Cortado vs Cappuccino: Check the differences

Cortado vs Cappuccino

A coffee enthusiast knows that every coffee flavor has a different taste and texture. Even if they have almost the same ingredients, they taste differently. Cortado vs cappuccino are two apparently quite similar coffees. But in reality, they are different in many ways.

So, what ingredients are used in these two drinks? Cortado and Cappuccino both beverages use espresso coffee and milk. But still, both differ in taste and texture.

Cortado is made with half and half. It means half a cup consists of steamed milk and half espresso. You can add two espresso shots, but you also must add more milk.

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While the Cappuccino is divided into three equal parts one is espresso, the second is steamed milk, and the third is milk foam. However, you can add two espresso shots to make it stronger.

The Cappuccino is a foamy drink with a rich milky taste. Whereas a cortado has a strong but slightly bitter taste.

I’ll talk about both drinks in detail to better understand what these drinks are about.

What is Cortado?

Cortado is an amazing, super tasty drink made with a ratio of 1:1. One part is espresso, and the other is milk. You can use whole milk, skimmed milk, or dairy-free products in a cortado. Also, you can use syrups to make it sweeter and more flavorful.

The Cortado drink originates from Spain. In Spanish, the word Cortado means to cut. So half espresso and half milk in it means cutting it in half.

Cortado usually serves in a small cup. I love this drink because it mainly serves without added flavors. It is a solid beverage with espresso, which makes it more robust, and milk somewhat dilutes the bitterness. Also, check the difference between a milky drink latte and a cortado.

Also, more importantly, a cortado is an easier coffee to make at home. So you don’t need to pay higher amounts in coffee bars every time.

cortado vs cappuccino, cortado coffee

 Now, what is a cappuccino drink?

What is Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is a highly consumed and loved beverage worldwide. You can get a cappuccino at almost every coffee bar worldwide. This drink is of Italian origin.

A cappuccino is always a great drink at any time of the day. The ingredients are separated into three equal parts. One is espresso, the second is steamed milk, and the third is foam on the top. Do you know the preciese difference between espresso and cappuccino?

The Cappuccino is served in a 6 oz glass size. However, you can make it in a larger glass with an equal amount of ingredients.

It is interesting to note that Cappuccino has one part milk foam, making it a hot and rich creamy coffee.

cortado vs cappuccino, a cappuccino cup
Cappuccino cup

What is Cortado vs Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is creamier and fluffier compared to Cortado. Also, these drinks have differences in taste, texture, and ingredients.

Any Difference in ingredients?

The cappuccino drink comprises espresso, milk, and milk foam. That means the cappuccino drink consists of 1/3 of the steamed milk, and the 1/3 produces the foamed milk.

Unlike Cappuccino, the Cortado comes with an equal part of milk and espresso. It only adds steamed milk and no foamed milk.

Thus, this drink is more robust and concentrated than Cappuccino. As I mentioned, Cappuccino contains more steamed and foamed milk, making it smoother and tastier.

Cortado vs Cappuccino: Flavor Differences

A new user may find it difficult to differentiate between cortado and cappuccino. Because both look similar in appearance. But the cappuccino has frothed milk at the top, which is missing in the cortado.

Cappuccino is sweeter and milder in taste. You can add sugar syrup if you want a sweeter drink. Also, flavors and syrups add to the Cappuccino, making it a yummier and more delicious drink.

In contrast, Cortado has more of an espresso taste with steamed milk; it is less intense and mildly sweet. Also, Cortado is less creamy and fluffy when compared to Cappuccino.

You can decorate Cappuccino with latte art due to the availability of milk foam. In comparison, it isn’t available in Cortado drinks. Cappuccino and frappuccino another exciting comparison.

cortado coffee cup
Cortado cofffee
The Role of Milk: How Cortado and Cappuccino Differ

So what differentiates these two drinks? Well, both these drinks have one espresso shot. However, milk content significantly determines the difference in these drinks.

The Cappuccino divides into three equal parts: one is espresso, the second part is steamed milk, and the third part is foamed milk. In contrast, Cortado uses half milk and half a volume of espresso in one cup.

When compared with Cortado, the Cappuccino has more milk drinks, making it smoother, creamier and foamier.

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Cortado vs cappuccino: Does serving size make any difference?

The serving size of any coffee depends on its ingredients. Coffee prepared with two espresso shots or adding the double volume of milk and other flavors will definitely require a larger size.

Otherwise, drinks like Cortado prepare a similar amount of milk and coffee using standard cup sizes.

Cappuccino comparatively serves in a larger glass due to the use of extra volume of milk. The Cappuccino is usually served in a 6 oz cup size. And the Cortado serving cup size is 4 oz.

However, if you want a double dose of espresso shots, you may need a larger glass.

Cortado vs Cappuccino: Who Wins the Caffeine Battle

A single shot of espresso contains 68 mg of caffeine. So A cappuccino contains 68 mg of caffeine in one cup. Also, Cortado has the same amount of caffeine as Cappuccino.

However, if you use two espresso drinks, the caffeine amount will increase to double the amount of around 136 mg.

However, roasting coffee beans darker will have less caffeine than lightly roasted coffee beans. Because sometimes, using lightly roasted coffee beans for cortado is a good option.

What is the calorie content in cortado vs cappuccino?

A Cortado has 50 calories in one glass. All the calories come from milk, whereas the espresso shot contains only three calories.

The cappuccino drink consists of 120 calories per cup. The Cappuccino has more calorie content due to the usage of extra milk and milk foam. While adding flavors will increase the calorie content of a drink.

I always use low calories drinks, so I prefer Cortado to reduce the calorie content in my body because more calories in the body lead to different health implications.

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Cortado vs cappuccino vs Latte: Which gives you the best taste?

These drinks are dissimilar based on the ratio of milk to coffee. Also, they prepare in a slightly different method, which makes a difference between these drinks.

The competition between a latte and a cappuccino has been here for decades. It was difficult for new users to differentiate between the two.

Still ,if you look closely you find latte is a more milk dominated drink and cappuccino has an equal amount of milk and espressoo, so you will find it a more espresso dominated drink.

If you love milk drinks, then the Latte is your best option. It contains 2/3 of milk in one glass. Due to its high milk content, Latte is less potent than Cortado and Cappuccino.

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Conversely, if you want strong coffee with a bitter taste, then Cortado is the best option. Similarly, you can go for Cappuccino if you wish for a fluffier and heavy-rich cream drink.

 a cappuccino coffee cup
Cappuccino coffee cup

Cortado vs Cappuccino vs Macchiato: battle of amazing tastes

All three are quite close to each other for one reason or the other. The difference between these three drinks is that the Macchiato is prepared with two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. Macchiato is typically served in a large glass.

Compared with Cortado and Cappuccino, the Machhiato tastes more robust and bitter. Macchiato uses a small amount of milk-to-espresso ratio without any added flavors.

Wrapping up

Cortado and Cappuccino are two different drinks, but if you want to know more closely, you should try to make these drinks at home.

I prefer both beverages, depending on my mood. It is your preference which drinks you will like more. If you want a fluffier milk drink, then Cappuccino is the best option. On the other hand, Cortado has a strong bitter taste.

You can’t outrightly negate one drink in favor of another drink. Every taste has something special and worth trying. Pick one flavor for a few days and get other drink for the next few days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Cortado have one or two shots of espresso?

The Cortado drink is served with two shots of espresso. Unless you ask for one shot in your glass.

Is Cortado the same as flat white?

Cortado and flat white use the same amount of milk. But flat white use thin foam on the top. In contrast, Cortado prepares without milk foam.

Does Starbucks make Cortado?

Starbucks serves you two ristretto shots (small espresso shots) with milk served in a 6 oz glass. This drink has the same ingredients as Cortado.

Cortado vs Cappuccino: Check the differences
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