Americano Misto: A complete guide (2024)

Americano Misto, Americano Misto recipe

A Coffee enthusiast is always in search of new and exciting coffee flavors. Also, he can experiment with existing flavors by adding different combinations. Every coffee flavor has its uniqueness. None is a better combination than the smoother taste of steamed milk and the boldness of espresso with hot water. One of those coffee flavors is Americano Misto.

Americano Misto half glass contains steamed milk and the other half with espresso and hot water. This drink is unique because it uses both hot water and steamed milk.

Anyone who enjoys Americano can say this is a pro version of Americano that contains a good volume of steamed milk. And steamed milk adds smoothness to Americano.

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Let’s dive into more details about this amazing coffee flavor.

What is Americano Misto?

It is a great option if you want a drink with a combination of milk and diluted espresso. This drink is a kind of mixture of Americano and Cappuccino.

In other words, you can get the ingredients of both drinks in one Americano Misto. For instance, we add hot water to espresso, and in cappuccino, we add steamed milk to espresso.

So in Americano Misto, we first add hot water to espresso and then add steamed milk. The Misto has two parts: half water with espresso, and the other half contains steamed milk. Do you know how to make blonde Americano?

If you are a beginner and want to taste espresso, it could be solid and bitter. You can include water and milk to reduce the intensity of espresso. So this coffee flavor can be a great option.

Americano Misto cup

Why and how Americano Misto differs from other coffee flavors?

Why do coffee enthusiasts prefer Americano Misto over well-known flavors like Latte and Cappuccino? Because all these drinks like latte, cappuccino, and cortado are prepared with steamed milk and expresso.

And an Americano is made with hot water and espresso. But an Americano Misto is an amazing drink that is prepared with the combination of all three ingredients, espresso, water, and milk.

Also, Misto has a unique and different taste because when hot water dilutes the strongness of espresso, steamed milk adds smoothness. An Americano Misto is often preferred without flavors, so true taste always dominates this coffee flavor.

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Americano Misto vs Caffé Misto: what is the difference?

Many people don’t have any idea about the difference between Caffe Misto and Americano Misto. It is essential to note that Americano Misto and Café Misto are different drinks. You must not confuse them with the same drinks.

Café Misto is made with an equal part of brewed coffee and steamed milk. And it doesn’t add any water. Whereas an Americano Misto is prepared with an espresso shot and hot water and then adding steamed milk at the top.

I have also written a detailed article about Caffe Misto and how this drink differs from other coffee flavors, including Americano Misto. Check this article if you want to know more about Café Misto and how to make it.

coffee cup

How to brew Americano Misto at home?

It is an easy drink to brew at home. Also, it only requires a few ingredients to make.


You need the following ingredients to make this coffee flavor at home.

An espresso machine is perfect for making espresso coffee at home. However, you can use a Moka pot or Aero press if you don’t have an espresso machine.

  • One Espresso shot (30ml)
  • 30 ml Hot Water
  • 60 ml Steamed milk

Also, if you want a larger cup, you may add two espresso shots and increase the volume of hot water and steamed milk accordingly.

  1. First, start brewing one espresso shot.
  2. Pour the espresso shot into the cup.
  3. Meanwhile, Steam milk with a steam wand. Or use any traditional milk steaming method.
  4. Now pour the hot water into the espresso cup.
  5. In next step, slowly Pour the steamed milk into the espresso cup.
  6. Lastly, gently stir the cup.

A cup is ready to enjoy.

Do remember you can make it with two espresso shots by adding the same ratio of the amount of water and steamed milk, and it serves in a large glass. So you can make this beverage with different variations. Also, you can use different types of milk for this drink. You can use whole milk, skimmed milk, and almond milk.

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Americano Misto is a milder drink. The combination of milk, water, and espresso gives a unique but balanced taste. The water and milk dilute the bitter taste of espresso.

When hot added to espresso, it dilutes the strongness of espresso, and when steamed milk is added, it becomes much sweeter and creamy.

It has a smooth, creamy, and sweet taste, very much different from other similar coffee flavors.

making a cup of Americano misto

Calories content

A regular espresso consumer should know that an espresso shot only contains five calories. But with the addition of steamed milk, the calorie content increase. If we add whole milk, it will add almost 70 calories. However, the use of skimmed milk has fewer calories; it adds only 40 calories.

The calorie content depends on which type of milk you use for your coffee. If you ask me, the better option will always be skimmed milk in every milk drink.

Starbucks Americano Misto

When you enter Starbucks, you will see “caffe Americano Misto” in the menu list—a name given by Starbucks Americano Misto.

A combination of the pungent taste of espresso that slightly dilutes by milk and then the addition of steamed milk add creaminess and smoothness to the coffee.

Starbucks Americano Misto has the same ingredient that we have discussed above in our recipe.

However, a barista at Starbucks mostly follows your instruction and make a customized drink according to your instructions.

americano misto cup

Americano Misto vs Americano: what is the difference?

There is a stark difference between Americano coffee and Americano Misto. Basically, these two are different drinks in many ways. If you look closely, they are similar but have other ingredients, brewing methods and tastes.

An Americano cup comes with espresso and hot water, mostly without add-ins. The hot water then pours into the espresso shot, dilutes the strong taste of espresso and gives a milder flavor—a well-known drink in coffee shops around America.

In contrast, Americano Misto is made with steamed milk, espresso, and water. Half of the cup is filled with steamed milk, and the other half is added with espresso and hot water. As for taste is concerned, it is sweeter and mellow than Americano.

So an americano has almost no calories compared to Misto, which contains 75 calories per drink.

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Americano Misto vs Latte

Every coffee enthusiast who drinks milky should know well about the latte and its amazing taste. Latte considers the king of delicious flavour and energy.

But is it better than Americano Misto? It depends on whether you love more espresso-dominated or milk-dominated coffee. But Misto is undoubtedly bolder and more bitter coffee.

You can make Misto closer to a latte by adding more milk and less espresso. But Misto must always have hot water added to espresso, which gives a new flavor to espresso.

And lattes always have topped with foamed milk and latte art, making them unique and beautiful in appearance.

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Americano Misto vs Flat white: what are the differences?

Flat white is another potent creamy dream coffee for many coffee enthusiasts. When we compare it with Americano, there is not much difference in taste and texture, even though flat white is slightly more flavorful and creamy than misto.

The difference between the two is in ingredients and the brewing process. In flat white, The ratio of espresso to steamed and foamed milk is one-third, making it less intensive and bitter. Whereas Americano has an equal volume of milk and espresso with hot water.

If you are looking to get creamy sweeter, and frothy coffee, the flat white should be your preference; otherwise, more potent and less creamy Americano misto can be your choice.

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Final thoughts

Well, I have discussed everything about Americano Misto and its recipe. It should be one of the finest coffee tastes I have discussed in my blog. The aroma and taste of this drink is unmatchable. It has all the ingredients to make a fine coffee flavor.

You should try making it at home since it doesn’t require any extra stuff; all you need is fresh coffee beans and milk. Also, it better not add any flavors or syrups that will reduce the sheer taste and aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does an Americano Misto mean?

In Italian, Misto means mixed. Thus it means an Americano mixed with steamed milk since it prepares with hot water, espresso, and steamed milk.

Is Starbucks Americano Misto healthy?

Starbucks Americano Misto comes with 60 calories per cup. You can reduce calories by ordering this drink with nonfat milk.

Is Americano Misto add sugar?

It doesn’t add sugar. Though, It only adds steamed milk, which contains 10 gm of sugar. But you can add sugar if you want to minus the bitterness in coffee.

Americano Misto: A complete guide(2024)
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