Breve vs Latte: Highlighting the Key Differences

Breve vs latte

Anyone who loves rich, creamy coffee flavor should know the latte coffee. Similarly, Breve is right up there with the best coffee flavor competing with a latte and other milky drinks. But Breve differs from other flavors because it adds half and half and not only steamed or foamed milk. Are you wondering what the differences are between Caffe breve vs latte? Also, do you want to know which drink is better for you? This article will answer all your queries.

Many coffee flavors are available, making it challenging to find the right drink. While different beverages can put you in a tricky situation. I hope you’ll be able to pick the right milky drink after reading this article.

First, you should know what these drinks are all about.

What is Caffe Breve?

Caffe breve or breve is an espresso-based drink. It has the same volume of ingredients that we use for cappuccino.

However, it is made half and half instead of just milk. Half and half mean the combination of whole milk and cream, of which 10% is fat, making the drinks creamier.

Check what Breve is and how to make it.

Breve is also called caffé breve or breve coffee. It prepares with an espresso shot, adding steamed milk and foam. The cream and whole milk make it rich and creamy compared to other milky drinks.

History of caffee Breve

Like many top coffee flavors, the Caffe breve was first introduced in Italy, but later the concept of half and a half became famous in America. And people start loving it due to the half-and-half concept.

In America, the half-and-half was used in the early 70s. Since this drink is quite similar to a latte in ingredients and taste. But using extra cream makes it richer and tastier. It adds fat and more calories to the coffee.

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If a coffee shop has no Caffe breve, you ask for a customized drink from Barista with one espresso shot and half & half, with half thick milk and half cream.

In recent times, more people demanding breve coffee. So, it becomes essential for coffee bars to add Breve coffee to their menu.

No,w half & half with espresso are easily available in coffee shops with amazing taste and texture. It differs from other milky drinks because it is evenly distributed between espresso and steamed, foamed milk.

A cup of breve coffee
Breve cup

Latte: Classic Espresso and Steamed Milk Delight

I am sure every coffee enthusiast should know what a latte is and its ingredients. A latte is known for its creamy, flavorful milky taste. If you dislike the bitter taste of espresso and want something creamy and sweet, the latte is the best choice around.

It is a high-volume milk drink with espresso. In case you don’t know, the Latte comes with one or two shots of espresso with steamed milk and a thin foam layer at the top. However, the foam layer at the top is not essential; it can be avoided.

The Latte originated in Italy but got worldwide popularity in no time. You can get a latte in every coffee shop.

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One espresso shot and double or even thrice the volume of the milk used to make this drink. Also, in America, people prefer to add flavors like vanilla caramel and hazelnut to make them more flavorful. But it is already a high-calorie drink and the calorie content will increase when you add flavours.

Breve vs latte, A latte glass
latte glass

What is Breve vs latte?

Both drinks seem similar in many ways but have a few stark differences. Also, the taste and texture of both drinks are quite dissimilar from each other. I am here to discuss the key differences between Breve and Latte.

Latte vs Breve: Use of milk and espresso: slight change makes a big difference

The first difference is the type of milk used by both drinks. Breve is made with half milk and half cream. A breve cup is made with ¼ of espresso and ½ of the whole milk, and ¼ of milk cream. The use of extra cream at the top makes Breve rich and creamier.

Whereas a latte is a milk-dominated drink, it is prepared with whole milk and espresso. To be precise, it uses 3/4 of whole milk and ¼ of espresso and a small foam layer at the top.

Also, latte coffee creates latte art at the top. However, it needs good skills; only Barista can make good latte art.

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Breve vs Latte: A Flavorful Comparison to Taste Differences

When comparing two coffee flavors, first, we may look at the ingredients and then the taste. Taste determines which drink we should pick.

Caffe breve is a rich, creamy drink. This drink is more in line with cappuccino and cortado. However, Breve is a strong coffee drink. The use of heavy cream makes it a unique and heavy beverage. It is slightly more bitter and robust than a latte.

In comparison, the Latte is sweeter due to the high content of milk. Also, it has a less intense and bitter taste. Also, if you add more flavors, it will become sweeter. In many coffee shops you will get a latte with added flavors unless you ask Barista to avoid extra flavors.

Breve vs Latte: Exploring the Distinct Serving Size Variations

The difference in size is quite significant in both drinks. Latte with a high volume of milk always serves in a large glass. Latte serves in 15 ounces of a large glass.

In contrast, the Breve is served in a small 5 oz Cup. It uses an equal amount of cream and milk.

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If you add an equal volume of milk with espresso, you can’t call it a latte, but it will be something like cappuccino or cortado. A latte has thrice the volume of an espresso to be called a latte.

A Breve cup

Breve vs Latte: Contrasting Appearances in Your Coffee Cup

You can recognize both drinks easily with their unique appearance. One is small in size and creamy at the top. The other with latte art at the top.

A Breve coffee has thick cream at the top, making it easy to recognize. It appears light and looks like a different version of cappuccino. And it serves in a smaller glass.

Whereas Latte coffee always served in a large glass with high-volume milk. And it prepares with a slight layer of foam.

Breve vs Latte: A Caloric Comparison to Find the Higher-Calorie Coffee Choice

It becomes clear that Breve uses heavy cream. So, it has almost three times more calories compared to a latte. The cream contains 12% fat, which adds a high amount of calories.

Latte uses whole milk; it only comes with 3.5% of fat. So it has fewer calories per drink.

A 12 oz. cup of Breve contains 250 calories. It also consists of 36 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbs.

In contrast, the 12 oz. latte glass comprises 150 calories. Also, it has 6 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbs.

Starbucks latte glass
A latte glass

The Latte will be a better drink if you are conscious of calorie intake. I would only recommend breve drink when you exercise regularly and burn calories daily.

Breve vs Latte vs Mocha

All three drink something different from each other. One drink has more milk, the other has cream, and Mocha has chocolate sauce at the top.

The mocha is slightly different from the other two because it adds chcolate which makes sweeter than the other two. A cup of Mocha prepares with espresso and steamed milk, and adds some chocolate.

All three drinks use one or two shots of espresso, and then they use different sizes of milk and cream. And Mocha adds chocolate to give exclusivity. If you love chocolate in coffee, the Mocha will be your first choice.

Similarly, if you want a creamy drink, nothing can match the taste of Breve. And, as always, there with more milk and less espresso.

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Are breve and lattes available at Starbucks?

When you want to order Breve at Starbucks, it refers to half and half. You will get half steamed milk and half cream in your drink. Though, the word Breve is not usually used by Starbucks.

It would be better to order an espresso drink with half and half. However, all latte drinks are available in different combinations. So, it is easier to order a customized coffee at Starbucks.

How to pronounce Breve?

I have seen many people struggle to pronounce Breve correctly since the word is of Italian origin. I talked to an Italian and learnt the exact pronunciation. You can pronounce it as “brev-ay” to get it right. When you order a Breve at a coffee bar, you can also ask for a Caffe Breve or Breve Latte.

Now let’s check the brewing process of both drinks and find the difference in the recipe.

Breve recipe

If you have an espresso machine with a steam wand, that will be perfect for making Caffe Breve at home. However, you can also make the moka pot.

Breve is prepared with a ratio of half and a half and one espresso shot. And half and half means the half part is steamed milk and half part cream or foam.


Finely ground coffee


Sweetener (optional)

  1. The first step is to prepare an espresso shot with an espresso machine. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use regular coffee but brew it perfectly.
  2. Half and half are a combination of milk and cream. You will need 16 ounces of half and a half to make a perfect Breve. You must have cold milk to create ideal foam.
  3. A steam wand can be used to make a milk frother. The ideal steaming temperature is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. When the frother is made, please put it on for a few seconds to make it foamier.
  4. Pour the milk frother into the espresso while spoon to frother and pour the foam with your spoon.

You can optionally add sugar syrup to make it sweeter. A creamy, tasty breve is ready to drink.

Latte coffee recipe

Latte is a milk-based drink. You can make an ideal drink with an espresso machine. You should preferably use low-fat milk to avoid extra fat in your glass. Latte is a perfect beverage for those who love to drink milk-based coffees.

Equipment to make Latte

  • Espresso machine
  • Milk frothing machine
  • Coffee glass
  • pitcher

Latte ingredients

  • ½ glass of skimmed milk
  • 2 shots of espresso
  • Boiling water
  • You can add other flavors(optional)
  1. First, heat the glass of the Latte to make an ideal latte drink.
  2. Pour the ½ of skimmed milk into a pitcher.
  3. Use a milk frother to froth milk. You need to make good milk foam.
  4. Make one or two shots of espresso drink. And immediately add milk to it.
  5. In the last step, pour milk foam at the top of the drink. You make art at the top through milk foam. Making art is the face of a latte drink.
making a latte glass
Latte glass

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Final thoughts: Breve vs latte, pick the right drink!

Breve vs. Latte is an exciting discussion between two great coffee flavors. You can pick your favorite coffee by just checking its ingredients.

Breve is such a delightful drink that you would love to make every day. In fact, I love making at home and enjoying it. You can’t get a better drink than Breve. And of course, a latte is always there with amazing taste.

If you want a creamy drink, you should go for Breve. But if you like to drink milkier and less extensive, you should prefer a glass of Latte.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Breve a better drink than a latte?

The Latte is a better drink when considering fat and calorie count. However, if you prefer a creamy and yummy taste, you should go for Breve.

Which drink is sweeter, Breve or Latte?

Breve is a creamy and foamy drink. Also, Breve is slightly sweeter than a latte. However, you don’t need to add any sweetener to either Breve or Latte.

Why do people drink Breve?

A Breve comes with half and half, which makes it a unique beverage. You get a rich and creamier taste with Breve. People prefer Breve because it uses heavy cream.

Breve vs Latte: Highlighting the Key Differences
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Both drinks seem similar in many ways but have a few stark differences. Also, the taste and texture of both drinks are quite dissimilar from each other.
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