White Americano Coffee: what is it & how to make it?

white americano

If you’re a coffee lover, Americano should be one of your favorites or have used it regularly. Do you know that you can make changes to your Americano by adding milk? Yes, you heard it right: an Americano with milk is known as a white Americano.

An Americano is an intense bitter coffee with espresso and hot water. But when steamed milk is added, it becomes creamy and slightly milder.

White Americano coffee and regular Americano have specific differences that are important to know. A white Americano designs for the ones who want milk in coffee without impacting the authentic taste of Americano. In the line of Americano drinks, another top-quality flavor is Americano Misto.

It only adds a splash of milk and hot water at the top of the espresso. This milk changes the coffee’s colour and gives it a creamy touch. In contrast, Americano is always firm coffee without additives.

What is White Americano Coffee?

Americano has a dark texture coffee; adding a splash of steamed or foamed milk makes it white Americano.

Generally, an americano is a strong, bitter drink, but when milk adds, it gives a different texture and taste; it gets less intense and slightly sweeter.

But the essential part is to add milk around one tablespoon; if you add more milk, the essence and true taste of Americano will be reduced. Milk improves the texture and makes the coffee creamy.

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white americano

What kind of milk is good for white Americano?

White Americano is a different coffee from regular Americano. While we don’t use milk in Americano, a white Americano comes with a splash of milk.

So, what type of milk is perfect for this coffee flavor? Some prefer steamed milk, and others want to add cold milk. Also, you can add milk foam if you like a creamier drink.

It is important to note that this coffee adds only 15 mg of streamed or foamed milk. However, you can use a combination of steamed and foamed milk.

What type of milk is ideal for white Americano? In reality, it is up to you which milk you prefer can be used for this coffee. But whole milk is a good option since it creates better steamed and foamed milk.

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A glass of milk

Here is the list of milk types available in the market.

  • Whole milk
  • Skim milk
  • Nonfat milk
  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk
  • Oat milk
  • Lactose-free milk
  • buttermilk

How many Americano coffee drinks with milk can we make?

Americano is made with one espresso shot and doubles the amount of hot water. The hot water dilutes the strong flavor of Americano. Also, it doesn’t add any flavor or milk.

However, if someone feels that Americano is too strong and bitter, a small volume of milk can pour at the top to get a smoother taste.

An Americano can be made with milk and other flavors. Milk adds taste and a whitish texture. I feel when we add milk to Americano, the drink may get slightly smoother and creamier, but you will lose the authentic Americano taste.

adding milk

Which is the best coffee roast for white Americano?

If you like any coffee roast, that will be the best coffee roast for Ameircano. But Americano coffee usually uses dark roast, which gives a strong and bitter flavor. But you can make it with lightly roasted coffee beans if you want milder and sweeter coffee.

Also, the medium roast can be used to make white Americano. A medium delivers bold flavor but slightly less than darkly roasted beans. However, if you don’t want a strong bitter coffee flavor, I suggest you use medium-roasted beans.

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How to make white Americano Coffee at home?

It is made with the same steps we follow for a regular Americano. However, it adds a splash of milk at the end. We add cold milk or steamed milk to this coffee. This drink takes 5 minutes to prepare. It requires the following ingredients.


  • An espresso shot of 1 oz.
  • Hot water 2oz
  • 1 tablespoon of milk (15grams)


  1. Make an espresso shot
  2. You can boil the water but never make it boilingly hot, remove it before it starts boiling.
  3. Pour the espresso coffee into a cup
  4. Now gently pour the hot water into the cup of espresso.
  5. Make your milk steamed or foamed.
  6. Add milk at the top of the espresso and water in the last step.

A cup is ready to serve.

Also, you can brew iced Americano with cream.

drink is ready

It has a bold and bitter taste. However, a splash of milk makes it slightly sweeter and creamier. It has a definite better taste than Americano if you don’t like highly intense and bitter drinks.


Calories should not be your problem if you are making an Americano or white Americano. As we know, an Americano is made with only five calories. And when a splash of milk adds, it adds around five more calories. So this coffee has ten calories per serving.


Whether you consume Americano or white Americano, the caffeine content will be the same. If you add one espresso shot, it will have 68 mg of caffeine.

White Americano Starbucks

Starbucks white Americano has a strong, rich, creamy flavor. It has espresso, water, ice, and white chocolate mocha sauce. It is available in different cup sizes.

You can order changes in this drink by asking the barista to add two or three spoons of steamed or foamed milk. Or you ask for less hot water and more steamed milk in this flavor.

Americano vs white Americano

If you went through the article, you should know that white Americano and Americano have some interesting differences. Both Americano prepares with one or two espresso shots and hot water.

However, it adds a splash of milk, which changes the texture and taste of the coffee.

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a cup of white americano

A splash of milk can combine steamed and foamed milk or only steamed milk. It gives a slightly sweeter flavor. So a white Americano has more flavorful and creamier than a regular Americano.

What is the difference between white Americano and latte?

Anyone with basic knowledge of coffee flavors should know that a white Americano and a latte are different drinks. Latte is the dominant milk drink with one espresso shot, a different drink from white americano.

Both Americano and latte use espresso as the base drink. That is all that they have similar. Other than that, Amricano adds hot water, and the latte adds steamed milk.

White Americano adds a gallop of steamed milk, making it whiter and creamy. The milk volume in this coffee is so tiny that it doesn’t make any difference to the taste.

If you think adding milk to Americano will make it sweeter and creamier, it will not be the case. It is still much stronger coffee than a latte.

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Final thoughts

If you think adding a tablespoon of milk will change it to a new drink altogether, I am afraid that will not be the case even though white has a whitish and slight creamy look but nothing much change in taste. But having said that, white Americano is a unique but fantastic coffee; you must try it at home.

This drink is perfect for those Americano fans who got bored with the specific texture and taste of Americano. This coffee will fulfil their desire and give a minor change to the original Americano.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Americano stronger than white Americano?

Yes, white Americano adds a small volume of steamed milk, which makes it a little sweeter than Americano.

How much milk to add to white Americano?

A cup of white Americano adds around 15 grams or one tablespoon of steamed milk.

Which milk is used to make white Americano?

It usually uses whole milk to make it. However, you can use other types of milk too.

White Americano Coffee: what is it & how to make it?
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White Americano Coffee: what is it & how to make it?
White Americano coffee and regular Americano have specific differences that are important to know. A white Americano designs for the ones who want milk in coffee without impacting the authentic taste of Americano.
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