Wet vs dry Cappuccino: the key differences

what is the difference between a dry and wet cappuccino?

Any coffee enthusiasts who love milky coffee should be well aware of cappuccino. However, there are so many options in milky drinks. But why is cappuccino more popular than other milk and coffee combinations? Well! Its perfect balance of milk and coffee makes it more attractive than other flavors. wet vs dry cappuccino is the comparison of similar drinks with certain differences.

Cappuccino is known for its solid and delicious taste. It is a widely consumed drink with several variations. Wet vs dry cappuccinos are two fantastic varieties of Cappuccino.

So, what is the difference between wet and dry Cappuccino? Here, I am going to differentiate all the differences between these two amazing flavors. These two drinks have different ingredients, textures, and tastes.

The dry cappuccino has one or two espresso shots and foamed milk. And wet cappuccino is made with more steamed milk and less espresso with a slight milk foam.

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First, let’s look into what are wet and dry cappuccinos.

What is a wet Cappuccino?

Visit a coffee shop and ask the barista for a cappuccino. You will probably get a wet cappuccino since wet cappuccino is the more preferred option in every coffee shop. A wet cappuccino looks like a latte drink.

However, it has less steamed milk than a latte. It is made with one or two shots of espresso and more than usual steamed milk, with slight milk foam at the top. It is a creamier and sweeter drink.

More people prefer Wet cappuccino over dry cappuccino. You need to order a customized drink to get a wet cappuccino.

making a cup of wet cappuccino

What is a dry Cappuccino?

It is a unique drink with no steamed milk but only foamed milk. A great alternative if you want something different from traditional cappuccino.

Since it adds no steamed milk, the foam can only give it a dry look. So it has a unique fluffier taste at first, but it gives you a robust bitter espresso taste afterward.

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A dry cappuccino comes with one or two espresso shots and milk foam. It has no steamed milk. Also, it has a rough, dry texture. You should expect an espresso-dominant taste in this flavor.

dry cappuccino

What are the differences between a dry and wet Cappuccino?

Simply if you add steamed milk to espresso, it considers wet cappuccino; if you add only foam milk, it calls dry cappuccino—no other you should expect from these flavors.

Also, you can add two or one espresso shot to either of these drinks, making the drink strong and bitter.

Using steamed and foamed milk makes all the differences between these two drinks.

CharacteristicsWet Cappuccino                 Dry Cappuccino
Made withEspresso and Steamed milkEspresso and Foamed milk
IngredientsOne espresso shot with double the volume of steamed milkOne espresso shot with foamed milk
Brewing methodA traditional method is used to make it A modern method is used to make it
TasteIt is a smoother drink with a creamier and sweeter taste.It is a fluffier and bubblier drink with a bitter taste.
Caffeine68 gm per cup with one espresso shot68 gm per glass  with one espresso shot
CaloriesIt includes 90 calories per drinkIt contains 60 calories per drink
AvailabilityIt is easily available at every shotNot available at most shops

Wet vs dry Cappuccino: Do they have different brewing processes?

While preparing these two drinks is different and unique. A wet cappuccino is an easier and more traditional drink to make. It is created with a Cappuccino, steamed milk, and a thin foam layer. In comparison, dry cappuccino has espresso and foamed milk; it skips steamed milk.

In both cases, first, make an espresso shot. When making wet cappuccino, pour steamed milk with slight foam at the top. In case of dry cappuccino, add foamed milk at the top of the espresso.

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Adding milk, the significant difference

Well, everything else is similar; the use of milk makes all the difference. What is more critical in making steamed or foamed milk is to make it perfect. For instance, if you don’t get perfect foamed milk, the dry cappuccino will look like wet cappuccino.

However, in the case of wet cappuccino, even a slightly steamed milk will work fine.

Wet vs dry cappuccino: Is there any difference in appearance?

It seems both cappuccinos should have a similar texture, but in reality that is not the case. You can easily recognize the drink by its appearance.

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A Wet cappuccino has a creamier and smoother texture, comprising espresso, steamed milk, and a thin foam layer.

In contrast, Dry cappuccino comes with a unique texture since it has no steamed milk. The combination of espresso and milk foam creates a fluffy, velvety, and airy texture.

a cup of wet capppuccino

wet vs dry cappuccino: which drink taste better

Right, if you are expecting any significant difference in taste, you will be disappointed. Espresso flavor dominates in both drinks.

Even though wet cappuccino has a more prominent creamy and sweet taste due to the use of steamed milk. Because steamed milk dilutes the intensity of espresso.

Whereas dry cappuccino dominates espresso flavor with fluffier and bubblier flavor first. So when comparing, i think dry cappuccino is much strong and bitter.

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Wet vs dry cappuccino: Do both flavors have the same Caffeine content?

If you want to avoid caffeine in cappuccino, use only one espresso shot. An espresso contains a good amount of caffeine content. As I discussed earlier, Both coffees use two espresso shots. One espresso shot contains 68 gm of caffeine.

So, two espresso shots contain 136 gm of caffeine. Both drinks have a similar amount of caffeine. However, the difference is in the calories of these drinks.

Why wet has more calories than dry cappuccino?

Wet cappuccino adds steamed milk, which contains all the calories. Also, it depends on which type of milk to use for the cappuccino. Full-fat milk includes more calories than skimmed milk.

The wet cappuccino comes with three fluid ounces of steamed milk, which has around 90 calories. A dry cappuccino needs ten fluid ounces of milk to make foam. A dry cappuccino has 60 calories using whole milk.

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wet cappuccino adding steamed milk

Wet vs dry Cappuccino: Which drink is better and healthier?

A wet cappuccino is a traditional drink, and many people use it. Unlike wet, the dry cappuccino is not the first choice for many people. Because it has a drier and fluffier look.

If you like a milk drink with a creamy and smoother taste, wet cappuccino has no alternative. It also has a balanced amount of calories and caffeine content.

In comparison, dry cappuccino has a unique bitter and robust taste. It also has a fluffy and bubblier texture with an espresso taste. However, wet cappuccino is a healthier option.

However, a dry cappuccino may only be available in some coffee shops. It is a relatively new drink and a little hard to make. Also, adding it to two espresso shots can make dry cappuccino at home only if you are good at making milk foam.

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Final thoughts

I have explained the difference between a dry and wet espresso in detail; hopefully, it will make your choice easy to pick your favorite taste.

It seems both flavors have some competition, but in reality, wet cappuccino is a far better drink. You will see rarely few people prefer dry over wet cappuccino. People don’t like Its fluffy nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a cappuccino bone dry?

When a cappuccino shot is added with foam milk without steamed milk, it is called a bone-dry cappuccino.

How much milk is in a wet cappuccino?

It uses more steamed milk and a thin layer of foam. Some baristas divide it with 50% of steamed milk and 25% of milk foam. 

Is a wet cappuccino the same as a latte?

A latte uses more steamed milk than a wet cappuccino. Latte also adds milk foam to create latte art. in comparison; Wet cappuccinos come with a good amount of steamed milk and a tiny amount of foam.

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