Upside-down Latte: how to make it? Detailed guide

How to make an upside-down latte?

Do you want some variation in a latte drink? Since Latte is a highly customizable drink. Here is another exciting variation in a latte, the upside-down Latte. This drink is prepared with the same ingredients but a different brewing technique.

Why and how an upside-down latte is different from a regular coffee? This is the first question that comes to mind when I hear about these two drinks. The answer is simple: When a regular latte is made in reverse order, it is called an upside-down Latte.

The espresso pours into the cup of steamed milk in an upside latte. This Latte looks beautiful, with steamed milk at the bottom and espresso on top.

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Let’s dive into more details about an upside-down latte and how to brew it at home.

How an upside-down latte is different from a regular latte?

When you look at two latte glasses, the first difference is their appearance. And also, they differ in preparing orders.

While preparing a regular latte, the espresso shot pours first into a cup, followed by steamed milk, and topped with a small layer of foam. But it is not necessary to put foamed milk; it is your personal preference; you can add it.

Also, topped with latte art is a signature style of traditional Latte, which is impossible in an upside-down latte.

In an upside-down latte, steamed milk is first made and put into the glass. An espresso shot gently pours at the top.

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How to make upside-down coffee at home?

If you are good at making lattes, this upside-down Latte is not much different. It only requires a slight adjustment in mixing the ingredients.

Also, as mentioned earlier, there is no difference in ingredients. But picking the right coffee beans is a preferable option for getting the desired taste and aroma.

Which coffee beans are preferable for an upside-down latte?

Espresso is the key ingredient of this Latte. So pick your favorite coffee beans; it may be a medium to dark roast. Or you may decide in favor of an espresso blend exclusively designed for Latte and espresso.

These espresso blends give a consistent, full-bodied, flavorful taste—an easy option to use in an espresso machine.

darkly roasted coffee beans

When I brew a latte, I use light-roasted coffee beans. The lightly roasted coffee beans have a milder and a tinge of sweeter taste. That taste, I think, perfectly integrates with steamed milk.


  • ¾ cup of milk
  • One espresso shot
  • Sweetener or flavor like caramel, chocolate (optional)


  • First, brew your espresso shot, preferably using an espresso machine.
  • Make steam milk from a steam wand or any manual method. Well-made steamed milk also makes a good amount of foamed milk.
  • Now, pick a large glass and pour the steamed milk into it. And wait for 30 seconds to settle the steamed milk in the glass.
  • In the last step, pour the hot espresso into the steamed milk glass. Make sure to gently pour espresso to stay at the top. This will give it a unique texture and taste.
  • You can optionally add sweetener or any other flavor to make it sweeter.

Like a regular latte, the upside-down Latte is also a customizable drink. You can add any flavor and enjoy the delicious taste. The most preferred flavors that can be added to it are caramel, vanilla, or chocolate sauce.

On the other hand, if you like a solid bitter taste, you can add two espresso shots instead of one. And add slightly less milk to get more intensity from two espresso shots. Also, don’t add any other flavors. You can also brew a decaf latte.

Does an upside-down latte have a different taste than a regular latte?

The taste of regular and upside-down Latte is quite similar. However, an upside-down Latte can taste solid and bitter immediately due to the espresso at the top, and as you drink more, the creamy milder will follow.

Conversely, the regular Latte tastes creamy and milder when you take the first sip. And it becomes stronger as you take more sips.

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Does Starbucks have an Upside-down latte in its menu?

Starbucks is known for its unique and different flavorful drinks. And it creates highly customizable beverages. The concept of upside down has been used by Starbucks for years, but without calling it upside down Latte.

If you want to get an upside-down Latte at Starbucks, you can ask a barista for a customized drink when pouring an espresso shot over steamed milk.

You can ask a barista for two espresso shots and steamed milk to strengthen it. But make sure to pour espresso slowly to remain at the top and not get mixed with steamed milk.

Starbucks also customizes other flavors like Caramel Macchiato and cold brew.

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Can we brew a cold Upside-down latte?

This latte drink can be prepared cold by adding iced cubes at the top. It’s a perfect summer drink for you. You can order an iced upside-down Latte at Starbucks.

upside down iced latte

Alternatively, you can use iced cubes in the base, adding steamed milk over it, followed by an espresso shot.

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Final thoughts

A true coffee enthusiast always tries innovative coffee drinks. If you make a regular Latte, try out an upside-down Latte, a worthy drink to enjoy.

You can add other flavors, like chocolate hazelnuts, if you want to make it more flavorful. This drink can be made in different variations and flavors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an upside-down Latte and an upside-down macchiato?

A macchiato is an espresso-dominated coffee with a little volume of milk. An upside-down macchiato adds more milk than a regular macchiato. So, in both upside-down drinks, steamed milk is added, and then espresso is poured over it.

What is an upside-down Americano?

Like in upside down Latte, upside down Americano adds hot water first, and then espresso pours over it.

How many upside-down drinks are available at Starbucks?

Starbucks has no official upside-down drink, but it customizes at customers’ request. Any flavor, like Latte, Macchiato, and Americano, can be made upside down.

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