Iced latte vs iced Macchiato: Decoding the Differences

iced latte vs iced macchiato

There are so many cold coffee options available during the summer season. But it may be confusing to pick the right coffee taste. Every flavor has its unique and delicious taste. So, What should you look for to get the right drink? I guess the first thing is to check the ingredients of that drink. Here, we compare two high-quality cold drinks iced macchiato vs iced latte: one is espresso dominated , and the other is steamed milk dominated.

If you love the hot version of iced Macchiato and iced latte, the cold drink will not disappoint you with taste and aroma. Peak Summertime is the best time to take a cold drink.

Don’t miss the difference between iced latte and iced macchiato.

An iced latte is made with an espresso shot, adding steamed milk and pouring iced cubes. And an iced Macchiato is prepared with two espresso shots with a splash of milk and iced cubes.

It seems both drinks use similar ingredients, then why are they different? Basically, Both drinks are prepared with entirely different methods, and the volume of milk and espresso are dissimilar.

In this article, I will discuss all the differences between the two drinks and how you can make these drinks at home.

First, check these drinks in detail.

What is an iced latte?

We know a latte drink uses a high volume of milk with one shot of espresso. Similarly, an iced latte is prepared with one shot of espresso and three parts of milk added with iced cubes.

For anyone who likes a high volume of milk in coffee, the iced latte has the capacity to attract you. But anyone who doesn’t want high milk should look to iced Macchiato.

An iced latte is a milder, creamier, and sweeter coffee. It uses a high volume of milk, differentiating it from many other coffees. However, like a hot latte, the iced version contains high calories. Also, check the difference between caramel macchiato and caramel latte.

iced latte glass

What is iced Macchiato?

A macchiato comes with espresso and foamed milk. When we add iced cubes, it becomes an iced macchiato. Iced Macchiato is an Italian coffee. It has become a success due to its delicious and refreshing taste.

An iced Macchiato uses two espresso shots with milk and iced cubes. This drink has a high caffeine content and fewer calories. Two espresso shots add more caffeine to an iced macchiato. You can add foamed milk instead of steamed milk.

Macchiato is different to other milky drinks. It adds less volume of milk. In fact, it includes only a splash of milk. That means it is much stronger and bitter.

Similarly, an iced macchiato is stronger than an iced latte or cappuccino. You brew iced macchiato when you crave something intense with the visible white color of milk. But milk doesn’t impact the taste.

iced macchiato drink

Are there any similarities between an iced latte and an iced Macchiato?

Interestingly these drinks use the same ingredients: espresso, milk, and iced cubes. However, they use different volumes. And as coffee connoisseur we know that slighlt change in volume makes a big difference. The iced latte has one espresso shot, and the iced Macchiato has two espresso shots.

Similarly, an iced latte has a double volume of milk compared to Iced macchiato. So, the difference is the volume, but the ingredients are the same.

Differences between iced latte and an iced macchiato?

When comparing these drinks, you should expect a slight difference in ingredients. However, you can only differentiate them by using different volumes.

Iced Macchiato vs iced latte: how does the brewing method differentiate these drinks?

Yes, every coffee flavor has its unique way of brewing. No two flavors make the same way. What is more astonishing is when two flavors have the same ingredients, but the brewing method is different, so they taste differently.

Here is a good example of the brewing process of Iced macchiato. Unlike an iced latte and many other flavors, An iced Macchiato is made by pouring whole milk into a cup. In the second step, add iced cubes. Finally, pour two espresso shots into the cup.

When we pour two espresso shots into the cup of milk and ice, it gives a unique texture and taste.

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On the other hand, an iced latte adds ingredients in a different order. It is how most flavors brew first; an espresso shot is made in a large cup. Then, the milk pours into the cup of espresso. And lastly, iced cubes are added to the glass.

added with iced cubes

Iced latte vs. iced Macchiato: Which drink has robust flavor?

Iced macchiato is the clear winner when you choose an intense coffee flavor. It adds more espresso shots and uses less milk.

Iced Macchiato uses two espresso shots, making it a more potent coffee. Also, it uses whole milk, creating a more textured coffee.

In contrast, an iced latte is a milder flavor. It uses more milk and one espresso shot. It adds whole milk to make it creamier and sweeter.

If you are not a fan of solid espresso, an iced latte should be your choice. Because high volume steamed milk reduces the robust espresso flavor.

Iced Macchiato vs iced latte: Which drink tastes better?

A latte coffee is a sweeter and creamier drink than a macchiato. It uses the double volume of milk in one espresso shot. An iced latte has a sweeter, creamier, and lighter taste.

In contrast, an iced Macchiato uses two espresso shots and a small volume of milk. It has a more robust and bitter taste.

It depends on what type of taste you prefer; if you love intense bitter coffee, iced macchiato has no competition, while looking for something creamy and sweet, iced latte should be preferred.

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The difference in caffeine content

Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine content than Arabica coffee beans. It depends on which coffee beans you use and how much they are roasted. Espresso contains all the caffeine in any coffee drink. So if you use more espresso, the caffeine content will increase.

So an iced Macchiato contains more caffeine than an iced latte.

adding with iced cubes

Iced Macchiato with two espresso shots, including 136 mg of caffeine per serving. An iced latte with one shot of espresso comprises only 68 mg of caffeine.

Now, let’s check how we can make these drinks at home.

How to make an iced latte at home?

It needs the following ingredients to make an iced latte. Also, pick a larger cup as it uses more milk.

  • ¾ Milk
  • One espresso shot
  • Iced cubes
  1. Make an espresso shot and pour it into a cup. You can make espresso with an espresso machine or French press.
  2. Pour milk slowly into the espresso cup.
  3. Add the iced cubes to make the latte cold.

 A refreshing and delicious iced latte is ready. Also, check how to make iced doppio espresso.

making a cup

How to make iced Macchiato?

Use whole milk and two espresso shots to get the solid iced macchiato drink.

Furthermore, It uses a smaller cup than an iced latte since it adds less volume of milk.

It needs the following ingredients.

  • ¼ cup of whole milk
  • Two espresso shots
  • Iced cubes
  1. Pour the whole milk into the cup.
  2. Now add iced cubes to make it cold.
  3. Last, pour two espresso shots into the cup.

While adding espresso in the last gives a unique texture with espresso whirling in milk.

Which coffee beans are good for espresso?

Since espresso is the base drink for both iced latte and iced Macchiato, it is essential to know which coffee beans make a perfect espresso shot. You can pick either Robusta coffee beans or Arabica coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans are stronger than Arabica.

While selecting coffee beans, keep the following points in mind.

  • Always prefer fresh quality coffee beans.
  • Make sure coffee beans are not blended.
  • You can make it with different coffee beans and select the one you like more.
  • Arabica beans are primarily used to make espresso; it has a milder taste.

Do you know the difference between iced Americano vs. cold brew?

Iced Macchiato vs iced latte: Which drink is better?

It depends on which cold coffee taste you like. An iced Macchiato is much stronger and bitter than an iced latte. With two espresso shots and less milk, iced Macchiato tastes bitter.

It also has double the amount of caffeine per serving. Moreover, an iced Macchiato has fewer calories than an iced latte.

If you don’t have any issue with calories, you can frequently use an iced latte. On the other hand, an iced Macchiato has more caffeine than a latte.

So keep all these points, drinking an iced coffee regularly.

iced latte vs iced macchiato

Iced latte vs iced Macchiato Dunkin: check the differences

Dunkin makes iced Macchiato with a great balance of milk and espresso. It reduces the bitterness of the espresso. Also, Dunkin iced latte is more of a milk drink with one shot of espresso. It has a slight bitterness, but it is a sweeter drink.

It uses simple milk without steamed or foamed milk for an iced latte. An iced latte is the most expensive iced drink at Dunkin. However, you can ask a barista with specific changes to your favorite coffee to make it with two espresso shots.

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Final thoughts

I have mentioned the differences, including using milk and espresso and how they use different brewing methods. Now you should be clear about these, and you can pick one according to your priorities.

Even though choosing one drink over another is a challenging job. Especially when you are comparing two quality flavors, I would prefer an iced latte any day, but you cant use high volume every day, so alternatively iced Macchiato is a better choice.

I recommend you make both drinks at home and taste the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is an iced latte different from a hot latte?

An iced latte uses espresso, milk, and iced cubes. While a hot latte uses an espresso shot with steamed and foamed milk.

Which drink has more caffeine, an iced latte or iced coffee?

Iced coffee contains more caffeine than an iced latte. If you want a drink with low caffeine, go for an iced latte.

What is the difference between a latte and Macchiato at Starbucks?

Starbucks latte prepares with steamed milk and espresso. While Macchiato makes with espresso shots steamed and foamed milk.

Iced latte vs iced Macchiato: Decoding the Differences
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