Spanish Latte Recipe: Crafting a Creamy, Sweet Coffee

How to make spanish latte?

Are you looking to get a Spanish latte or café con Leche at home but don’t know how to make it? This latte is somewhat different from a regular latte. In this article, I will explain the Spanish latte recipe. Also, it describes what a Spanish latte is in complete detail.

Anyone who loves latte drinks and wants something new with exceptional taste. The best option is a Spanish latte, which is sweeter and creamier. In fact, some prefer a Spanish latte over a regular latte.

To be fair, the Spanish latte is a better drink than a regular latte in many ways. Once you learn the recipe and start making it at home, I am sure you will hardly go back to latte.

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Spanish latte is an espresso-based drink. In Spanish, It is also called café con Leche. This latte is easily available in coffee bars. However, you can make it home if you know how to make a latte. This article will surely make your job easy.

The Spanish latte is prepared with espresso, milk, and water. Whole milk is preferred to make this beverage since it requires good-quality steamed and foamed milk. Its recipe isn’t tricky to prepare at home.

 a cup of Spanish latte
Spanish latte

What is a Spanish latte?

But it is important to know everything about this drink and how it has developed into one of the favorite lattes in Spain. Spaniards call it cafe con leche, a creamy, flavorful sweet coffee.

Also, you can customize this coffee with other flavors. Spanish latte is a national drink of sapain; when you ask a Spaniard the proper time to consume it, he will reply that it is in the morning.

It is an espresso-based drink with a good volume of milk and scalded milk. Spanish latte recipe isn’t difficult to make at home. This latte is usually prepared and served in the morning with breakfast. But you can enjoy it anytime during the day.

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Spanish latte is more robust than regular latte becasue it uses scalded milk instead of steamed milk. However, it is slightly sweeter and more delicious. If you want a drink with similar ingredients and taste, the French drink café au lait is similarly sweeter and tastier.

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How to brew a Spanish latte at home? Spanish latte recipe

Spanish latte has an easy recipe to make at home; you need the following equipment to make a perfect latte at home.

  • An espresso machine or moka pot
  • A steam wand
  • A glass

Now that you have the desired equipment, you need the following ingredients.

a latte glass
Spanish latte glass


You need these three ingredients if you want a perfect cup.

  • Espresso shot
  • Scalded milk 100 gm
  • Sugar and condensed milk

It will take only 7 minutes to make a cup. Of which 5 minutes will take preparing things and 2 minutes will take to cook.

Spanish Latte recipe

Serving Size:
A large cup
7 minutes


  • Espresso shot
  • milk
  • sugar or other flavors(optioanl)


  1. First, boil milk to get scalded milk. Ensure it isn’t over-boiled.
  2. Meantime, strart making espresso.
  3. when espresso is ready, pour it into a large cup.
  4. As soon as scalded milk is ready, pour it over the espresso.
  5. If you like foam milk, add it at the top.
  6. Optionally, you can also sugar or condensed milk.
  7. A cup of Spanish latte is ready to serve.

How to Elevate Your Spanish Latte: Tips for Crafting a More Delicious Brew

Every drink has the potential to be customized according to your preference. With little changes in the base ingredients, you can make a customized Spanish latte. In fact, it is more customizable than a regular latte.

Use brewed coffee

You can make many changes to this latte if you feel that espresso is not your favorite drink. You can replace it with brewed coffee. People also prefer brewed coffee because it is less intense and comparatively easier to make.

Also, you need an espresso machine to make a perfect espresso. On the other hand, brewed coffee can be made using different traditional methods without using machines.

Topping with foam

Thisisn not a naturally foamy drink, but you can add foam at the top. You can also use frothed milk to make it creamier and foamier. Also, added flavors, like whipped cream chocolate syrups, can be used in Spanish lattes.

Stir it well

Stirring all the ingredients in your Spanish latte before serving is essential. Because the condensed milk may remain at the bottom without adding to the drink.

Add flavors

One good feature of this drink is that it can be added to different flavors. It depends on what flavors you prefer can add to this coffee. However, keep in mind adding flavors will also enhance the sweetness of the coffee.

Following are a few well know species you can add to your drink.

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Espresso powder
  • Cocoa powder
  • Whipped cream

However, coconut and vanilla extracts are perfect and give you a superior taste.

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Which beans are best for a Spanish latte?

Arabica coffee beans are usually used to make Spanish lattes. However, getting freshly roasted beans for the best taste is essential. Also, you can try other types of beans for it.

Crafting a Spanish Latte with Robusta and Arabica Coffee Beans

You can try the combination of robusta and Arabica coffee beans if you want good caffeine content in your coffee. It is a new trend where people add coffee beans together and get a unique taste.

Robusta coffee beans

Add robusta coffee beans if you want something different from the traditional taste. However, only some people use robusta coffee beans for Spanish lattes because robusta beans add sweetness to already a sweeter drink.

Some brands are making coffee beans specifically for Spanish lattes. So, it becomes easy to use specified beans for your latte. The authentic taste depends on the coffee beans. These brands are available in online retail stores.

How to make an iced Spanish latte?

In hot conditions, a Spanish latte can also add iced cubes. It makes the coffee cold and scrumptious for summer.

No difference in the brewing process and ingredients between the iced Spanish latte and iced Spanish latte. However, it adds ice cubes to make it chilly.

  1. Take a coffee glass and put iced cubed in it.
  2. Pour espresso into it.
  3. Pour scalded milk over an espresso and iced cubes.
  4. You can condense milk or sugar.
  5. And may add milk foam at the top

Aa cup is ready to enjoy.

An iced Spanish latte

How many calories?

The calorie content of a Spanish latte depends on the sugar and milk. Usually, a cup contains 250 calories.

You can add different kinds of milk and sugar to the Spanish latte according to your preferences. One tablespoon of condensed milk contains 62 calories. Similarly, one tablespoon of sugar consists of 48 calories.

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So it depends on how many calories you want to add to your coffee.

iced glass
iced latte glass
How much caffeine content?

One espresso drink contains about 64 mg of caffeine. Using two espresso shots adds to the caffeine consumed in one drink. Moreover, it must be remembered that one-ounce espresso contains 30 mg of caffeine.

The Distinctive Characteristics Setting Spanish Latte Apart from the Traditional Latte

The latte coffee is a high milk-content drink. The latte is a widely consumed drink worldwide.

The difference between Spanish and regular lattes is the ratio and type of milk these drinks use. Spanish latte contains one part espresso and one part milk. On the other hand, a latte comes with one part espresso and two parts milk.

In the Spanish latte, condensed milk is used instead of regular milk. In contrast, a latte features more milk and less espresso.

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Final thoughts

Spanish latte is a well-known coffee flavor worldwide. You should try this drink by following the recipe given above. You can just make this according to your choice, and you don’t need to restrict it to a certain flavor.

Well, I prefer this to replace my regular latte; it feels like a better alternative. What I like is the use of scalded milk. It gives a unique, sweeter flavor.

coffee cup
latte coffee cup

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spanish latte Starbucks?

Remarkably, there is no Spanish latte on the Starbucks menu. However, they have another drink similar to the Spanish latte called Caffe Misto. The Caffe Misto uses an equal amount of steamed milk and espresso. It tastes sweeter like a Spanish latte.

Can you make a Spanish latte without dairy?

Yes, you can make it without dairy products. You can use soy or almond milk. Spanish latte can prepare without dairy products. There are so many alternatives available to use.

What Is the difference between a Spanish latte and an iced latte?

As we know, that iced latte is made with iced cubes and cold milk. The Spanish latte is prepared with espresso, scaled milk, and condensed milk.

If you are craving something cold, pick an iced latte; otherwise, if you love a creamy, flavorful drink, you may prefer a Spanish latte. So there is not much difference, only use of iced cubes between iced latte and Spanish latte.

Spanish Latte Recipe: Crafting a Creamy, Sweet Coffee
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