Frappe vs Latte: Check the Differences in details

frappe vs latte

If you’re looking for rich, creamy coffee flavor? Or do you prefer an iced coffee with a heavy cream? In either case, you will have some exceptional taste and aroma. But what should be the criteria to find the perfect taste? Here two great coffee flavors Frappe vs Latte are dominated by high milk, coffee, and iced cubes.

Well, when comparing a latte with a frappe you should expect high flavorful and tasty drink. However, These two drinks are entirely dissimilar from each other.

Frappe and latte differ in ingredients, preparation, taste, and texture. But one has to confess both drinks are popular and highly consumed worldwide.

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So what’s the difference between Frappe and a latte? Here is a major difference, Frappe makes with coffee and ice, whereas latte is hot milk dominating hot coffee. And Frappe brews with drip coffee, and the latte adds espresso.

Let’s dive into more details.

What is Frappe?

Frappe is an iced cold drink. It is prepared with instant coffee, water, ice, and sugar. And all ingredients are blended well to get a thick foamy flavor. You can also add whipped cream and other flavors to it.

Also, A few flavors blended with the Frappe drink are caramel, chocolate, and Oreo. These flavors make frappe rich and creamy.

Frappe derives the word from “frapper,” which means to chill. The Frappe was first made in Greece. The Greek Frappe is thick, creamy, and delicious. With time, this beverage has become famous for its taste and thick texture.

 A frappe cup
Frappe cup

What is a latte?

Go to any coffee shop and ask for milky coffee; you will probably get a latte. It is so famous that every Barista makes a latte when someone orders a Milky drink with espresso. An ideal latte is prepared with 1/3 of espresso, 2/3 of steamed milk, and a thin foam layer.

A latte usually has no added flavors, but you can add some. Also, the latte art at the top makes it different from other coffee flavors. This is specifically designed for the ones who love milk-dominant drinks.

frappe vs latte, a latte cup
latte coffee

What is Frappe vs Latte?

If your trying to fine some similarities between these two drinks you will be disappointed. There is nothing common in these flavors. Frappe is a cold drink, and latte is a hot drink with completly different ingredients.

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In Fact, a Frappe is different from other iced drinks too because it adds instant or drip coffee and also uses evaporated milk. On the other hand, a latte is a more orthodox drink with more milk and less espresso. However, it is a customizable drink.

frappe vs latte: The difference in the recipe

Both drinks have entirely different ingredients and recipes. There is no specific recipe for a frappe. However, the key ingredients are instant coffee, water, sugar, and ice cubes.

You can also add milk to it if you like milk drinks. Also, you can add other flavors like ice cream or whipped cream.

Also, Frappe has variations in ingredients, and Frappe has no specific serving size. You can add more coffee or milk and other flavors. In Fact, if you’re an espresso fan, you can add it instead of instant coffee.

On the other hand, you can add definite ingredients to get a perfect latte. The ingredients, like one espresso shot with three-quarters of steamed milk, are essential for a latte and top with a thick foam layer.

If you want more espresso, you have to minus one part of the milk. A latte is the right combination of milk and espresso drink. I also like latte because it always comes with certain ingredients. So I know the right calories in my drink.

latte cup with latte art
latte art

latte vs frappe: The difference in the use of coffee and espresso

Well, if you like an espresso drink in your cup, then Frappe isn’t for you. It prepares with instant coffee. The latte adds a shot of espresso. Even you can add two espresso shots to a latte drink.

Frappe drink was invented to be made with instant coffee. It specially designed to get a quick cold coffee with flavors. But Frappe is highly customizable. You can add drip coffee or espresso if you want more intense coffee.

A point you should always keep in mind is that the Frappe adds iced cubes, which dilute a strong taste a little, so always add more coffee to get a robust taste.

While Latte has an espresso shot, not much customization is needed. Of course, you can add vanilla, chocolate, or any other flavor if you want more flavors.

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latte vs frappe: One drink is prepared hot other is cold

As I discussed earlier, a frappe is a cold drink for summer, and a latte is a hot drink for all seasons. Even though these days people prefer frappe in winter too.

On the other hand, a latte is a great option for winter, a strong and bitter espresso with normal-temperature milk. In recent times many strat make frappe with hot water, but it will not give the same taste and texture.

Frappe vs Latte: Exploring Taste and Texture

The More flavors you add to a drink, the more it will get tastier. Frappe brews with adding more flavors than latte. Frappe adds chocolate, heavy cream, and ice cream, which makes it more delicious than a latte.

Even you can sprinkle chocolate, vanilla, and coconut favors at the top of the latte.

The latte is a smoother and sweeter drink due to the extra content of milk. Even espresso retains somewhat its taste and aroma, but you will love a latte if you like the rich milk content in the drink.

Also, the taste of the latte depends on the type of milk you use for a latte drink. Using whole milk will reduce the bitterness of espresso and make a milder coffee with a sweet taste.

But when talking about tastier drinks, the Frappe has an edge.

a frappe glass
a frappe glass
Frappe vs latte: Why Frappe have more caffeine than a latte?

Frappe has more caffeine because it adds instant coffee. Latte uses an espresso shot that contains 68 mg of caffeine. And Frappe uses instant or drip coffee, which contains 95 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz cup.

Until if you add two espresso shots to a latte, the caffeine content will increase. Also, it depends on the type of coffee beans you use for your drink. So, the caffeine can be controlled if you use certain types of coffee beans.

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Latte vs frappe: the battle of calories

Frappe contains more calories than a latte drink due to added flavors. An 8 oz cup of frappe has around 240 calories. A latte with an 8 oz cup comes with 120 calories.

However, when you don’t add flavors to the frappe, it will reduce the calories in your drink. In latte coffee, milk contains calories, and espresso has almost no calories.

Frappe vs Latte: Delving Deeper into the Milk Factor

No coffee flavor adds more milk than a latte. The texture of the latte shows it contains more milk than espresso. On the other hand, Frappe adds heavy cream or whipping cream, but it is optional.

You can make a Frappe without adding milk. But the latte has Milk as an essential part. The latte adds steamed and foamed milk.

Iced latte and iced Mocha are two great drinks to compare.

Frappe vs Latte vs Mocha: A Comprehensive Comparison of Coffee Classics

If you think Frappe is a flavorful drink, you need to reconsider it. Mocha is much more flavorful than Frappe. Mocha adds chocolate, milk, and espresso. It is prepared in three layers, first espresso, then milk, and adding chocolate to the top.

Mocha is somehow similar to Frappe due to its addition of chocolate and other flavours. Whereas latte is a more subtle drink when compared to Mocha and Frappe.

However, like a latte, you can serve Mocha hot and uses espresso as the base drink.

frappe vs latte, Starbucks frappe
Starbucks frappe

So you should expect a different taste in all three drinks. However, all three drinks are top quality in their own right.

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Final Thoughts

Well, Frappe vs Latte is a comparison between high-quality drinks. When we look closely, both drinks have certain features. Frappe is a great option if you want a delicious, flavorful drink.

And latte is less sweet but strong due to espresso if you want espresso as the base drink.

I suggest you add heavy or whipping cream if you really want a creamy drink. Otherwise, brew frappe without adding flavors. And make latte always with the same recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between frappe and Frappuccino?

Frappuccino is a Starbucks brand, prepared with steamed milk and brewed coffee or espresso. Whereas frappe is made with instant coffee water and added flavors like whipped cream and ice cream.

Is Frappe a frozen latte?

Frappe serves with whipped cream or ice cream. In comparison, a latte is more of a milk-based drink and is prepared hot. Latte always comes with espresso and frappe with instant coffee. So both drinks have entirely different from each other.

Is frappe just as iced coffee?

Frappe is a cold flavorful, and sweet drink with ice. You can add chocolate or caramel flavors to make it delicious, so it is more than just an iced coffee.

Frappe vs Latte: Check the Differences in details
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Frappe vs Latte: Check the Differences in details
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