Arabic coffee recipe, the traditional taste with health benefits?

Arabian coffee equipments

If you ever visit any Arab country, you will see people sitting in cafes, drinking traditional Arabic Qahwa, and watching football on big screens. In the Arab world, Arabic Qahwa is perhaps the most loved and consumed drink. Also, Arabic coffee recipe is easy to brew at home.

This Arabic coffee is also gradually gaining prominence in America. Now you can get Qahwa in American restaurants. However, it may have slightly different flavors.

Arabic coffee recipe differs from other coffees, but it has a unique taste and aroma due to excessive flavors. It can brew with multiple flavors but usually has few crucial flavors, without which the real taste of Arabic coffee will not be achieved.

Even though Arabic coffee is somewhat different from other known coffees, this coffee originated in Yemen. It usually comes without sugar; you will love the taste of this coffee.

I will discuss Arabiccoffee recipess and discusst ingredients, benefits, and drawbacks.

Arabic coffee recipe

Arabic coffee is a native traditional dish in Saudi Arabia and many other small Arab countries. Mostly, It is served in the morning, during the daytime, and at night after the meal.

Traditionally, Arabic coffee serves in a small glass called fanajeen with local sweet dates. Arab has its own culture of serving Qahwa and tea. people sit together and enjoy coffee in traditional cups.

If you are traveling to any Arab country you can get Arabic Qahwa at all coffee shops. The Arabic qahwa has a unique taste compared to other coffee drinks. This coffee comes with a strong bitter taste.

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What equipment are needed to make arabic Qahawa?

Since Arabic coffee is a traditional drink, it is prepared by traditional coffee makers. Even though new equipment is started using coffee bars. But still, people prefer traditional types of equipment to brew Arabic qahwa.


  • Turkish briki or small pot
  • Small coffee cup
  • Coffee grinder

What ingredients are needed to brew Arabic coffee?

A traditional coffee like Qahwa requires different traditional flavors. These flavors are the essence of Arabic coffee. Flavors like cardamom and cinnamon are a crucial part of Arabic coffee.

Also, if you look to get the real taste, these flavors should always be added to the coffee.

This coffee usually prepares without adding any sweetener; however, granulated or powdered sugar can be added if you like sweet coffee.

  1. 3 tablespoons Ground Arabic coffee
  2. 3 cups hot Water
  3. 3 cardamom pods
  4.  Pinches of saffron
  5. Sugar (optional)

Direction (Arabic coffee recipe)

  • In the first step, pour fresh water into the pot and start boiling it.
  • When the water is boiling, add ground coffee and cardamom using a spoon.
  • Keep boiling when the mixture creates foam, and remove the foam letting the foam settle. Do it twice to get the right foam.
  • Add pinches of saffron and cinnamon, and a hot delicious Arabic coffee is ready to pour into the cup and enjoy.
  • Now add sugar and any other flavor if you prefer.

I am giving you a few important tips; you can apply these points while making Arabic coffee. That will help you make an ideal cup of coffee.

However, these tips don’t mean you must follow these steps; it is up to you; if you like, you can apply any given instructions during the brewing process.

Arabic coffee pot
arabic coffee pot

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How to brew a great Arabic coffee at home? few tips

Firstly, Arabic coffee is flexible coffee; it doesn’t need any specific beans. Any finely ground coffee is good to go. You can try different beans, experiment with others, and enjoy the taste.

Both darkly-roasted beans and lightly roasted beans can be used for this coffee. however, if you use darkly roasted coffee beans it will make a bitter and robust coffee. I prepfer lightly roasted coffee beans which gives a less strong and bitter coffee.

whatever roast you like you can use, but make sure to get freshly ground coffee that will give the essence of arabic coffee.

You can pour the coffee through a strainer. It is important to get rid of all the remaining.

Also, You can use cardamom pods to use in coffee.

If you want an amazingly tasty coffee, use both finely ground beans and cardamom pods simultaneously, this experiment will deliver the best taste

The coffee is typically served in small pots named differently in every country, But you can brew this coffee with available equipment and ingredients. It may give a different taste, but it will make a better coffee.

A true Arabic taste of Arabic coffee comes with its flavors. It usually prepares with cardamom, but you can make it without the use of spices and flavors.

Arabic coffee pot and cup
arabic coffee pot and cup

How much caffeine is in Arabic coffee?

Surprisingly, a single cup of Arabic coffee contains only 4 mg of caffeine. So you can drink many cups of Arabic coffee without a high amount of caffeine.

What are the benefits of Arabic coffee?

Arabic coffee regularly serves in Middle Eastern countries. Unlike other coffee flavors, it doesn’t add milk or different ingredients. Furthermore, This coffee comes with so many health benefits.

Minerals and Vitamins

What makes Arabic coffee so healthy? It enriches with minerals and vitamins—a balanced coffee with many nutritional values.

This coffee can improve the energy level in the body. Arabic coffee contains high caffeine, which energizes the day. Also, it increases brain growth.

Arabic coffee regulates your blood pressure. It contains a high level of potassium and a low level of sodium. This helps the blood pressure in your body.

Improves Metabolism

This coffee assists you in smoothing your metabolism. Furthermore, Arabic coffee contains antioxidants that help reduce your body’s unnecessary appetite.

Enriched with Antioxidants

Antioxidants also increase the immunity system in the body and help fight different diseases. Moreover, Antioxidants improve the nervous system in the body.

Improves body muscles

Arabic coffee also enhances body muscles and helps to maintain them. This coffee reduces inactivity and laziness in your body.

Reduces Depression

It decreases depression and improves your mood In the end, Arabic coffee helps reduce old diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Two cups a day improve the immune system and decrease the chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Disadvantages of Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee has many health benefits, but if it is used excessively, it could lead to harmful impacts on the body.

First, It can cause sleepless nights or insomnia. This coffee Increases the risk of a heart attack. Also, it reduces Iron absorption in the body, and the body parts become weaker.

If we consume coffee excessively, it weakens the immune system in the body. And it Increases the chances of diseases. Coffee also increases anxiety and tension.

It is important for many reasons to drink Arabic or even any other coffee in balance. Make a habit of drinking not more than two cups a day. That will also make sure to get certain benefits of coffee.

Where did Arabic coffee or Arabic qahwa come from?

The Arabica coffee originated in Yemen and spread to the Arab world.

Does Arabica coffee use arabica beans?

Arabica coffee uses Arabian beans most of the time. But you can use other beans to make this coffee. Arabica beans mostly grow in the Arab world, so naturally, it used to make Arabic coffee.

However, robusta beans use to make this coffee. People also like the robust bean in Arabic coffee. Nevertheless, Robusta coffee beans taste mild compared to Arabica beans.

What are the differences between Arabic and Turkish coffee?

There is not much difference between both Arabic and Turkish coffee. If you visit country you may serve Turkish coffee instead of Arabic coffee. You many find it difficult to differnciate them.

Both coffees are prepared with finely ground and black in color. However, Arabic coffee is always made with cardamom and Turkish coffee is prepared without cardamom.

Also, you can add sugar to both coffees if you like. Similarly, you can make Turkish or Arabic coffee with different kinds of beans. So these coffees can prepare with varying types of coffee beans.

Where to buy Arabic coffee beans?

Arabic coffee beans can easily be available at a store near your house. You can buy either coffee beans with cardamom or coffee beans without cardamom.

Also, Arabic coffee beans are available on You can get different varieties of coffee beans from Amazon.

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What is Arabic coffee peninsular?

Peninsular coffee adds lightly roasted beans. Also, the cardamom and cinnamon, and saffron add extra flavor to it. Moreover, the coffee color is light, like soup, and has a mild taste.

This coffee prepares and serves in a dallah(a traditional Arabic coffee pot). From dallah, Pours into the small coffee cup. Peninsular Coffee traditionally serves with dates.

What is Arabic coffee Levantine?

Traditional Levantine coffee has darkly roasted beans. So, the coffee’s color is dark, and it has a bitter taste. This coffee doesn’t need to add any spice to it. You can get the ideal preference for this coffee without added spices.

What is Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice from the ginger family. However, cardamom is available in shelled whole seed or ground powder. It originated in south India.

This cardamom is an essential ingredient in Arabian coffee recipes.

Cardamom for arabic coffee

What equipment do you need to make Arabic coffee?

You need a grinder, a coffee brewing pot, and serving cups.


If you want the real taste of Arabic coffee, you need freshly ground coffee. You can use a hand grinder.

Coffee brewing pots

It is called kanaka, an Arabic coffee pot. It makes 60 to 90 ml of coffee. This coffee often serves in Dallah( a traditional Arabic coffee pot).

Arabic coffee cups

Arabic coffee is normally served in small cups and is called fanajiin in the Arab world.

Moreover, Arabic coffee is known for its beautiful, traditionally designed cups. The single cup capacity is three fluid ounces, ideal for a single shot of espresso.

Arabic coffee cups also come with no handles (gawa). These Arabic coffee cups are made with porcelain material. These cups come in a set of 12 in one box. You can find these cups on

arab qahwa
Arabic coffee cups

What is Dallah (coffee pot)?

Dallah is a traditional coffee pot that serve Arabic coffee. A dallah is made of brass, silver, and gold. Arabic coffee is incomplete without being prepared and served in dallah.

Dallah arabic coffee making equipment

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Final thoughts

All coffee enthusiasts should try this coffee; it gives the traditional vibes of Arab culture and their drinking habits.

I like the way it is prepared and served. Also, the taste is unique and enticing.

Arabic coffee comes with a bitter taste with the traditional presentation. In Arab countries, you can get this coffee at every market corner.

You do not need to be in an Arab country to taste it; wherever you are, this coffee’s ingredients are easily available so anybody can try it at home.

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