Nitro cold brew vs cold brew: Is there any difference?

cold brew vs nitro cold brew

Do you wonder what the difference is between nitro and cold brew? There is one significant difference between nitro cold brew vs cold brew. Nitro-cold brew adds nitrogen gas to cold brew, which is the primary difference.                                         

If you love to experiment with your coffee by adding new flavors. One thing you should try is adding nitrogen gas to your cold-brew coffee. Adding nitrogen gas to cold brew makes a smoother, sweeter, and fluffier coffee. Also, it creates tiny bubbles at the top, giving the nitro cold brew a different texture.

Cold brew is made with ground coffee and cold water. While Nitro cold brew adds nitrogen gas, giving it a creamy and foamy top. It has a sweeter taste than cold brew.

First, let’s first start with exploring both drinks.

What adds nitro to cold brew?

Nitro cold brew infuses with nitrogen gas. First, it brews the same as a cold brew. I use coarsely ground coffee, which steeps in cold water for 12 hours. However, the steeping time can increase to 18 hours if you want a highly caffeinated and strong drink.

After steeping, the mixture is infused with nitrogen gas. Lastly, it is served through a tap like a beer in a bar. But this tap is an expensive device only available in coffee bars. It may be expensive to use it at home.

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making nitro cold brew

Nitrogen gas adds sweetness and gives it a bubblier and foamier texture, as you may have seen in a beer glass.

Is nitro cold brew safe?

Nitrogen gas is usually used in beer glass. This gas is an alternative to carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide uses for soda and beer, creating large bubbles. While nitrogen gas creates smaller bubbles and adds sweetness to the drink.

So you shouldn’t worry about adding Nitrogen gas to the coffee; it is a completely safe gas and contains no harmful material.

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Where does the idea of adding nitrogen gas to cold brew come from?

The question arises: where does the idea of adding nitro gas to cold brew? This has been picked by someone from the beer industry. As we know, while making beer, nitrogen gas is infused to get a smooth, creamy texture.

In 2010, some coffee shops started experimenting with adding nitro gas to cold brew coffee. People start loving this unique taste in coffee. Because cold brew is otherwise a robust bitter coffee, while nitrogen gas gives it a new texture and taste.

Do you know What is cold-brew coffee?

Now, let’s check more orthodox coffee cold brews. It is a cold coffee but prepared with a unique brewing technique. Also, remember that cold brew is a highly caffeinated coffee with a strong bitter taste.

How is a cold cold-brewed coffee prepared? It differs from other cold coffees that may take a few minutes to make a coffee cup, but cold brew takes 12 to 18 hours. Now, is it worth a coffee to take so much time to make a coffee?

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Yes, it takes hours to make a perfect cold brew, but when ground coffee is immersed in cold water for hours, it makes a solid caffeinated coffee. No other cold coffee has the same taste and caffeine that cold brew has.

First, Coarse ground coffee adds to cold water and steeps in a cooler place for 12 to 24 hours. If you want an intense cold brew, immerse it for 24 hours. In my experience, the longer you steep, the stronger and bitter it will get. But if you are making it for the first time, 12 hours will be enough to get a good taste.

A glass is ready

It is important to remember always use cold water to get a perfect taste.

What is the difference betwen nitro and cold brew?

I have discussed the two drinks in detail; now it’s time to elaborate more on their differences. Nitro-cold brew adds nitrogen gas which differs from cold brew.

Does nitro gas make any taste difference?

Any cold coffee tastes different from hot coffee, but usually, cold coffees are milder and sweeter. But cold brew has a bold, bitter flavor.

Cold brew has a more potent and richer flavor due to highly caffeinated drinks. Also, it tastes slightly acidic. And when we add nitrogen gas, it becomes bubblier, fluffier, and deliciously tastier.

Nitro cold brew has a thicker, frothier texture with a pungent taste due to the infusion of nitro gas. However, the nitro cold brew has a slightly sweeter taste than cold brew.

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Nitro cold brew vs cold brew: Strong taste

Due to nitrogen infusion, the nitro brew tends to become bubblier and creamier. Also, it reduces to a milder taste.

A regular cold brew is concentrated coffee with a lot of caffeine. And typically, it adds no flavors, which makes it a strong flavor. The nitrogen gas also helps mask residual bitterness, making the coffee taste smoother.

So, a cold brew is a stronger coffee than a nitro cold brew.

Is there any difference in the brewing process?

Both drinks have almost similar brewing processes. Coarsely ground coffee is used to brew cold; add cold water and soak it for at least 12 hours.

You can make a regular cold brew at home. All you need is ground coffee, cold water, and steeping it for 12 hours. And a cold brew is ready to enjoy.

However, nitro cold needs extra equipment and a pressurized keg to infuse nitro gas into cold brew. These types of equipment are expensive and usually available in coffee bars.

Thus, nitro cold brew can’t be made at home since it requires an expensive device. Unless you have the resources to buy it. You can enjoy a nitro cold brew at coffee bars.

brewing a cup

Which drink has more calories?

Since both drinks don’t add milk, sugar, and additives, they have fewer calories.

You can consume nitro cold brew and cold brew without worrying about adding extra calories to the body. But the nitro cold has a sweeter note with a foamier and bubbler texture; you can prefer it over a regular cold brew.

Difference in caffeine content?

Nitro and regular cold brew, both coffees, have the same caffeine level. As we talked about earlier, both use similar ground coffee and cold water. The difference is only nitrogen gas is infused into cold brew; however, it doesn’t add any caffeine to the cold brew.

A cold brew comes with 250mg of caffeine per serving. So, a nitro cold brew also contains almost the same level of caffeine.

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a cup of nitro cold brew

Which drink is healthier?

It is important to note that cold brew has more health benefits than regular coffee. Cold and nitro cold brew has lower acidity than regular coffee due to the unique brewing process.

Although cold brew and nitro brew contain fewer antioxidants. Also, a nitro cold brew naturally has a sweeter note. So it doesn’t need any sugar to make it sweet. A regular cold brew may need a sweetener to get a smooth taste.

However, cold and nitro brews are healthier if you don’t add flavors and sugar.

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Cold brew vs nitro cold brew: which drink is better and why?

Since I have explained all the differences in detail, your job has become easier to pick anyone for your next drink. It depends on which type of cold brew you prefer, keeping in mind the brewing process and taste of both drinks.

If you like a fluffier and bubblier drink with a sweeter and stronger taste, then nitro cold brew is the perfect option. Whereas cold brew comes with a robust taste. So, if you want a cold brew, you can easily make this home.

But you can’t make nitro cold brew without expensive equipment. Cold brew is always preferred since you don’t need to go to the coffee bar to taste the nitro cold brew. Your preference is to pick one drink over the other while keeping the caffeine and calorie content in mind.

a glass of cold brew

Even though cold brew and nitro cold brew have a similar levels of caffeine and calories.

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You can make cold brew at home, whereas nitro cold brew needs expensive equipment. But you can enjoy a nitro cold brew at the coffee bar. Well, there is not much to choose from; however, I prefer nitro cold brew for many reasons.

Adding nitrogen gas to your coffee sounds strange, but it is worth a drink to try. At first, you may feel a strange flavor, but regular use will make all the difference, and you will start loving it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we add milk to nitro cold brew?

Nitro cold brew comes with a creamier and foamier texture. It tastes slightly sweet, so you should better avoid adding flavors. Also, adding milk will dilute the true taste of the cold brew. In fact, this drink gives a perfect taste without adding flavors.

Is nitro cold brew stronger than espresso?

Nitro cold brew is more potent than espresso. Because nitro cold brew’s brewing process makes it more robust and contains high caffeine, it makes a drink stronger and more bitter.

Can we add sugar to nitro cold brew?

Cold brew infused with nitrogen gas makes it bubblier and slightly sweeter. So nitro cold brew doesn’t need sugar.

Nitro cold brew vs cold brew: Is there any difference?
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