Iced Americano vs cold brew: get to know the differences

iced americano vs cold brew

Are you a fan of cold coffee? Are you looking for some cold drinks to get you refreshed? In the coffee world, so many cold options are available. Every cold drink has unique and attractive features. Here, we compare two exciting drinks: one is known for its intense flavor, and the other is more caffeinated. Cold brew vs iced Americano are two cold drinks but have certain differences.

Iced Americano is a strong, bitter coffee, whereas cold brew is less intense but tastes bitter. Iced Americano, like any coffee flavor, brews in a few minutes. But cold brew takes hours to prepare.

Iced Americano has two espresso shots, cold water, and iced cubes. While cold brew has one cup of coffee and cold water, put it steep for around 12 hours.

I have compared the two drinks to make your choice easy for your next cold drink. But first, let’s check what two drinks are all about. Also, how these drinks can be made with easy steps at home.

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What is an Iced Americano?

Iced Americano is an ideal choice on a hot day. It has all the ingredients if you love strong, cold coffee. An iced Americano has a different preparation from a regular Americano.

Iced Americano adds two espresso shots with cold water and iced cubes. While a regular Americano adds hot water to espresso.

To be more precise, an iced Americano comprises 1/3 of espresso, and 2/3 contains cold water and iced cubes. You can add flavors to make it delicious.

The combination of cold water and espresso gives the most refreshing and energizing taste. However, add one espresso shot instead of two to avoid extra caffeine.

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an iced americano coffee

What is cold brew?

Another exciting cold coffee flavor with a pretty bitter taste. It has a long brewing process. Coffee beans steep in cold water for over 12 hours to get the right taste.

Even it steeps for 24 hours if you really want a highly caffeinated drink. After the steeping process, the water filters are ready to drink.

So, the question arises here: Why does it take so long to brew cold? Well! The cold water takes time to extract the flavor. At the same time, the hot water can extract the flavor quickly.

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a cold brew coffee

Cold brew is a highly concentrated drink; its intensity can be reduced by adding milk or water. This brewing technique retains high caffeine content, making a Cold brew have a strong and bitter taste with less acidity. Do check the differences between cold brew and espresso.

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What is cold brew vs iced americano?

Both drinks have different tastes, ingredients, and brewing methods. Actually, a cold brew has a unique preparing method, making it different from any other iced coffee. And Iced Americano follows a similar brewing process to making other coffee. I’d like to explain it in detail.

I have created a comparison table between cold brew vs iced americano.

Iced AmericanoCold Brew
It is made with two espresso shots, cold water and iced cubesIt is made of soaked coffee beans and cold water
Iced Americano and intenseCold brew has a bitter taste
It takes a few minutes to brew an iced AmericanoCold brew takes 12 to 18 hours to steep and then make coffee.
136 mg of caffeine 200 mg of caffeine
5 calories5 calories
Iced Americano is a healthier drink with fewer calories and balanced caffeine contenCold brew has fewer calories but is highly caffeinated coffee. It is less healthy than iced Americano
iced americano vs cold brew

Iced americano vs cold brew: Any difference in taste?

Both have distinct tastes. Cold brew has more bitter coffee due to high caffeine. Cold brew steeps for several hours, and it ends up giving a solid, bitter taste. Basically, the steeping process generates more caffeine, so it leads to a more potent drink.

In contrast, iced Americano has two espresso shots, but adding cold water dilutes the bitterness. It has a comparatively milder, less bitter taste.

Iced Americano vs cold brew: Which drink is stronger?

When it comes to the strength of coffee, iced Americano is slightly stronger than cold brew. Also, the type of coffee beans used determines a coffee’s strength.

cold brew is a stronger coffee

Although both drinks usually use darkly roasted coffee beans. The brewing method and seeping also make cold brew a robust coffee. Whereas iced Americano uses cold water, which dilutes its intensity but it is still a robust coffee.

Iced Americano vs cold brew: Why does Cold brew have more caffeine than iced Americano?

Cold brew has a lot of caffeine content per serving. It is high due to the slow brewing process. The more time coffee beans steep in cold water, the more caffeine they have.

  • Cold brew caffeine

The longer steeping process in cold brew retains more caffeinated content. It contains almost double the amount of caffeine than an iced Americano. Cold brew has about 200 mg of caffeine.

  • Iced Americano caffeine

Even though iced Americano has good caffeine content when we compare it to other drinks. But since cold brew has a lot of caffeine, so comparatively, iced Americano has less caffeine.

An iced Americano has around 136 mg per serving. But if you add only one shot of espresso instead of two, the caffeine content will be half.

Cold brew vs iced Americano: Which drink has more calories?

You will be delighted to know that these cold coffees have little to no calories. Until you add milk or other flavors. These chilled coffees are perfect for those who want no calories in their drink.

But if you are still interested to know the exact calorie content. Both iced americano and cold brew have five calories per drink. And making a large cup will lead to more calories.

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Iced Americano vs cold brew: which drinks is healthier?

When you want to know the health perspective of a drink, generally, it depends on how much the drink has caffeine and calorie content. If a drink has higher calories and caffeine, it means this is less healthy coffee.

Here, both Iced Americano and cold brew have fewer calories. But both contain higher caffeine content. It would be great if you consume these chilled drinks in moderation due to high caffeine.

Since regular consumption of higher caffeine may negatively impact the body. Cold brew comprises more caffeine, so ideally, you should drink in balance. And iced Americano comparatively has less caffeine.

So, if you ask me, I would vote in favor of iced Americano as a healthier coffee than cold brew. Anyone who is a fan of Americano will love the iced version of it. Even though cold brew fans may disagree with me.

How to make iced Americano?

Iced Americano is a perfect cold drink for summer. It is an easy beverage to make at home. You can make this coffee while following the steps.

You can also make iced Americano with cream.

First, get these ingredients.

  • Two espresso shots
  • 2 oz. cup size cold water
  • Iced cubes
  • First, make two espresso shots with hot water. You will need either an espresso machine or a Moka pot to make espresso. However, you can also use drip coffee if you don’t have either of these machines.
  • Pour two shots of espresso into a large glass.
  • Add iced cubes to espresso.
  • Stir it well.
  • In the last step, pour cold water into the glass.
  • You can add milk, sugar, or flavors to get a creamier and sweeter taste.
iced americano vs cold brew: a glass of iced americano

A fantastic cup of cold iced Americano is ready.

How to make Cold brew coffee?

Cold brew needs the following ingredients.


  • Coarsely ground coffee beans (80 grams)
  • Water (80 ml)

This coffee is made with a ratio of 1:10. A French press beaker can be used to steep the coffee. And also plastic wrap to cover it.

Also, I have given the steps to make a cold brew without a French press beaker.

  1. Add the cold water and coarsely ground coffee into a bowl.
  2. Stir them to get a good mixture with a tablespoon.
  3. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 12 to 18 hours.
  4. After 12 hours, filter out the water.
  5. Now pour the coffee into a cup and add iced cubes.
  6. Also, you can add milk or sugar.

Cold brew is ready to enjoy.

Also, the coffee remaining coffee can be stored for subsequent use. You can keep and use it for one week. However, after a week, the coffee will start to change the taste, so use it as early as possible.

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cold brew glass

Does the Starbucks menu have a cold brew and iced Americano?

Both cold brew and iced Americano are available on the menu at Starbucks. Also, you can order a customized drink. You can add milk, sweetener, and flavors like chocolate or vanilla syrups.

At Starbucks, the taste and aroma of cold brew is unmatchable. Also, iced Americano tastes similar to iced espresso but with less intensity.

At Starbucks, Cold Brew is available in 4 sizes. It is prepared with added flavors like other iced coffees. In fact, you can order a customized iced drink.    

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Final thoughts

Iced americano has an immaculate taste and aroma. Anyone who likes Americano should also try iced Americano. If you want a more bitter flavor with iced cubes, cold brew should be your choice.

Also, every drink has a unique taste and aroma; you can not pick one drink over another. But you may not like high caffeine in cold brew.

Hopefully, this blog will help you make a great iced coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does iced Americano add sugar or milk?

An iced Americano is usually served without milk or sugar; however, you can milk and sugar if you find it pungent and bitter. It will increase the calorie content.

What is unique about cold brew?

Cold brew is less acidic and has a strong taste with fewer calories. It is made without milk and cream. It is a perfect summer coffee.

Are 8 hours enough for cold brew?

A recommended time for cold brew is 12 to 18 hours. It will make a perfect cold brew with a strong taste. Even though 6 hours can also get a great drink.

Iced Americano vs cold brew: get to know the differences
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