Iced Doppio Espresso: What is it, & how to make it?

iced doppio espresso

If you want an iced coffee but can’t decide which cold coffee tastes the best. Iced coffee comes in many flavors and tastes. It depends on how flavorful or strong coffee you want. If you prefer a strong, bitter coffee, no coffee taste can beat iced doppio espresso.

Doppio espresso has a unique combination of boldness and coldness. With the addition of iced cubes, it becomes cold and refreshing. However, you can add flavors and syrups to make it sweeter and smoother.

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I will discuss iced doppio espresso in detail. It is an easy drink to make at home. Also, how can you customize this drink with additives?

First, let’s look into what iced doppio espresso is.

What is iced doppio espresso?

First, check what doppio espresso is. A doppio is a double dose of espresso. You can imagine the intensity and bitterness of coffee when it is prepared with two espresso shots. So when we add iced cubes at the top, it turns into iced doppio.

The Doppio espresso is a bold coffee; you should use it if you know the strongness and bitterness of this coffee.

Anybody who doesn’t like highly intense drinks should prefer a single cup espresso with iced cubes. Also, iced coffee is much milder coffee than iced doppio espresso.

However, another option is that you can add flavors to iced doppio espresso. Various combinations can be used to make it a flavorful and delicious coffee.

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You can add sweetener or milk alongside flavors. A drink that mixes well with different flavors is a true coffee drink.

making coffee
Iced doppio

How to make iced doppio espresso at home?

It will take only 5 minutes to make iced doppio. It doesn’t need several ingredients to make a perfect drink.


  • Two espresso shots
  • Ice cubes


  1. First, make two espresso shots to get a doppio drink in any coffee machine. But I suggest you use an espresso machine if you want an authentic taste of espresso. An espresso machine has bar pressure, which extracts the essence of espresso.
  2. In the second step, let your doppio drink to get cooled. You can add ice cubes to get it cooled quickly. Or you can put it into the refrigerator for coolness.
  3. Pick up a medium size glass. The glass size should be less than a latte but it should be bigger than a normal coffee cup.
  4. Add iced cubes to the glass. You can add iced cubes as much as you like. The iced cubes will make the drink colder.
  5. Slowly Pour doppio into the glass filled with iced cubes. And stir to get completely cold coffee.
  6. Now you can add flavors to your iced doppio. But if you want bold espresso taste, don’t add anything except ice.

An iced doppio is ready to serve. Enjoy the iced doppio espresso with a straw.

What is the difference between a doppio and an espresso drink?

If you still confuse about the difference between an espresso and a doppio. I will make it easy for you by explaining it simply.

doppio espresso cup
doppio espresso

The doppio isn’t a double-shot espresso. Basically, doppio is twice the volume of espresso. So, it is even more intense coffee than double shots of espresso.

So espresso and doppio are two names of one drink. The only difference is the size. A doppio has doubled in size as an espresso shot. Otherwise, taste and aroma are the same. Both drinks are also customizable.

I can’t see any significant difference between the two. Anyone who can brew espresso can also make doppio but with double volume. If you want the difference and more about the doppio drink.

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How to add various flavors to iced doppio?

Adding flavors to your favorite coffee is the art of the brewing process. A rightly added flavor makes a coffee perfect and tasty. And just adding a flavor will not make a big difference to the coffee taste.

The iced doppio drink can be made by adding different flavors to it. This coffee can be customized according to your choice since it is an espresso drink with no milk or other flavors.

However, I suggest getting a fantastic espresso taste to consume without flavors.

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Whipped cream

Add whipped on the top of espresso shots. It makes your drink heavy, creamy, and flavorful.

However, adding a large amount of whipped cream may lead to losing the real taste of doppio espresso, so add a little to make it more flavorful.

Chocolate syrup

The chocolate syrup or sauce will taste fantastic in your doppio drink. The chocolate syrup makes your drink sweeter and tastier with visible chocolate flavor.

Coffee syrup

Many people prefer adding coffee syrups to their drinks. However, the coffee syrup is not my choice to add to an iced doppio espresso.

The espresso flavor is already strong enough, making the drink extra strong.

Which coffee beans are best for iced Doppio espresso?

The espresso requires darkly roasted coffee beans. The darkly roasted beans produce an intensely bitter flavor.

However, there is no fast rule that you must make doppio with dark-roasted coffee beans. Lightly roasted beans can be used for espresso and doppio coffee. Also, an iced drink usually adds lightly roasted coffee beans.

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I prefer an espresso or even a doppio drink with both coffee beans. Sometimes, when you look to make a robust iced doppio, darkly roasted beans are perfect. On other days, I use lightly roasted beans for iced doppio to get a slightly less strong drink.

How strong is iced doppio espresso?

Doppio prepares with doubles shot espresso. It extracts 60 ml or 2 ounces of beverage, making it more potent. At the same time, an espresso shot consists of 30 ml. Due to double volume, the doppio is more potent than espresso.

Also, double the amount of caffeine makes it bold and intense. The brewing process extracts concentrated coffee drinks with an aroma even though the iced cubes make it slightly milder.

How many calories are in iced doppio espresso?

It is interesting to note that espresso comes with almost no calories. If you count precisely, an espresso drink has three calories per drink. So, an iced doppio contains around eight calories per drink.

And adding flavors like sugar or chocolate syrup will obviously increase the calorie content in doppio espresso. However, iced cubes don’t contain any calories.

Iced doppio is the preferred drink for many people. Since it contains almost no calories, you can drink many cups daily.

How much caffeine is in iced doppio espresso?

A doppio is a double-shot espresso drink. It comes with almost 80 to 110 mg of caffeine.

It is a high caffeine content drink; iced doppio is not a suitable beverage for excessive use due to the high level of caffeine. One cup a day is good enough for health reasons.

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Starbucks Iced doppio espresso drink

Starbucks makes an iced doppio with two shots of espresso and iced cubes. It is also customizable with a 2% splash of milk and foam at the top. It serves in Grande.

Starbucks iced doppio espresso

And the price of an iced doppio at Starbucks Grande cup is 3.25 dollars.

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Starbucks iced doppio espresso
What is the difference between iced doppio and iced Americano?

Iced doppio is prepared with double the amount of espresso and cold water. At the same time, Iced Americano is made with espresso and hot water.

So, adding hot water to iced Americano reduces the drink’s strength. And iced doppio adds cold water, which leads to a more intense flavor.

Thus, an iced doppio is a more robust and bitterer coffee than an iced Americano.

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The taste of iced doppio depends on the types of coffee beans we use. I prefer darkly roasted beans to get a solid and perfect doppio taste. But you can use lightly roasted coffee beans, too.

Well, if you love the great coffee taste, make doppio. It has an amazing taste. I sometimes add chocolate syrups, making them flavorful. Also, a splash of milk can be added at the top.

I make an iced doppio even in the winter season; I think we should make up our minds to use these great coffee tastes for a particular season. These great drinks are for all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it called doppio?

Doppio is an Italian word that means a double. It comes with double the amount of an espresso drink. So Italians calls it doppio, a double espresso drink.

What do we call 4 shots of espresso?

4 shots of espresso are called a quad. Unlike doppio, a two shots espresso quad contains a high amount of caffeine.

Do Italians drink doppio?

Yes, Italians prefer the doppio drink as it comes with a double-shot espresso. It is more robust and bitterer than espresso.

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