive oil in coffee gives you a unique taste and has many health benefits.

But the question arises: What are the benefits of olive oil in coffee? Someone might feel bad about adding oil to coffee! Olive oil can be a good food option, but does it make any sense to add to coffee? Yes, you should try it out and feel a positive difference.

Do you know that Olive oil and caffeine combined deliver excellent health benefits? Coffee contains caffeine, and when it is consumed in balance with olive oil, its benefits become manifold. Also, you can add manuka honey to coffee.

I will discuss the benefits of olive oil in coffee and how you can make olive oil coffee at home.

What is olive oil?

Olive oil extracts from the olive fruit that grows on olive trees. Olive oil comprises high monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. It is more expensive than other oils available in the market.

This oil can be used in cooking foods, and people also prefer to drink olive oil. Olive oil is prepared in four types.

Extra virgin olive oil is the purest and the most expensive oil. If you consider preparing coffee with olive oil, use extra virgin olive oil. And this extra virgin oil can be used in different beverages as well. So virgin oil should be the priority when adding to coffee.

Other olive oils are virgin, fino, light, and pure olive oil.

olive oil

Also, buttermilk in coffee is another option that you can use to make coffee.

What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Olive oil is a nutritious oil, and it has various health benefits. Extra virgin oil has many antioxidants, which we use in coffee and other beverages.

  • It contains Antioxidants, which work to reduce chronic diseases. Also, it helps lower bad cholesterol.
  • Also, it reduces heart disease since virgin oil contains monounsaturated fat.
  • It helps lowers blood pressure in the body.
  • Olive oil can reduce the chances of weight gain.
  • Virgin oil fights against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Also, the continuous use of this oil reduces the chances of cancer in the body.
  • Regular use of it enhances bone health.

Olive virgin oil has several health-related advantages when we use it in coffee. However, it is essential to get pure-quality olive oil to get the maximum benefits. And when you go to market, ask for extra virgin oil from a reputable brand.

You can also milk powder to coffee to get a deliciously sweet coffee.

What are the health benefits of olive oil in coffee?

If you are a coffee addict and use different flavors of coffee. However, many coffee flavors may have negative impacts on your body. And you are searching for something with health benefits and good taste. This combination of virgin olive oil and coffee will solve your problems.

While adding this oil will give you several health benefits. It contains monounsaturated fats, which add good fats to the body. When you use olive in your coffee, you will see positive changes in your body. The extra body fats will slowly reduce, and the digestion system will start working.

Do try making dark chocolate in coffee.

Let’s see what benefits we get from coffee with olive oil.

Olive oil Adds healthy fats

Olive oil contains healthy monounsaturated fats, so when we add them to coffee, they help reduce many diseases. It also lowers the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol. Also, coffee contains balanced caffeine, which has many benefits.

olive oil Enriched with vitamins

Olive oil also has a good amount of vitamin E and K. Vitamin E contains antioxidants and reduces any chance of cell damage. And if we add it regularly to coffee, it will certainly positively impact the body. So not only enjoy the good taste of coffee, but these health benefits are so significant.

And vitamin K works to maintain bone health and assists in healing the wound.

Why do people prefer to make olive oil coffee?

As I have discussed, it contains good fats, which help the body with positive growth, even though it may flavor a little awkward when you first taste the oil in coffee. But you will get used to it after some time, like we add olive oil to foods. Actually, we only like food with oil.

However, if you want to drink coffee but know that caffeine, sugar, and heavy cream will negatively impact the body, you should use this oil with black coffee to get double the benefits.

Here are a few advantages of coffee with olive oil.

  • If olive oil is added to black coffee, it multiplies its health benefits.
  • Oil and black coffee are a perfect combination with hardly any side effects.
  • When we add oil to coffee, it creates a slightly creamy texture.
  • Regular use of this coffee can lead to bad cholesterol in the body and reduce the danger of heart attacks.
  • If your coffee is acidic, the use of this oil will reduce the acidity of coffee.

How to make olive oil coffee at home?

A cup of coffee has the feature of getting adjusted to many flavors. However, olive oil differs from other flavors; this is healthy food. It is essential to use extra virgin olive oil for your coffee to maximize its benefits.

It requires the following ingredients.

  • 8 oz. size black coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • A tablespoon of cinnamon
  • A tablespoon of ghee
  • Optionally add non-dairy milk or almond milk
  • First, brew a cup of black coffee.
  • When the coffee is ready, add one tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Now, wait a few minutes to get it slightly cooler, and blend it for 30 seconds in a blender or frother.
  • Add one spoonful of ghee.
  • Finally, add almond or other non-dairy milk for a creamy, foamy texture.
a cup olive oil coffee

A coffee cup is ready with a creamy texture and multiple health benefits.

How does olive oil taste in coffee?

Like regular coffee, olive oil coffee has a strong, nutty, and slightly sweeter flavor. However, it has a different texture than regular coffee. If we use unrefined oil for coffee, it tastes flavorful and with aroma.

The taste will become milder and sweeter when non-dairy milk or sweetener is added. If you try it the first time, you may dislike the taste, but with a few cups, you will become to this coffee.

If you dislike the taste, try it with sugar, honey or other flavors.

How many Calories in olive oil coffee?

Even though olive oil has many advantages, it has high-calorie content. A cup has 120 to 130 calories. So it’s a double-edged sword; if you use it regularly, you may get good fats, but it will also increase calorie content in the body.  

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Final thoughts

Coffee is such a unique and customizable drink that you can add almost anything. Coffee works perfectly fine with olive oil too. It may sound strange, but yes, you can add oil to coffee with little difference in taste.

However, If you dislike digesting coffee with olive oil, use it with half a tablespoon and gradually increase it. Soon, you will get loving this combination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we consume olive oil?

It is a healthy oil, which we usually use in cooking. Also, some prefer to drink it. But adding to your favorite cup of coffee is increasing.

Is it ok to drink olive oil?

Yes, it is safe to drink olive virgin oil; people prefer to drink it instead of using it in food.

How much is oil good per day?

You can consume up to two tablespoons of olive oil per day.

Can I add olive oil to coffee? How does it taste?
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Can I add olive oil to coffee? How does it taste?
If you are a coffee addict and use different flavors of coffee. However, many coffee flavors may have negative impacts on your body. And you are searching for something with health benefits and good taste. This combination of virgin olive oil and coffee will solve your problems.
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