Breve coffee: what is it and how to make it?

breve coffee

Are you looking for a milky and creamy coffee with a robust bitter flavor? If yes, Breve coffee should be the ultimate choice for you. It is a rich, creamy drink with a strong taste of espresso. It is basically a variation of latte coffee.

We usually prefer a latte or cappuccino when we crave creamy and milky coffee. Breve coffee is the perfect alternative that gives you a delicious taste.

Breve coffee has the same ingredients as a latte or cappuccino but is prepared in small sizes. It uses half and half, which makes it different from other milk drinks.

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So what makes Breve coffee unique and exciting? This coffee combines espresso, steamed, and foamed milk. It has more foamed milk than a latte or cappuccino.

I think Breve coffee looks somewhat similar in appearance to Dry Bone cappuccino. However, when you look more closely and taste, you will find a different drink altogether.

In this article, I have given a detailed review of this drink and how it differs from other beverages. Also, a step-by-step guide is given to make this coffee at home.

What is a Breve coffee?

A delightfully delicious Italian coffee. Breve is an Italian word that means short or brief. This drink is served in short cup size, unlike a latte, which is served in large glasses.

The Breve is one that comes with all top-quality ingredients. It is called café breve or latte breve. It is usually prepared with creamy milk without adding flavors.

This coffee has a combination of espresso and half-steamed and half-foamed milk. So it gives the equally bitter taste of espresso, the creamy and sweet taste of steamed milk, and the bubblier and foamier flavor of foamed milk.

Even though it has an Italian name, it originates from the United States. It pronounces as “breh-vay.”

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What is half and half in coffee?

Half and half is a unique concept in coffee. It means adding half milk and half cream to the coffee. If somebody likes dairy products in coffee, Half and Half specially designes for those people.

It prepares half and half, which contains whole milk and cream. Half and half usually come with low fat and light in taste. Moreover, half and half contain 12% of milk fat. Also, it prepares sugar-free to get the real taste of milk.

What makes Breve coffee unique, creamy, and foamy is the use of half and half. If you are a fan of lattes and haven’t tasted breve coffee, you are missing something very delicious. It may not be prepared in large glass like a latte, but it is creamier and fluffier.

Why Breve coffee is different from a latte?

A coffee Breve and latte are similar due to almost identical ingredients. Even the taste and texture are the same. What makes them different? The difference is the volume of foamed milk in both drinks. The latte serves in a larger cup, and the Breve serves in a short cup.

A latte only adds foam to create latte art. And Breve adds half steamed and half foamed milk, a dominant foamed drink. Anyone craving a foamier drink should go for Breve, but if you want a larger cup with dominant steamed milk, a latte is the only option.

You can also make Americano Misto.

Since both Breve and latte use espresso as the base drink, it makes both drinks a bit bold, but adding steamed and foamed, it becomes creamier and sweeter. Unless you prefer a strong coffee by adding two espresso shots.

a cup of breve coffee

Can we add flavors to Breve?

Like many other coffee flavors, the Breve coffee can be customized. This coffee can be added with chocolate or vanilla syrup to make it flavorful and sweet. Or you can add any flavor of your choice. Also, you can add cinnamon and cardamom after pouring steamed milk into espresso.

Some coffee bars make a latte with half and half. So if you want a breve coffee, you can order a latte with half and half.

How to make breve coffee at home?

It is easy to brew at home, like any other milk coffee. However, I recommend you give full attention to every step to get a perfect coffee cup.


  • one espresso shots
  • 4 ounces Half and Half


  • Make a single shot of espresso

First, make an espresso drink. If you have an espresso machine or Moka pot (or any coffee machine) Use darkly roasted coffee beans to get a strong bitter taste.

  • Make Half and Half

Steam wand or milk frother will give you the best Half and Half. It would be best to prepare a half-and-half with whole milk. However, if you don’t have access to the steam wand, make half and half manually by heating the milk and then preparing foamed milk.

First, pour 4 ounces of milk into the pitcher. And put the steam wand in the pitcher for a few seconds. It will start creating tiny bubbles. I recommend preparing half and half a double volume. This adds an amazingly creamy and milky taste to espresso.

  • Pour Half and Half into the espresso

When half and half are ready, pour steamed milk into the espresso and hold back the foam with a spoon. Lastly, add foamed milk with a spoon at the top.

adding milk
  • Add flavors

It is purely a preference to add flavors. Add chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla or any other flavor of your choice.

Here are a few points you should keep in milk while making breve coffee.

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How to brew Breve coffee more delicious and flavorful?

A breve is a delightful drink if it needs utmost care and precision during the brewing process. Otherwise, you may spoil this beautiful drink.

So always make with equal parts of steamed, foamed milk and espresso to get the perfect breve coffee. If you add only add steamed milk to espresso without adding foamed milk, it will not be an ideal Breve coffee.

  • Add Steamed milk

You should try to make ideal steamed and foamed milk. But If you try manually, it may not get the desired results. So, the best option is to try to make it with an espresso machine with a steam wand to get the best results.

  • Add right roast

If you want to get a balanced drink, use dark roast coffee beans with half and half. Darkly roasted coffee beans have a bitter and robust taste, and when steamed milk is added, the flavour becomes balanced and evener.

  • Add right half and half

Half and half usually have a sweeter and creamier note, so it is recommended not to add flavor or sweetener. However, for anybody who loves milky coffee with a highly sweeter note, the half-and-half is an ideal drink.

Can we make iced Breve coffee?

Yes, I already mentioned that Breve is a customizable drink. So if you want a cold coffee in summer or even winter, just add one iced cube. Also, add other flavors if you want to make it more delicious.

It usually prepares hot, but we can make it cold. We can add iced cubes to it. Also, when you order it from a coffee shop, ask for half and half with espresso and ice. However, adding iced cubes to foam milk reduces the foamier appearance at the top.

How is the taste of Breve coffee?

This coffee is made with a unique combination of strong and bitter espresso taste, half and half with steamed and foamed milk, making it creamier, fluffier and sweeter.

This coffee can replace your latte coffee due to its strong and creamy taste. Also, it serves in a small cup, so you don’t need to drink a large cup.

Here is the recipe for blonde Americano.

cup is ready to enjoy

How much Caffeine content is in breve?

The caffeine content depends on how much espresso we add to the drink, as we know that all the caffeine comes from espresso.

If we make Breve with two espresso shots, coffee Breve will have around 136 mg of caffeine. And a single shot of espresso has 68 mg of caffeine.

How many calories are in coffee breve?

Two espresso shots contain only around ten calories. However, half and half with steamed and foamed milk adds all the calories to the coffee. It contains around 150 calories per serving. It still has fewer calories than other milky drinks.

Is Breve coffee a healthier drink?

It is made with half and half with heavy cream. So this coffee contains high calories. Also, it adds high cholesterol and fat to the body. This coffee isn’t favorable if you worry about your health cautious.

I suggest you drink Breve in balance because regular use may lead to health repercussions. You can use it only for special occasions and consume espresso without adding flavors.

Also, this drink is healthier than latte coffee because a latte comes with high-volume milk, which adds more calories.

coffee cup

If you want to know all the differences between the two drinks, check out my article.

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Breve Coffee at Starbucks

You order half and a half at Starbucks, and you will get Breve. If you order Breve, add the word latte to get the drink with half and half with steamed milk.

Ask instead of Breve; you should order a latte breve to get the right beverage. At Starbucks, a breve latte is available in the following sizes: tall, grande, and venti.

Breve at Starbucks is a highly customizable coffee. You can order with one shot or two shots of espresso. Also, you can add vanilla and chocolate syrups.


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Final thoughts

Well! Breve may be the new name for a few, but this drink is not far behind in taste and creaminess. It can compete with any milky drink. Once you start loving this drink, you will not go to any other flavor.

I always prefer Breve coffee over other drinks. Half and half make a creamy and delicious drink and prepare in a small size. But I suggest you don’t use it regularly. It is a heavy creamy drink, and consistent use may not be ideal for health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it called breve coffee?

It is an Italian word that means short. It serves in a small cup compared to a latte. Even though it is pretty similar to cappuccino and latte, due to its small size, it is called Breve.

What is the difference between Americano and Breve?

They are two different drinks. Americano is made with espresso and hot water and has a strong flavor. Whereas Breve is prepared with half and half, it is creamy and smooth coffee.

Is a Breve keto-friendly?

Yes, you can make it keto-friendly. However, when you pick it from coffee, it may not be keto-friendly. It has low carbs; we can make it keto-friendly.

Breve coffee: what is it and how to make it?
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