Magic Coffee recipe: unleash magic in your morning cup!

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Magic coffee is real Australian coffee. You will know about magic coffee when you are in Melbourne, Australia. A rare, pungent taste of the Australian coffee world. Aussies love this coffee due to its unique recipe, aroma, and flavor.

Melbourne is known as the coffee capital of Australia. You will get the best coffee shops here in this city. Your down-under tour will only be complete with Melbourne coffee. Trust me; you feel this fantastic coffee’s taste and aroma when in the town.

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In this article, I will explain every detail about it and the secret behind this name.

What is magic coffee?

Aussies are coffee lovers; you can find the best coffee taste in this continent. Even Aussie prefer this flavor when touring America. The good thing about this flavor is that you can customize it. Magic coffee originated in Melbourne, Australia. It consists of espresso and milk.

Melbourne dominates the coffee culture in Australia. Even you can get this coffee in every corner of australia. In fact, you will find it in neighbouring New Zealand. Magic coffee has gained popularity throughout Australia and beyond.

What are the ingredients of the magic coffee recipe?

Most coffees use espresso as the base coffee. Espresso has a strong bitter flavor; it adds an authentic taste to the coffee. Also, it uses milk to make it creamier and milder.

Espresso (ristretto)

In making magic coffee, ristretto is used instead of espresso. A ristretto is a shorter drink of espresso.

In ristretto, less amount of water is used to make it stronger. Also, it adds less extraction from the coffee grinds, so the ristretto is a little sweeter and more concentrated than espresso.

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What type of milk to use in a magic coffee recipe?

Magic coffee uses the purest milk to develop the best taste. You don’t need microfoam because microfoam makes it heavier and creamier.

However, magic coffee should have a silky, velvety texture. Hence, Cow milk is ideal for this coffee. In Australia, cow milk is preferred over other milk when making magic coffee.

It doesn’t matter whether you use full-fat or fat-free milk or non-dairy products. You only need to follow the right brewing method to get a taste of magic coffee.

What is the perfect cup size for magic coffee?

Melbourne magic coffee serves in 160 ml (5oz) cup size. It uses ristretto and silky milk perfectly fit for this cup size. But an espresso shot can settle perfectly well with milk.

Also, you have the luxury to add milk according to your preference.

 magic Coffee cup

However, the ideal combination of milk and ristretto makes it a popular drink in Melbourne, Australia. The standard size for this coffee still remains a 5 oz cup.

The popularity of this coffee is being grown in other parts of Australia. This coffee is easily available in every corner of Australia.

Magic coffee recipe

The Melbourne Magic coffee consists of a double dose of ristretto and a thick layer of steamed milk. You can easily brew this coffee at home.

Well! Magic coffee espresso-based coffee comprises three components.

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Magic coffee with steamed milk
Magic coffee with steamed milk

Detailed recipe

The following ingredients are required to make a magic coffee. However, you can use a French press or moka pot if you don’t have an espresso machine at home. Also, you can use a standalone milk frother.


  • Fine ground coffee
  • Milk

Detailed Instructions

If you are interested in making this secret magic coffee at home. You need to follow these steps.

Make espresso

First, you need to brew two ristretto shots. You should know that a ristretto is a small espresso shot. Therefore, a small amount of water is used in the ristretto to make it stronger.

You will get two ristretto shots in a coffee bar, but you can do it at home with one espresso shot. Use darkly roasted coarse coffee beans and put them into the portafilter, and the machine will extract the concentrated espresso shot.

Make Steamed Milk

In the next step, you need steamed milk for this flavor. If a steam wand is available, it will make perfect steamed milk at the right temperature. However, if anyone prefers, they can use milk. Steamed and foamed are not essential.

During the process, make sure to heat it from the surface until you get a thin foam layer. So, at 60 degrees, you will find a silky smooth texture. The foamed milk should be fluffy, like flat white.

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In the last step, pour the steamed milk over the double ristretto or single espresso shots. There is no restriction on the cup size; you can serve it in a bigger cup. However, you must measure the milk according to cup size to catch the perfect magic taste.

How to serve?

No hard and fast rule for this coffee to serve in any specific size, but The magic coffee usually serves in 90 to 160 ml.

Here, you have the simplest and most accurate recipe to brew your coffee at home. You would love this unique Melbourne magic coffee’s strong, bitter taste and aroma. Also, you can remain flexible and brew it according to your choice.

You may be confused about how this drink differs from cortado, macchiato and cappuccino. With time, you will understand that the slightest difference can make a bit of change in taste and texture.

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The difference between coffee flavors: a comparison chart

IngredientsMagic coffeePiccoloFlat whitecortadoMacchiato
Espresso/ ristretto2 ristretto shots1 ristretto shotOne espresso shot2 ristretto shots1 or 2 espresso shots
milkFluffy at top2/3 of milk150 to 200 ml of milk60 mlSteamed milk
Cup size160 ml cup160 ml cup       200 to 220 ml cup150 ml cup90 ml cup
Comparison Table magic coffee vs piccolo vs flat white vs Cortado vs Macchiato

Magic coffee vs Piccolo, what is the difference?

Piccolo also originates from Australia. Like magic coffee, it consists of ristretto shots and a thin layer of milk foam. But, there are a few differences between the two coffee drinks.

Piccolo comes with one Ristretto shot, whereas magic coffee uses two Ristretto shots. So comparatively, magical coffee is more intense coffee.

Magic coffee vs. Cortado, what is the difference?

Cortado is also an espresso drink (2 ristretto shots) with a small amount (60ml) of milk. If you are new to coffee, you may get difficult to differentiate between cortado, cappuccino and magical coffee. Here again, magical coffee is a comparatively more potent drink.

Is there any difference between magic coffee and flat white?

Flat white uses one ristretto shot and contains 150 to 200 ml of milk. The difference between the two is in milk ratio and one ristretto shot. Also, you know that Melbourne magical coffee adds more milk and espresso. When compared with a flat white, this drink is much more intense.

What are the differences between Magic Coffee and Macchiato?

Macchiato is another espresso-based drink, also known as espresso macchiato. In comparison, the macchiato is served with espresso and a small amount of foamed milk.

Moreover, a small macchiato is served in a small cup with a shot of espresso. At the same time, the magic coffee is served with two shots of ristretto and milk. This coffee is a more potent drink than Macchiato.

Magic coffee vs other coffees
Magic coffee vs other coffees

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Final thoughts

Once they attain the taste of Melbourne magic coffee, coffee lovers will never return to a latte or flat white. Its intense flavor makes a distinctive taste in the coffee world. I suggest making this unique beverage at home to get the authentic taste of coffee.

However, it has yet to become popular in other parts of the world. But now, everyone can make it home and get the perfect coffee and milk ratio. Also, the magic coffee recipe method makes it different from other similar flavors.

Frequently asked questions FAQ

What are the best beans for magic coffee?

This coffee uses high-quality beans to extract an exceptional taste. Baristas prefer Arabic beans if they want a milder flavor and aromatic coffee.

What is the best grind for magic coffee?

Baristas suggest a fine espresso grind for it. However, you can try with the coarse grind to make it more more pungent and bitter.

Is Australian Melbourne magic coffee strong?

Yes, a double shot of ristretto and milk makes it a strong coffee. In Melbourne, you have the real taste of this coffee.

Double ristretto shots make it stronger than many other coffees. However, If you love a strong bitter taste, try out the magic coffee with a small volume of milk.

How do you serve magic coffee?

Melbourne Magic coffee recipe allows you to make coffee according to your choice if you don’t have the exact cup size. You can measure the milk and espresso shots at home according to the available cup size.

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