Cafe Con Leche vs latte: finding the Right Taste

cafe con leche vs latte

Do you love flavorful milk-dominated coffee flavors? There are so many options available where milk is added to espresso. Why are so many flavors when adding milk to espresso is so simple? It depends on what type of milk is added and how it is added. We will compare two milk-dominated drinks with different types of milk.

Cafe con leche vs. latte: Both are espresso-based drinks with milk. However, they differ in ingredients, preparation methods, and taste.

A latte uses one espresso shot and steamed and foamed milk. Café con leche is made with whole milk and an espresso shot.

Also, you should try an upside-down latte at home.

Here, I discuss all the differences between the two beverages and how you can make these at home.

But first, let’s explore what these coffees are all about.

What is café con leche?

Café con leche is a Spanish coffee. It is still not well known in America. This coffee is quite similar to a latte, but the two have a few differences. It adds whole milk to espresso, unlike regular coffee flavors, latte, and cappuccino that add steamed and foamed milk.

Café con leche is a Spanish word that means “coffee and milk.” since this drink is prepared with espresso and milk. This drink originates from Spain and has all the ingredients that you can expect from a Spanish coffee.

This drink prepares with equal parts of milk and espresso. It usually uses whole milk to get the creaminess. Cafe con leche adds milk and espresso with a ratio of 1:1.

In this coffee, whole milk is scalded instead of steamed. Scalded milk differs from steamed milk; it doesn’t create any foam. Also, scalded milk prepares hot to get a hot café con leche.

cafe con leche cup

Café con leche is also called a Spanish latte.

What is a café latte or Latte ?

Café latte or latte is a worldwide famous Italian coffee. You can get this coffee at almost every coffee shop internationally. This coffee, known as café latte in Italy, means “coffee with milk.”

The Café latte prepares with espresso and milk. However, the milk uses almost double or triple the volume of espresso.  In this drink, espresso to milk comes with a 1:2 or even 1:3 ratio.

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It depends on how much milk you prefer in your espresso. The more milk you add, the more milk-dominated coffee you get. First, make steamed and foamed milk from whole milk since whole milk gives the ideal steamed milk.

What I like most about latte is that it can add as many flavors as you want since it has high-volume steamed milk. Adding flavors like chocolate sauce, caramel, and vanilla spreads, everything works perfectly.

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a latte cup

What is Café con leche vs latte?

Although both add a similar volume of espresso, there are differences in the use of milk and the taste. When we add more milk to espresso, it becomes less intense and sweet. Cafe con leche adds less milk than latte, even though both use espresso as the base drink.

Let’s check all the differences in detail.

Cafe con leche vs latte: Which flavor adds more milk?

Café con leche uses half of the milk compared to a latte. Also, café con leche heats the milk but not up to the boiling point; it adds only hot milk and no steamed or foamed milk.

Latte generally adds 4 ounces of steamed and foamed milk to espresso. And café con leche comes with only 2 ounces of milk. However, a latte adds 6 to 8 ounces of milk when making a large glass.

A latte steamed and foamed milk, whereas Café con leche doesn’t add steamed or foamed milk; it only uses hot milk.

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Why is latte smoother and sweeter than cafe con leche?

If you want creamy, sweet, and bitter coffee, Cafe con leche should be your first choice because a latte is a milder and sweeter coffee with added flavors.

Café con leche is a creamy, sweet coffee with a slightly bitter taste due to the equal volume of espresso. In contrast, a latte has a creamy, foamy texture with a milder, sweeter taste.

Since the latte has a double volume of steamed and foamed milk, it gives a unique, creamy, flavorful taste.

cafe con leche cup

Cafe con leche vs latte: why latte has more calories?

The calorie content in a coffee cup depends on which milk you’re using and how much milk you add to a cup. So, a latte that has more milk means it has more calories than a cafe cone leche.

To be precise, a café con leche comes with 100 to 120 calories per serving. On the other hand, a latte has more steamed milk. It has 140 to 160 calories per serving.

Cafe con leche vs latte: Difference in origin

Well, it’s the battle of two traditional coffee nations, Spain and Italy. Both these countries have produced some great coffee flavors over the years.

Café con leche is a relatively new Spanish coffee. At the same time, a latte is a traditional Italian coffee with many consumers worldwide.

Cafe con leche vs latte: Which drink is better and healthier?

Both beverages have distinct features that make them different. It isn’t easy to pick one drink as a favorite. It is essential to make both drinks at home, check the taste and texture, and decide which coffee suits you.

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If you look at the calorie content, café con leche has fewer calories. It usually doesn’t add flavors and sugar, so you can pick it over a latte. Many people are conscious of the calorie content in their beverages. The fewer calories mean a healthier drink.

In contrast, a latte is a creamy, foamy coffee with a sweeter taste. Also, while considering a health perspective, café con leche is a better drink with fewer calories.

A latte with high calories, you should drink once in a while.

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Now let’s check how these coffees can be made at home and what ingredients will be needed.

How to make café con leche at home?

It is an easy coffee to make at home. Espresso shots can be made with espresso machine or a Moka pot.


  • One espresso shot
  • ½ cup whole milk
  • ½ tablespoon of sugar(optional)


  • Make espresso shot
  • Take a saucepan, pour whole milk into it, and heat it, but avoid boiling it. It doesn’t require steamed or foamed milk for café con leche.
  • Gently pour the milk into the espresso cup. Stir the cup well.
  • Add sugar if you want a sweeter coffee.

A cup of café con leche is ready to enjoy.

cafe con leche

How can you make a latte?

It is another simple drink to make at home. You don’t need many ingredients to make it.


  • An espresso shot
  • Whole milk


  • First, make an espresso shot.
  • Now start frothing the milk. Also, whisk the milk to get foam at the top. You can use a microwave to make good foam.
  • In the next step, pour the steamed milk into the espresso. When you pour milk into the espresso, it gives a good milk foam at the top. Steamed milk should be 2/3 to the ratio of espresso.
  • You can create latte art at the top. The latte art is a traditional whole mark of a latte coffee.
  • Add any flavor or sugar to the latte. (optional)

Enjoy your latte.

a latte art

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Final thoughts

Adding steamed and foamed milk to whole milk gives a different taste and texture. And if you add more milk compared to coffee, it makes a significant difference. Latte stands ahead of other coffee flavors due to its extra use of milk.

Even though Cafe Con Leach has its unique taste and aroma, the popularity of the latte is. Very few flavors, like cafe con leche, add hot milk to espresso. The hot milk with espresso fits well and can give a unique taste.

You should try both drinks before picking one over the other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is café con leche same as cappuccino?

No, cappuccino is made with espresso and steamed milk with a ratio of 1:2. Whereas café con leche is made with whole milk and espresso with a ratio of 1:1.

Is café con leche same as macchiato?

Both coffees use espresso and milk. But there are specific differences between the two drinks.

What is café con leche in America?

Café con leche means coffee with milk. So many coffees in America are made with a combination of coffee and milk.

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