What is & how to make Piccolo latte?(2024)

Piccolo coffee

Piccolo coffee or Piccolo latte is a dream coffee you will not regret drinking every day. I bet Once you try it, you will fall in love with it. When you taste this coffee, you may find it challenging to understand the difference between piccolo and other similar drinks like cortado and cappuccino.

Every coffee flavor has certain qualities that make it unique and different from other flavors.

If you love latte but always want to avoid getting a large cup of latte, this piccolo latte is a great alternative to a regular latte with a small size but a similar taste. Piccolo latte has identical ingredients that we usually use for lattes.

Do you know, you can add milk powdered to your favorite coffee.

In This article, I will describe everything about piccolo coffee and how can you make it.

What is a Piccolo latte?

Another high-quality drink from down under. It is made with a single ristretto shot with three parts of steamed milk. It comparatively serves in a smaller glass of 90 ml to make a perfect piccolo latte.

Also, in my opinion, it is a more potent drink for latte enthusiasts since it has less milk than a regular latte. You can make it as a smaller cup of latte.

Only coffee enthusiasts know that any slight difference in ingredients or the brewing process can significantly affect taste and aroma. So a regular latte with more steamed milk makes less intense than a piccolo latte.

Piccolo coffee glass
piccolo coffee glass

What is a Piccolo coffee? How is it Different from a piccolo latte?

Piccolo latte is another name for piccolo coffee. There is no difference between these two drinks. Around the world, people call it either a Piccolo latte or coffee.

If you are new to somewhere, make sure to name it latte or coffee to get the right drink. Piccolo is an Italian word that means small Latte. Thus, you call it Piccolo latte or Piccolo coffee; you will get the same coffee every time.

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How to make Piccolo coffee? (Piccolo latte recipe)

If you want to make a perfect cup of piccolo latte, I will give you simple steps to make an ideal one. It would help if you had these things for the piccolo latte.


  • Any simple function espresso machine will be enough.
  • You can pick any of the coffee ground of your choice
  • You need your favorite milk
  • Milk frother
  • 90ml of glass


  1. The first step is to brew a 15 gm ristretto shot; you need a traditional fine grind of freshly roasted beans to get the perfect piccolo latte.
  2. The second step is to steam milk, but you don’t need to make it frothy. Since the Piccolo serves in a small glass, so you can’t make it foam out of it. Piccolo usually adds cow milk. But there is no hard rule; you can pick the milk of your choice.
  3. Place the portafilter; you can push the button for one or two shots. Pour the espresso or ristretto shot into the glass.
  4. The next step is to fill the rest of the glass with steamed milk.
  5. You can also add some sweetener to your drink if you like.

Here you have it! Your delicious drink is ready to enjoy. There are a few points to remember while making piccolo coffee.

a cup is ready

What points to remember to make a perfect drink?

Since it needs one ristretto shot, It should be between 20 to 30 ml. However, I suggest you make 30 ml of ristretto to get a pungent taste.

Another important aspect of this coffee is to make a proper milk froth. So Steam milk at 140 F and allow some air to create microfoam.

If you want a better texture, Pour milk into espresso with some angle and a little height and try to leave a small layer of foam on the top.

Like a regular latte, you can Add some sprinkles of chocolate or hazelnut to reduce the bitterness.

What I like about latte is that I use whole milk to get thick steamed milk that you may not in skimmed milk.

Add flavors at the top, like cappuccino and cortado, to get a flavorful taste.

How do we drink it?

Picollo is a delightful creamy drink. You can enjoy it throughout the day when you crave something creamy and pungent.

A regular Piccolo latte is served in an 85 to 114 ml glass. However, some coffee shops make it in 90 ml of demitasse cups. These cups are also used to serve cortado and Macchiato in coffee houses.

Do we need any specific coffee beans for the Piccolo latte?

No, I don’t think you need any different coffee beans for this latte. Like any other regular latte, this needs darkly roasted coffee beans. Also, I prefer Arabica coffee beans for a latte.

However, people also prefer light-roasted coffee beans if they feel darkly roasted are too strong. But if you want to add ristretto, which is always more concentrated than espresso, the lightly roasted beans work perfectly fine.

What is a ristretto?

In case if anyone is still confused about the ristretto drink and wants to know what this drink is all about, and how it can work as an alternative to espresso. It is interesting to know that Ristretto is an Italian word that means to be short.

So, the ristretto is a  small espresso shot with finely ground beans and a small amount of water.

A ristretto usually prepares half of the size of espresso. Due to the less extraction process, it is slightly more concentrated than espresso. When we prepare a Piccolo latte with ristretto, it is more intense than a regular latte.

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What Is The Caffeine Content?

If you add one ristretto shot, the piccolo will have 63 mg of caffeine. And if you use an espresso shot, it will have around 68 mg of caffeine.

Also, slightly less roasted beans have less caffeine. You can determine your caffeine content by roasting more the caffeine will reduce.

How many calories?

Piccolo coffee consists of about 50 calories per drink. You can’t count the exact number of calories; it depends on the volume and kind of milk you use per coffee.

However, it has fewer calories than a regular latte, since it adds less milk.

making piccolo coffee

If you add milk without fat, it will contain only 40 calories. At the same time, whole milk comprises more than 50 calories. So you can control the caffeine content of your coffee.

What is the origin of Piccolo coffee?

This beverage first emerged in Sydney, Australia. At a coffee shop, Baristas introduced a piccolo coffee. They tried a new drink to brew with milk.

It was usually wrongly assumed that the Piccolo was introduced in Italy; it is a misconception. In Italy, this coffee is less popular. At the same time, the Piccolo latte is a widely consumed drink in Australia.

Piccolo coffee and magic coffee originated in Australia. Both of these drinks are highly consumed drinks in Australia.

Why is the piccolo latte not available worldwide?

Unlike other coffee drinks like cappuccino Americano and Latte, the piccolo latte is not widely consumed. Therefore, you will face difficulties finding this piccolo latte in coffee bars around the world.

People prefer traditional drinks like cappuccino and lattes instead of asking for a new drink like a piccolo latte. The lack of knowledge about this drink is the leading cause of its unpopularity.

However, the piccolo latte gradually became available in America and other countries. In the near future, this amazing beverage will be available worldwide.

What is the difference between a Piccolo latte and other coffees?

Comparison Chart between different coffees

IngredientsPiccolo LatteLatteFlat whiteCortadoMacchiato
Espresso/ristretto1 ristretto shot1/3 espressoOne espresso shot2 ristretto shots1 or 2 espresso shots
milksteamed milk2/3 steamed milk100 to 120 ml of milk60 mlSteamed milk
Cup size85 to 114 ml cup230 ml200 to 220 ml cup150 ml cup90 ml cup
RemarksStrong coffeeLess strong coffeeMildly strongVery strongstrong
Comparison table piccolo coffee vs latte vs flat white vs cortado vs macchiato

Piccolo coffee vs Cortado: Comparing two delicious flavor

The difference between these two drinks is the beverage size and the ratio of milk and espresso. Both drinks use ristretto, but Cortado has two shots which make it much stronger than Piccolo.

Cortado serves in a large glass, adding two espresso shots and more steamed milk than the Picolo latte. You know that more espresso shots make a stronger drink than milk drinks.

Piccolo coffee vs Regular Latte: battle of Milky drinks

Again the real difference is the size of the drink; a regular is almost double in size of a Piccolo latte.

As we know, Latte prepares with more milk and less espresso, and the taste becomes less bold. So when you decide between a piccolo latte and a regular latte, consider the amount of milk and espresso you prefer in your drinks.

If you like a strong and small drink, go for a Piccolo latte. In contrast, if you love more milk and less espresso, your choice should be a regular latte.

Piccolo latte vs cappuccino: competition between great milky flavors

What is the difference between a Piccolo latte and a cappuccino? Both look quite similar drinks until you analyse them closely.A cappuccino is a large drink served in a larger glass. Furthermore, a Cappuccino is prepared with Steamed and foamed milk to make a creamier and foamier texture.

In a piccolo latte, regular milk is added compared to cappuccino, where more steamed milk is added. Hence both Cappuccino and piccolo latte has a strong espresso taste. Then added flavors enhance the taste.

Piccolo latte vs Macchiato: espresso as the base in both drinks

Like a piccolo latte, the Macchiato serves with a single shot of espresso. However, Macchiato comes with steamed and foamed milk. It is slightly bolder coffee than Piccolo.

In contrast, piccolo coffee is made with a lot of milk and one shot of espresso. The difference between Macchiato and Piccolo is the amount of milk used in the Piccolo.

different coffee drink
Piccolo coffee vs flat white: a comparison between great flavors

Compared to the piccolo latte, the flat white uses more milk and is served in a larger glass. Flat white has increased its popularity as a strong coffee in recent times.

If you want Piccolo like a drink with a more bitter taste, you can go for a flat white.

Is Piccolo coffee available at Starbucks?

You will not get a piccolo latte at Starbucks. But you can ask for a short flat white to replace Piccolo coffee. We know that a short white flat is quite similar to Piccolo coffee.

However, it is available in Australian Starbucks. The origin of Piccolo is from Australia, so they made sure it’s available at Starbucks.

Even if you don’t get it, you can ask the Barista to make a customized coffee with a single ristretto shot and add slightly more milk.

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Final thoughts

An Aussie coffee that has a massive impact with its taste and aroma. You can enjoy this drink at home by brewing it in a few steps since it has similarities to other milky drinks.

Piccolo latte could be the perfect replacement for many other coffee flavors. Also, it is one of the few flavors that brew with ristretto. So, for anyone who wants an alternative to espresso, this latte should be the choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we make a Piccolo latte without steamed milk?

Piccolo coffee comes with two ingredients, one is a ristretto shot, and the other is steamed milk. You can’t make a piccolo latte without steamed milk.

Steamed milk is a crucial ingredient of a piccolo latte. You can call it ristretto coffee if you use ristretto shot without steamed milk.

Is Piccolo a strong coffee compared to other coffees?

A ristretto shot is more potent than espresso due to less use of water. However, ristretto is a shorter drink, and the caffeine content is also short. I can say Piccolo coffee is a strong drink like other drinks. It depends on how many flavors are added to the drink.

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