How to make an iced Americano with cream? (2024)

iced americano with cream

Are you craving something refreshing and creamy with iced? Nothing is more delicious than Americano when we add cream and iced cubes—a worth a try to make at home. Get a creamy, icy Americano cup when the temperature is high and you feel down.

So what makes iced Americano from other iced drinks? Well! Americano in itself is a strong coffee, and it adds no flavor, only coffee and water. But adding iced cubes with a slight layer of cream makes an Americano creamy drink with a beautiful texture.

Iced Americano is made with an espresso shot, cold water, ice cubes, and whipped cream.

If someone with no experience adding cream to Americano and asks if you would like it with cream, they will react surprisedly. Other drinks may get sweeter, but Americano will still remain pungent and bitter.

An iced Americano with cream is an amazing, highly-consumed cold coffee; I will discuss the simplest and the easiest recipe to make this amazing drink at home.

But first, let’s check what iced americano is and what difference cream makes.

Why is Americano the best coffee flavor?

Americano is almost as strong as espresso, but adding water makes it less intense. I think Americano goes down in the list of most intense coffees around. It consists of one shot of espresso with added hot water. However, you can add different flavors to it.

So what makes Americano so special? First, it is an easier coffee to make. Second, the combination of espresso and hot water gives an amazing taste. Also, you don’t need many ingredients to brew.

How to make Americano?

Americano requires coffee beans and hot water to brew. First, prepare an espresso shot. And pour hot water into the cup of espresso. Americano differs from espresso because it adds hot water at the top of the espresso. Also, with the addition of water, it dilutes the robust taste of espresso.

This drink can be customized with different flavors. You can add Milk or sugar to make it more delicious. While adding iced cubes makes Americano a cold drink.

What is an iced Americano?

Americano is a hot drink but may be hard to drink in summer. In that case, add Iced cubes to make it a cold drink with a similar strong taste. Iced Americano is an ideal summer coffee. You can enjoy it during the whole summer season.

So, there is not much difference between iced Americano and regular Americano except for adding iced cubes. This cold drink is made with espresso, water, and iced cubes.

Espresso is the base ingredient in making iced Americano. Also, the cream was added to the iced Americano to make it slightly fluffier and creamier.

How to make an iced Americano with cream at home? A quick recipe!

While Regular Americano is usually made with double-shot espresso and hot water. The ratio is one part espresso to three part water. So, it serves in oversized glass. But iced Americano needs even bigger glass.

Unlike regular Americano, the iced Americano needs cold water. At the same time, I prefer whipping cream over regular cream when adding it to iced americano. By adding whipping cream, the coffee becomes creamier, sweeter, and more flavorful.

Even though espresso can be made with the traditional brewing method, if you want a strong drink, get an espresso machine, or even a Moka pot can work perfectly. Here is a simple recipe to make iced Americano.

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You need to get the following ingredients when you want to make 12 ounces of an iced americano. Similarly, you can adjust the amount if you want a bigger or smaller cup. And preferably, you need a Coarse grind for espresso.

  • 2 Espresso shots
  • 1/4 Cold Water
  • 1 cup Ice cubes
  • 1/4 of cream


  1. First, use a dark roast coarse grind to make two espresso shots in any espresso machine.
  2. Now Pour cold water into the large glass.
  3. Slowly add espresso shots to the cold water.
  4. In the nect step, add iced cubes to the cup.
  5. Lastly, gently add whipped cream at the top, slowly cascading down into the drink.

A cup is ready to enjoy.

How much-whipped cream should be added to iced americano?

Even though nothing is specified for adding cream to iced Americano, you can add as much as you want. However, heavy cream will increase calories and may become too heavy to drink.

In the above recipe, I used 1/4 of whipped cream to get a balanced drink. Also, you can experiment with a unique taste by adding coconut whipped cream. Alternatively, you can also add caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut cream to the iced Americano.

However, you can add other flavors to iced americano with cream. Here are a few serving tips for you.

What are the best coffee beans for Americano?

The best coffee beans for Americano are those that offer a well-balanced flavor profile with a medium to dark roast. Here are some popular options: Robusta coffee beans, Arabica coffee beans, or a blend of robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

However, the best coffee beans for your Americano will depend on your personal taste preferences. Experiment with different beans to discover the flavor profile that you enjoy the most.

What variations can we add to iced americano with cream?

There are no hard and fast rules for iced americano. You can add sweetener if you like sugar in coffee.

Again, Fresh milk can replace whipped cream if you don’t like the heavy cream and want something fresh and less creamy.

Also, iced Americano can be made with one or even three espresso shots; it depends on how much espresso you love in your coffee. Many people even prefer adding flavors like vanilla or caramel syrup to get a different taste.

You also can make a decadent drink If you want something other than highly caffeinated coffee. It can be made less decadent by adding only one espresso shot.

Iced Americano with cream is a delightful, crazy, and energetic drink. Keep in mind the following points while making iced Americano.

making an iced americano
Making iced Americano
How to customize iced americano with cream to make it better?

Make sure to add espresso to cold water. Also, add ice cubes to it. If you follow these steps, you can get more crema from espresso.

If you love to drink regularly, I suggest buying a good espresso or Nespresso machine to make easy iced Americano.

Make fresh espresso and use it for Americano; it gives the best taste every time. Hot espresso cools down instantly when you add it to the cold water.

Add a small amount of cold water if you want iced solid espresso. Because adding a little water will make sure the taste is visibly strong. There is no defined amount of water that you can add to Americano. It depends on your choice of how much water you prefer in coffee.

You can use dark roasted coffee for iced Americano. If you want a more caffeinated drink, use blonde roast. It will give a milder taste.

If you don’t want a bitter taste, go for a ristretto or one-cup espresso instead of espressos.

Why should I add cream to an iced Americano?

You can add cream to your iced Americano if you really love cream in coffee; otherwise, you can use fresh milk. If you like sugar in your drink, you can add that too. Fresh milk is a good option for Iced Americano. The combination of americano, iced cubes, and cream gives an unforgettable cold flavor.

Cream adds a flavorful, creamy taste to your iced Americano. However, when we add heavy cream or whipped cream to iced Americano, it also adds many calories.

Americano coffee has the quality to adjust any flavor, so there is no restriction on adding your favorite additives to your drink.

How many calories are in iced Americano with cream?

If you worry about the calorie content, Iced Americano is the perfect drink since it contains no calories. However, the calorie content will increase when we add cream or any other flavor. It depends on how much cream or Milk you add to it.

But the truth is Iced Americano with cream contains relatively more calories than regular or iced Americano. It consists of around 80 to 120 calories per serving.

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Why iced americano has more caffeine than other iced coffees?

An iced Americano with two shots of espresso contains 136 mg of caffeine. It has more caffeine than cold drinks like iced coffee, iced latte, and iced flat white.

adding whipped cream
Adding whipped cream to Americano

What is the difference between iced Americano and iced coffee?

When adding iced cubes, it doesn’t mean all iced drinks are the same. Since Both drinks are brewed with different methods, they are two unique drinks. Espresso is the core ingredient or, should say, the base drink of Iced Americano.

So, espresso develops the real taste of iced Americano. However, when we add chilled water and iced cubes, it dilutes the strong flavor of espresso.

In contrast, iced coffee is brewed hot and chilled with cold water. It uses brewed or instant coffee. Also, iced coffee has a strong bitter taste.

Iced Americano vs Cold Brew: What makes them two unique coffee flavors?

The brewing method and ingredients make all the difference between these two flavors. Both have high caffeine and pungent taste.

Cold brew is made with ground coffee placed in cold water and set to steep for 12 to 18 hours. It is a highly caffeinated drink with a pungent taste.

An iced Americano is made with a hot espresso shot instantly placed in cold water and added with iced cubes. And it is slightly less caffeinated than cold brew.

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Does Starbucks have Iced Americano with cream?

Starbucks has a unique way of making iced Americano. It adds cold water to espresso. Whereas we usually add an espresso shot to cold water and ice cubes.

Starbucks usually has no crema at the top. It focuses more on adding cream. If you really love Americano with cream, you should visit Starbucks to get the best taste.

How to order Starbucks’ iced Americano?

Starbucks introduced three different sizes of iced Americano.

  1. The venti glass (24 ounces) comes with 4 shots of espresso.
  2. The medium-size Grande (26 ounces) contains 3 shots of espresso.
  3. The tall glass (12 ounces) consists of 2 espresso shots.

You can also order an espresso or ristretto (small) shot for an iced Americano. Similarly, you can also request a blonde espresso or decaffeinated coffee. Starbucks makes a good decaf coffee if you request one for an iced Americano.

Starbucks makes iced Americano without added syrup; you can order iced Americano with cream or any flavored syrup for your iced Americano.

preparing an iced Americano
preparing an iced American

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Final thoughts

I never stop making iced Americano at home during my summer vacations. While sometimes adding heavy cream just to get a creamier drink.

What I like about iced Americano is that it is the easiest brewing method and needs few ingredients. If you love customized drinks you can change iced americano. Adding flavors makes this coffee incredibly tasty.

In hot summers, no one likes drinking hot espresso. So, iced Americano is the ideal substitute for summer’s espresso or other hot coffees. In the coming summer, plan for this fantastic drink whenever you crave something delicious.

Ready to drink
Ready to drink an iced Americano

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Americano with Milk called?

At Starbucks, the Americano with Milk is called Americano Misto.

Why add cream to iced Americano?

Iced Americano, a pure espresso shot with no added flavor, can taste bitter. So, adding cream or sugar makes it easy to drink if you don’t like the bitter taste of iced Americano.

Why is iced Americano so popular in Korea?

Iced Americano is the most favorite drink in Korea—people in Korea like drinks with no added flavors. Iced Americano comes with no sugar or Milk in it. Secondly, iced Americano is a cheap coffee in Korea.

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