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My latte coffee: Recipes, creativity, and Taste: the ultimate guide

 The purpose of this blog is to provide a comprehensive guide to the different types of coffee flavors and how to make them.


A comprehensive guide to coffee flavors and recipes.

Interesting Topics

breve vs cold brew

Breve vs cold brew comparison of two flavors; one is highly caffeinated and robust, and the other is milder and creamy.

cold brew vs nitro cold brew

If you love to experiment with your coffee by adding new flavors. One thing you should try is adding nitrogen gas to your cold-brew coffee. Adding nitrogen gas to cold brew makes a smoother, sweeter, and fluffier coffee.


If you want to know the exact amount of caffeine in coffee, you should study coffee beans more. Many factors contribute to the caffeine content of a coffee, like the roasting process, the addition of water, and the type of coffee beans. Let’s check every factor in more detail.