Blonde Americano: how to make it & what is it?

blonde Americano blonde Americano recipe

Do you like Americano and want some variation in it? An Americano usually prepares without adding flavors. Blonde Americano is an amazing coffee flavor with a different taste and ingredients than Americano. Anyone can replace Americano with blonde Americano due to its unique and slightly less robust flavor.

Blonde Americano is an exciting alternative to Americano. It uses more hot water than regular Americano. Also, it uses Starbucks’ blonde roasted coffee beans.

These beans have a milder and smoother taste and can create crema—a coffee drink for those who want Americano but with a less intensive and lighter taste.

Blonde Americano is the best option for a similar drink with a better taste than regular Americano. But what makes Blonde Americano a unique flavor?

It adds almost double the volume of water, and water adds light crema at the top. This kind of crema is usually missing in regular Americano.

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This article discusses blonde espresso and how you can make it at home with all its features, and how this drink differs from a regular Americano.

What is Blonde Americano?

Before getting into what it is, first, we should understand what it is Americano. An Americano is a quality, well-known drink prepared with espresso and hot water. And it usually uses dark-roasted coffee beans.

While a blonde Americano prepares with specifically designed coffee beans, the Starbucks blonde roast. Also, it adds almost double the volume of hot water.

Blonde espresso is a Starbucks blonde Americano. It adds one espresso shot and double-volume hot water. Starbucks Blonde Americano can be customized with various flavors. Also, this drink can add sugar or steamed milk.

It is important to note that it uses blonde roast coffee beans. As the name suggests, These beans are roasted for a shorter period, making them lighter in color and smoother in taste. Also, these beans have less caffeine than darkly roasted coffee beans.

It is an ideal coffee for those who love Americano but want something other than a strong flavor. While adding hot water reduces the bitter taste.

a cup of blonde americano

What is the difference between blonde Americano and regular Americano?

What coffee taste you prefer will determine which Americano you should select. Regular Americano is made with dark roasted coffee beans, whereas blonde espresso is prepared with Starbucks blonde roasted coffee beans.

So, a regular Americano has a Smokey, earthy, and robust flavor. And the blonde Americano has a sweeter and milder flavor.

It may be challenging to drink a strong cup of coffee every time regularly. Sometimes you crave something less intense and sweeter. So completely changing the flavor may not be the desired option for you.

Let’s say you make a latte or cappuccino instead of Americano; now, these taste changes are a bit too much. But replacing Americano with blonde Americano will be an acceptable change with only a slight change in taste.

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lightly roasted coffee beans
lightly roasted coffee beans

I like the taste of this coffee flavor and prefer to consume it in the morning or afternoon. Because a regular Americano has a bitter taste and I am unable to, you should avoid it if you are new to consuming espresso drinks.

What is blonde roasted coffee?

It is prepared with blonde roasted coffee, which is available in packaging by Starbucks.

Since these beans are lightly toasted and have a milder taste, it has the original taste of coffee beans. An enjoyable flavor you have not experienced these blonde roasted coffee beans.

Whenever you look to get milder coffee, always ask for lightly roasted coffee beans. These blonde roasted coffee beans add for espresso shots and even for Cappuccino and latte.

Also, You can make a ristretto shot with these coffee beans.

Starbucks blonde roast

How to brew blonde Americano at home?

It is an easy espresso drink to brew at home Since It doesn’t need many ingredients. But if you have an espresso machine that will brew a perfect cup of espresso with crema.

  • Starbucks Blonde roasted coffee beans
  • Hot water

Optionally, to make it sweeter, you can use sugar or milk. It will get less bitter by Adding milk and sweetener.

  1. Make an espresso drink using Starbucks blonde roasted coffee. You can use an espresso machine or Moka pot for this.
  2. Pour the espresso shot into a cup.
  3. Boil the water; the water should double the amount of espresso shot.
  4. Now slowly pour the boiled water into the cup of espresso. It creates a bit of crema at the top.
  5. Stir the cup to mix it. The water will dilute the bitter taste of espresso.
  6. You can add sweetener to make it sweeter or a splash of milk.

A cup of is ready to enjoy.

It is a customizable drink. You can add espresso shots to get a more robust cup or add flavor to make it flavorful.

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Does blonde Americano taste better than regular Americano?

It has a slightly smoother and sweeter taste than regular Americano. Even though the hot water dilutes the bitterness, the espresso makes it a robust coffee. Also, the lightly roasted beans make it less potent.

In case you may still find it tough to adjust to a strong flavor, you can add milk or sweetener; the taste will get less bitter and less intense.

And if you have yet to gain any prior experience with the intense taste of regular Americano, I suggest you start with a less spicy blonde Americano.

What is the Caffeine and Calories Count?

When you make a coffee cup, you should know the caffeine content in your coffee. Different coffee beans come with various levels of caffeine, and light-roasted beans have less caffeine content.

It contains 85 mg of caffeine per cup. It depends on which types of coffee beans you use for it; since Starbuck blonde espresso is a light-colored coffee bean, it has less caffeine than regular Americano.

Whereas Americano mainly prepares with dark roasted coffee beans.

And blonde espresso always prepares with one shot of espresso, which contains only five calories.

However, if you add sweetener or milk, the calories will increase. So one cup of blonde espresso includes the minimum amount of calories.

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Is it a healthier drink?

Excessive use of coffee will have a negative impact on the body. But the type of coffee beans also determines how healthy your coffee is. This coffee flavor adds lightly roasted coffee beans.

Lightly roasted coffee beans have a high level of antioxidants. And it has numerous health benefits.

A blonde Americano is a tight espresso and hot water drink. And it should be consumed without adding sweetener or any other flavor. It has fewer calories; you can drink many cups daily without worrying about calories.

When you compare with milky drinks like Cappuccino, latte, or Mocha, the Americano or blonde Americano are both much better drinks.

Iced Blonde Americano: Can we add ice cubes?

Almost every hot coffee has its cold version, a good conversion for summer. Also, iced drinks give a unique and different experience. Iced blonde Americano is an ideal replacement for the summer season.

It is made with an espresso shot and cold water with a layer of crema at the top. And the addition of iced cubes makes it a cold drink.

iced blonde americano

Starbucks iced blonde Americano comes with a 16 oz cup. It has a sweeter and smoother flavor. Moreover, Starbucks iced Americano has 25 calories per serving.

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Blonde Americano is a favorite drink for many reasons, as it has a smoother and sweeter taste. It is the best alternative to regular Americano. You should try this drink instead of regular Americano.

This coffee flavor is so perfect that everyone can taste and enjoy it. You shouldn’t worry about the bold flavor of this since it is less intensive than a regular Americano.

If you are a fan of Americano and don’t want any other coffee flavor, even then, you should try blonde Americano at least once to feel the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Starbucks blonde Americano?

Starbucks Blonde Americano uses blonde roast coffee beans. It is made with a shot of espresso and hot water. It is served in a Grande 16 oz cup size.

Is blonde Americano better than regular Americano?

It is prepared with lightly roasted coffee beans. It is smoother and sweeter coffee. At the same time, regular Americano is a strong coffee with a bitter taste. If you want milder coffee, blonde Americano is the better option.

Why Americano is called blonde?

Lightly roasted coffee beans have blonde color. And it is made with lightly roasted coffee beans. So it is named Blonde Americano.

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