Americano with Milk: how to make it? A complete guide

how to make an Americano with milk?

Americano is a favorite drink for many. But if someone feels like making slight changes to their favorite Americano, adding some milk will be the first choice. A cup of Americano with milk balances the taste and reduces bitterness. There is a growing trend among people to prefer an Americano with milk and sugar.

If you are the one who always loves customzing different drinks to get something new and delicious. Americano with milk should be the one coffee you should try out.

But the preferable option would be adding a slight amount of milk, unlike the Latte, which adds a high volume of milk. Adding milk changes the texture and minor changes in the taste.

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In this article, I will explain why the Americano becomes a new drink when we add milk and why it is worth trying. And how to make this coffee at home using milk.

What is Americano coffee with Milk?

Americano is on the list of favorite drinks, like espresso, cappuccino and latte. What makes it more special is that Americano is an espresso-based drink that adds water only to dilute the espresso’s bitterness.

Americano is usually not a highly customizable drink but it can add a few changes.

Americano prepares with one espresso shot and doubles the hot water. So it is not as strong as espresso but more intense than any milky drink like cappuccino or Macchiato.

How much milk should be added to Americano? It sheerly depends on your choice; You can add milk as much as you want.

However, it is essential to note that this drink is not a latte or cappuccino drink. All other milky beverages are different from Americano.

Anyone new to Americano may be wary of the strength of the coffee—an ideal situation for him to add some milk and get a better, sweeter taste.

But high volume will make the drink sweeter, so he should add it small so that the natural taste will be intact.

adding milk to americano coffee

What volume of milk is suitable for a cup of coffee? Check out my article to find out the precise volume.

Why is Americano with Milk different from Cappuccino, latte, and other milky drinks?

If you look closely, there are two types of coffee around, one is non-milk-based coffee, and the other is milk-based coffee. Both drinks have certain benefits and disadvantages. Few always prefer milk in coffee, the others non-milk coffees.

Highly consumed coffee milk coffees are Cappuccino, Macchiato, and latte. And non-milk coffee flavors are espresso and Americano. Now let’s check How it is different to add milk to americano.

Cappuccino is half milk and half espresso-based drink with a creamier and more balanced taste. An entirely different to Americano, which is purely based on espresso and water and uses milk to change the texture and slight taste.

In contras, Latte is a milk-dominant drink with a much more creamy and sweet flavor. So you can’t compare milk coffee with Americano, a more water and espresso-based drink.

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Is adding Milk to Americano a better option?

Americano is an espresso-based drink, and adding hot water somewhat dilutes the intensity of the coffee. For a few people still, Americano is a bitter and solid drink. Therefore adding a small amount of Milk makes it less bitter.

Anybody new Americano can use flavors to reduce the bitterness. It will improve not only the appearance of the drink but also the taste.

You can order an Americano coffee without milk. And add milk afterward. It allows you to add as much milk as you want. If you don’t like the strong taste, you can add more milk to it. But the milk content should still be less so that the true taste of Americano should remain intact.

Also, Americano is a better drink than a latte, Cappuccino, and other milk coffees since it contains fewer calories. You can check the difference between long black and americano.

a cup of americano
hot coffee

Can you add buttermilk to your coffee? This is another interesting debate.

What type of Milk to add?

You can customize Americano with different types of Milk. There is no hard and fast rule to adding a specific kind of Milk. Since Americano already gives a unique and delightful taste, milk makes it slightly sweeter.

  • Steamed Milk

Steamed Milk adds texture and flavor to the coffee. In most coffee flavors, steamed milk is preferred over simple milk.

  • Foamed Milk

It makes the drink creamier and fluffier at the top. When making steamed milk, it is the foamy top we use as foamed milk.

  • Fresh Milk

Also, adding fresh milk gives it a sweeter and smoother taste.

However, you can also make it with a combination of steamed and foamed Milk.


How to make an Americano with Milk at Home?

It can be made with a similar method while adding milk in the last step. If you have an espresso machine, it will be great to brew it and steam the milk.


  • One espresso shot
  • 60 ml of Hot water
  • 30 ml of whole or skimmed milk

It will take not more than five minutes to get delicious coffee.


  1. First, Brew an espresso shot.
  2. Pour the espresso shot into the cup.
  3. Secondly, pour the hot water into the cup of espresso.
  4. Stir the cup to mix the espresso and water.
  5. Meanwhile, make steamed Milk or foamed Milk with a steam wand or any other device.
  6. Lastly, pour the steamed or foamed Milk into the cup.

A cup is ready to serve.

adding americano with milk

Iced Americano with Milk

Iced Americano can also be made with milk for the summer season. It is nothing much different but adding steamed milk and iced cubes.

In fact, milk and iced cubes are a terrific combination that you should try. Iced cubes don’t add any flaovor or sweetness to coffee but make it cold. Now let’s check how we can brew iced Americano with milk.

How to make iced Americano with milk?

It is made with one espresso shot and adding cold water over it. And adding steamed milk and, lastly, iced cubes.

Making iced Americano is easy; you can follow these steps.

  1. Make two espresso shots.
  2. Fill a half glass with iced cubes.
  3. Pour two shots of espresso into the iced cube’s glass.
  4. Add cold water to the glass.
  5. Add steamed milk to the top.
  6. Stir the glass to dissolve.

An iced Americano coffee is ready to drink.

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How many Calories?

Americano usually doesn’t contain any calories. It is only the addition of milk that contains calories. However, the calorie content depends on the type of milk used. If we use milk with espresso, the 1:3 ratio will come with the following calories.

  • we can make Americano with whole milk, which consists of 15 calories.
  • Non-fat milk contains only 13 calories.
  • If it is made with oat milk it contains 15 calories.
  • Also, if you add almond milk, it contains only 5 calories.

An espresso shot contains 68 gm of caffeine. Americano is usually made with two espresso shots. So it includes 136 gm of caffeine.

Starbucks café Americano with milk

Starbucks café Americano or Americano with milk is made with two espresso shots and hot water, adding a layer of steamed milk at the top. It creates a creamy drink with 15 calories.

Also, you can customise it by asking Barista for a specific volume of milk or adding other flavors. You can also decide about the type of milk you prefer for it.

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Final thoughts

Well! I have tried to make everything simple and informative for you. Now I hope you’ll be able to make a better decision regarding this coffee combination.

Americano with milk is nothing like any other milky drink. You shouldn’t expect any milky taste from this addition. It is still an americano-based drink with slightly altering texture and taste.

If you want some milky drinks to go for cappuccino or Macchiato, don’t expect milk domination in this combination.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Americano with milk better than other milk coffees?

Americano adds only a slight amount of milk. It doesn’t make coffee sweeter.

Why is Americano so bitter?

Americano adds two espresso shots and water, with no milk or other flavors. Espresso shots make it bitter and strong coffee.

Is Americano coffee stronger than black coffee?

Americano includes fewer calories than black coffee. Double shots will increase the caffeine content. Americano coffee is rich in flavor and bitter in taste and is a more potent drink than black coffee.

Americano with Milk: how to make it? A complete guide
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