Bone dry cappuccino coffee: what is it and how to make it?

bone dry cappuccino

Bone dry cappuccino has become a popular drink in recent times. It is different from a regular or wet cappuccino. This drink is designed for the ones who don’t like to add steamed milk and instead want more foamed milk.

When it comes to Cappuccino drink, it is one of the most highly consumed and liked drinks worldwide. If I can compare Cappuccino and espresso, these are two top-quality consumed drinks.

In fact, Cappuccino is more consumed coffee than a flavorful milky latte. It is preferred over a latte because it contains less milk and is a more espresso-dominated drink.

A cappuccino can be brewed using different methods. Here, I will discuss bone dry cappuccino and how it differs from a regular cappuccino. Also, it has one espresso shot and a good amount of foamed milk.

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You can enjoy a strong espresso taste after enjoying the creamier and bubbly taste of foamed milk. But do remember a bone dry cappuccino contains no steamed milk, or in other words, we can say without any liquid milk.

This drink has one espresso shot, making it bold and bitter, while milk foam makes it creamier and fluffier. It has fewer calories than a dry or wet cappuccino. Also, it is not as sweet as regular cappuccino with steamed milk.

I have also discussed the difference between wet Cappuccino and dry Cappuccino.

Let’s check this coffee in more detail.

What is bone dry Cappuccino and how it is different from regular cappuccino?

A bone-dry cappuccino is a unique and flavorful variation of a regular cappuccino. Simply bone dry cappuccino means a coffee with foamed milk. It comes with an espresso shot and milk foam.

Also, you can add flavors and sugar to make it more delicious.

Since a dry cappuccino has no steamed milk and only milk foam, it is considered a bone-dry cappuccino.

a cup of bone dry cappuccino

Bone dry Cappuccino gives the real espresso taste because it doesn’t add steamed milk. We know that steamed milk dilutes the real strength of espresso coffee.

Anyone who wants a robust coffee topped with foam, bone-dry cappuccino should be the choice.

Many people prefer a dry cappuccino over a wet cappuccino. It is preferred because it maintains espresso’s solid and bitter taste.

A wet cappuccino is a sweeter and creamier coffee with high calories when compared to a dry cappuccino.

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What is the difference between a bone-dry cappuccino and a dry cappuccino?

Some believe that dry and bone-dry Cappuccino is the same drink. However, it isn’t true there is a tiny difference between them.

A dry Cappuccino adds an equal volume of steamed and foamed milk with an espresso shot. Whereas a bone-dry Cappuccino only contains espresso and milk foam.

So a bone-dry Cappuccino differs from a dry and wet Cappuccino. It is purely a foam milk beverage with espresso. A true Cappuccino lover will brew both flavors and enjoy the taste and variation in cappuccino.

Why is bone-dry cappuccino different from wet Cappuccino?

Bone dry cappuccino and wet Cappuccino drinks differ in taste, texture, and ingredients. As I mentioned, a wet Cappuccino contains an espresso shot with steamed milk and a thin foam layer.

Steamed milk is dominated factor and makes it a sweeter and creamier coffee. In contrast to a wet cappuccino, a dry cappuccino doesn’t add steamed milk. It only adds milk foam.

Also, a wet cappuccino is a highly customizable drink. You can add sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon powder to make a delicious drink.

While dry Cappuccino usually doesn’t add flavors or sugar, because if we add flavors or syrups to dry drink it will not remain dry anymore.

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dry cappuccino

How to make a bone dry Cappuccino?

 This coffee isn’t a difficult drink to brew at home. You only need to make a cup of espresso and create milk foam.

However, making a perfect foam can be difficult if you don’t have a steam wand. A blender can be used to make milk foam. You can make froth or foam milk at home with different home-based techniques.

  • 300 ml of whole milk
  • An espresso shot
  • Make milk foam

First, pour milk into a saucepan and start scalding it low. When you see it starts to make bubbles, take away the saucepan. It is important to note that you don’t need to boil the milk; only hot milk is enough.

Now start whipping the hot milk with a whisker or blender. It will start making the foam. I prefer to blend a few extra minutes to get a perfect fluffier foamed milk.

Because if you can’t make perfect foamed milk, it means you’re not getting the real bone-dry cappuccino.

  • Brew the Espresso

Start making an espresso shot from your espresso machine or French press. One espresso shot is enough for a dry cappuccino. Pour the espresso shot into a larger cup. One espresso should at least consist of 30ml.

  • Add milk foam

When the espresso shot is ready, pour foamed milk at the top. The milk foam should be double the volume of espresso shot. When a dry cappuccino is ready, you can sprinkle cocoa or cinnamon powder at the top.

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a cup of bone dry cappuccino is ready to drink

A delicious cup of dry Cappuccino is ready to enjoy.

Calories content

A dry cappuccino has no added sugar or other flavors. So It has fewer calories per cup. A cup of espresso contains five calories. Also, a few calories add to foamed milk. So it is a safer option if you want to avoid high calories.

Other hand, wet or regular cappuccino has a lot more calories since it adds steamed and sugar and other additives.

Why and who should prefer Dry Cappuccino?

Some people believe that a wet Cappuccino is a better coffee to consume daily. However, a wet Cappuccino contains a good amount of calories.

Knowing the features of dry Cappuccino is important before picking a coffee.

Dry Cappuccino allows you to enjoy the real taste of espresso. Since a dry cappuccino doesn’t have steamed milk. So it gives a full-strength taste of coffee.

A dry cappuccino is specifically designed for people who like dry milk foam coffee. Dry Cappuccino is a bubblier, fluffier, and creamier coffee. The combination of foam and coffee gives you an extra boost.

If you want a drink with fewer calories. The dry cappuccino contains very few calories. A wet Cappuccino comes with more calories than a dry Cappuccino.

Bone dry Cappuccino vs Macchiato

Macchiato and bone-dry Cappuccino use espresso as the base drink. The difference between the two is the use of steamed and foam milk.

A Macchiato is made with one espresso shot and a small splash of milk. It has a strong bitter coffee. In contrast, bone-dry Cappuccino is less strong since it uses a good volume of foam milk.

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A dry cappuccino is a drink worth a try; it contains no extra flavors and no or only fewer calories. If you love Cappuccino you should try this out, it will not disappoint you.

It is basically an espresso shot that contains foamed milk and nothing else. Any who likes the taste of espresso should add this drink to his list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Starbucks bone dry Cappuccino?

Starbucks bone dry Cappuccino is made with no steamed milk. You can ask the barista to give dry Cappuccino without steamed milk.

What are the two types of Cappuccino?

Cappuccino has two types one is a dry Cappuccino, and the other is a wet Cappuccino.

Can a bone-dry cappuccino add steamed milk?

No, if we add even a tiny amount of steamed milk, it will become a dry Cappuccino.

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