Flat White vs Cappuccino: Unveiling Key Differences

flat white vs cappuccino

Flat white vs cappuccino is the comparison of two high-quality drinks. Both drinks have distinctive tastes and aromas. When comparing two flavors that use espresso and milk, it becomes comparatively tough to differentiate them. You need to focus on each detail to decide the difference.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, these two drinks are worth a try. They give a different but flavorful taste. But which drink would you like to have? I will make it easy for you to pick your next drink.

I think you can’t decide about a drink unless you have complete knowledge about it, including the ingredients and brewing method. Both flat white and cappuccino have differences in the volume of milk and brewing process.

Also, The flat white uses microfoam milk, and the cappuccino uses steamed and foamed milk at the top.

Also, check the difference between Frappuccino and Cappuccino.

What is a flat white?

Normally, you see many quality coffee flavors originating in Italy, but this flat white originated from Australia and New Zealand and is quite famous there too. A flat white prepares with espresso and steamed milk, but there is a difference in steamed milk; it is basically made of microfoam.

What is microfoam? When steamed milk is prepared with tiny bubbles, we may call it microfoam. Flat white has a delightful taste with the slight intensity of espresso.

 a glass of flat white
flat white

What is a cappuccino?

While comparing cappuccino and flat white, we are basically comparing an Italian drink with an Australian drink. As cappuccino is the most consumed Italian drink worldwide. The cappuccino is made with espresso, steamed milk, and a thick layer of milk foam at the top.

Cappuccino is the go-to drink if you get bored with espresso; it adds steamed milk to the espresso shot. However, it is more creamy than a latte but still gives you the best creamy, flavorful taste. This drink is specifically designed for those who don’t like extra milky drinks like latte.

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a cup of Cappuccino

What is flat white vs cappuccino? Check all the key differences!

If you are new to the coffee world, you may find it difficult to differentiate between various drinks. Especially more challenging when comparing drinks with almost the same ingredients. Also, the brewing process differentiates the drink.

Flat white is quite similar to a regular latte due to the use of milk. It is hardly any difference when you first look at flat white and latte.

However, cappuccino is more similar to cortado coffee, with an equal volume of milk to espresso. You can pick a drink depending on the amount of milk and espresso.

Flat white vs cappuccino: what sets them apart?

Let’s dive into the micro differences between the two. Only slight changes in the ingredients or brewing can make a big difference.

The Ingredients that Set Apart Flat Whites and Cappuccinos

If we understand the right ingredients of a drink, we can easily predict the flavor of that drink. Here you can see a flat white with double volume of espresso makes a massive difference in taste. Additionally, flat white adds a thick microfoam layer at the top which makes it different from traditional steamed and foamed milk drinks.

Let’s see the precise difference in ingredients. A flat white has two espresso shots and 4.4 oz of microfoam( to be exact, 1/3 espresso and 2/3 milk). But you add one espresso shot to get a less intensive drink. However, on the other hand, cappuccino is a relatively smoother drink.

A Cappuccino has 1/3 of espresso; the other 1/3 is equally distributed in steamed and foamed milk. However, you can add more steamed milk and a thin layer of foamed milk.

Also, check the difference between cortado and cappuccino.

making a cup of cappuccino
making cappuccino

Cappuccino vs. Flat White: A Deeper Dive into Milk Content Variations

As we discussed, flat white adds double espresso shots compared to cappuccino. And it also uses double the volume of milk than a cappuccino. A flat white consists of 2/3 of steamed and microfoam milk. In contrast, cappuccino uses 1/3 steamed and 1/3 foamed milk.

However, you can use dairy or non-dairy milk in these drinks. Different types of milk are available for your coffee; you can add skimmed or low-fat milk. You can also use almond, oat, or coconut milk to make your drink healthier and tastier.

Difference in Milk preparations

Flat white creates microfoam from steamed milk, creating a unique taste and texture. In comparison, the cappuccino is prepared in frothed milk with large bubbles. Cappuccino uses more foam to make it smooth and bubbly at the top.

Difference in texture

Almost all coffee flavors that have milk and espresso have the same appearance. Both cappuccino and flat white has a similar look. However, Flat white has a silky, bubbly texture due to steamed and microfoam milk use.

At the same time, cappuccino looks like a thick, creamy texture due to the use of foam at the top.

Flat white vs cappuccino: Analyzing Variances in Serving Sizes

The serving size depends on how much espresso and milk you add. However, generally, A flat white is served in 5 or 6-oz size of a cup. It is prepared in the same size and served in the same size cup.

The cappuccino serving size may vary. You can use a 6 oz cup to serve cappuccino. However, you can serve it up to 12 oz cup size. The large cappuccino uses more espresso, but it should be 1/3 of steamed milk.

Do you know the difference between cappuccinobetween and espresso?

Deciphering the Caffeine Content Differences

The beans and brewing process determines the caffeine content of cappuccino and flat white. Also, the amount of espresso used in these drinks makes a caffeine content.

Flat White uses two espresso shots containing 136 mg of caffeine. Whereas a standard cappuccino drink contains 68 mg of caffeine. However, a large cup of cappuccino contains more caffeine content.

You can pick your drink, keeping in mind the caffeine content of these drinks.

Flat white vs Cappuccino: Which coffee flavor has more calories?

If you are health cautious; you should know the calorie count of your drink. Mainly, calories are added through the milk and other added flavors. In the race of high calories, the flat white is the winner with some margin.

Flat white uses espresso and milk to make a cup; it contains around 200 calories. On the other hand, cappuccino, which uses less milk has only about 120 calories.

Espresso comprises almost no calories or very few calories; when you use milk, it includes all calories. Moreover, cappuccino has less milk and more airy foam with fewer calories.

To avoid extra calories, you shouldn’t add flavors to your drink. Similarly, adding Sugar or any other flavor will add calorie content to your drink.

flat white vs cappuccino what is the difference
flat white
Cappuccino vs. flat white: how many variations are available?

You can customize these drinks with different flavors to improve the taste. These varieties of beverages are available in coffee bars.

However, with added flavors, you may reduce the essence of a flavor. But sometimes, you just need to change the taste of your coffee.

Iced flat white

This drink is made with cold milk and poured with iced cubes. This drink is specifically designed for the summer season.

Caramel flat white

Dark caramel syrup is added to the milk foam’s top to give a flavorful taste. Also, thick caramel can be added at the top.

Starbucks flat white

Starbucks makes flat white with its method. Instead of an espresso shot, they make it with a double ristretto shot. However, you can order a drink with your priorities. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to one flavor.

There are a few cappuccinos variation drinks are also available.

Iced Cappuccino

You can make cappuccino cold by adding iced cubes. This cappuccino is prepared with iced cubes poured at the top of espresso and foam milk.

Wet cappuccino

Cappuccino usually prepares dry or wet; it depends on which you prefer Just ask Barista whether you want wet or dry cappuccino and you will get the same.

A wet cappuccino is prepared with steamed milk and no or very slight volume of foamed milk. Check more about dry and wet cappuccino.

Dry Cappuccino

Dry cappuccino is prepared with less steamed milk. Though, it uses more milk foam, which makes it a dryer drink. A dry cappuccino only has foamed milk, making it a dry drink.

The cappuccino drinks can be made with added flavors like chocolate powder, milk, and Sugar. Also, Cappuccino is made with different varieties and flavors.

Flat white vs. Cappuccino vs Latte: what are the differences?

It is interesting to note that Flat white, cappuccino, and latte are all drinks that originated in three different countries. Even though all three have certain similarities. If you want an espresso-based drink with milk, you can pick any of these three drinks.

However, the difference is in the milk volume and how steamed and foamed milk is added to these drinks.

A comparison Table Flat white vs Cappuccino vs Latte

Flat whiteCappuccinoLatte
Originated in Australia Consists of espresso and steamed milk Creamy espresso drinkOriginated in Italy Consists of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam A bubbly milky espressoOriginated in America Double-shot espresso and liquid milk A milky espresso drink  
Serves in 240 ml of glass 1/3 of espresso 2/3 steamed milk Layer of foamServes in 150 ml of cup 1/3 of espresso 1/3 of steamed milk 1/3 frothed milkServes in 240 to 300 ml of cup Double shot espresso 2/3 steamed milk
flat white vs cappuccino vs latte

While comparing all three flavors, a latte is more suitable for those who want extra steamed milk in their drinks. Also, a latte is served in a larger cup. You can’t get a more creamy, flavorful drink than a latte.

However, a flat white is not falling far behind, with a combination of foamed and steamed milk.

If you crave milk coffee but a strong flavor, you should choose Cappuccino. It tastes superior due to a good balance of milk and espresso.

A cappuccino is the better drink for many reasons when compared with a flat white and latte.

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Wrapping up

Right! What do you think about these drinks? Did you pick your favorite flavor? It seems unfair to choose one coffee flavor because every coffee flavor has certain qualities, and especially when both drinks are great.

The only way you should choose a drink with fewer calories and balanced caffeine. However, when visiting a coffee shop, check the calories and caffeine of a flavor before ordering the Barista.

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