Cold Brew vs Espresso: exploring the differences

cold brew vs espresso

When we talk about coffee flavor, there are many options, some for summer and others for winter. Cold coffees are the dominant drink in summer, and hot drinks are preferred in winter. Here, comparing cold brew vs espresso is an exciting discussion.

Cold brew and espresso have unique tastes and flavors, making them two of the most highly consumed drinks. However, they have specific differences; the first significant difference is that one coffee is hot, and the other is cold.

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If you are wondering what the differences are between cold brew and espresso. I will update you about both drinks in detail and make your choice easy as to which cup of coffee is best for you. This article will also discuss the differences and similarities between cold brew and espresso.  

Cold brew is a strong coffee and perhaps the lengthiest brewing process that gives new dimensions to iced coffee drinks. On the other hand, espresso has been here for centuries with its traditional classic bitterness and taste.

So, the first question that comes to mind is which drink is tastier and more robust when comparing two beverages.

I made both drinks and tried to differentiate them based on beans, brewing method, and use of ingredients. But First looking into these drinks in detail will make our task easy to distinguish between the two.

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What is cold brew?

It is a unique coffee because it brews in cold water instead of hot. Cold brew is a cold drink, so it usually serves in the summer season. When you crave something cold and tasty, cold brew is one of the better options. This drink has more caffeine than any other coffee around.

Like many other coffees, this cold coffee adds flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. It depends on whichever flavor you like; it can be added.

Why is cold brew different from other cold and even hot drinks?

Cold brew is perhaps the longest brewing time and has a highly intense flavor. When making a cup of cold brew, you need a specific ratio of coffee to water. Also, it needs to steep the coffee for 12 to 24 hours.

The more time ground coffee is soaked in water, the better the result will be. But at least soaked in the water for 12 hours, it will give the true taste of the cold brew. However, if ground coffee soaks for 24 hours, it will brew a robust coffee.

It has a black texture and intense flavor when steeped for many hours unless you add some flavors. Also, the added flavors will make it sweeter and creamier.

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So it is a highly customizable coffee. While making cold brew, coffee should be medium to fine-grind.

making cold brew
making cold brew

Espresso: A robust bitter coffee flavor

Espresso is a traditional coffee drink but a highly consumed coffee. It is a solid, concentrated drink with a bitter taste. The espresso brewing process is different and shorter than other coffee drinks. The brewing process and the beans determine the coffee taste and flavor.

When you pick espresso, don’t expect any lighter taste. It is a robust and bitter coffee; the moment you take the first sip, you will feel the difference between other flavors and espresso.

Espresso has a massive fan base. You will see in coffee bar people enjoying espresso without any added flavors. In fact, other great flavors like cappuccino and latte have no comparison to espresso.

How to brew espresso?

The brewing of espresso has become easier with the advent of the latest machines. These machines make espresso in a few seconds. You buy an espresso machine and can brew espresso throughout the day.

When the hot water passes through finely-ground coffee, it extracts highly concentrated coffee. Due to the strong taste, espresso always serves in small shots.

Espresso shots are also the main ingredient in making other coffee drinks. In fact, you can use this coffee for almost all primary coffee tastes. Here are a few drinks that use espresso as the base coffee.

  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Cortado
  • Ristretto
  • Flat white
  • Spanish latte

Espresso is an easy drink to make; it will take only a few minutes to brew. You need an espresso machine and finely ground coffee beans to make it at home. Also, you can add flavors to make other drinks from it.

However, you can make it without expensive espresso machines, even a french press, and Moka pot will get you the desired espresso taste.

Also, it doesn’t need many ingredients either. only finely ground coffee and hot water is enough to make espresso.

a cup of espresso
an espresso cup

As I discussed above espresso is the base for many drinks. So if we need to make a latte we add steamed and foamed milk to one shot of espresso.

Similarly, adding chocolate flavor will become a Mocha. Additionally, you can make another mouth-watering drink Spanish latte by using espresso.

Cold brew vs Espresso: What makes them two unique flavors?

The main difference is the brewing process; the espresso is made with hot water and ground coffee within a few seconds.

Whereas the first step in making a cold brew is to put ground coffee in cold water for 18 to 24 hours. Also, both drinks use different roasted coffee beans and different grind sizes.

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Now, let’s check the differences in detail.

Taste Differences Between Cold Brew vs Espresso

As the name suggests, the cold brew prepares in cold water, whereas the espresso brews with hot water. Also, Cold brew tastes smoother and less intense than espresso.

Espresso comes with a strong bitter taste and aroma. You can add flavors to make it sweeter and creamier. Cold brew is a summer drink; it can give you a slightly nutty and acidic taste.

Espresso vs cold brew: Would the size of the coffee grind affect the taste?

The grind size determines the strength and taste of a coffee. A finely ground coffee extracts the true taste of a coffee. Whereas coarsely ground coffee extracts a slightly smoother taste.

Another essential difference is the grind size of these drinks. Espresso uses a much more fine grind than other coffee drinks. Always keep in mind to make finely ground coffee for espresso, as it will extract the essence of coffee. And it will give a bold, concentrated coffee.

Also, the fine grind ensures quick extracts due to the high pressure from the espresso machine. However, I have seen baristas use coarse grind while making espresso to get thicker and less concentrated coffee.

While Cold brew is prepared with medium to coarse-ground coffee because mediumly ground coffee will be steeped for at least 12 hours, giving a true color and less intensive taste.

Always check it carefully during the grinding process; otherwise, it may get overly extracted or under-extracted coffee beans if it is not done properly. And it will taste sour and unpleasant.

cold brew glass
cold brew glass
Why there is significant difference in Brewing time?

The right brewing process is important to get the real taste. And if the right brewing process is not followed, it may give you a bad taste.

If you are a new Barista, it will take time to understand the importance of the brewing process. And it becomes more critical if you are making a cold brew.

Cold brew takes a long time to brew. Because first, ground coffee needs to be in contact with water for hours to get the ideal extraction. The Cold brew will only give you the best results when you steep fine ground coffee in water for 12 to 18 hours.

In contrast, the espresso brewing process is quick and simple. It takes only a few seconds to prepare an espresso shot.

So when you look to get a quick coffee, just put your ground coffee into your espresso machine and add hot water, push the button, and it will start extracting.

And within a few seconds, the strong espresso coffee is ready to enjoy.

What makes higher caffeine in cold brew than espresso?

It is interesting to note that cold brew contains more caffeine than espresso. In fact, cold brew comes with double the caffeine content compared to many other flavors.

Cold brew is prepared with a higher coffee-to-water ratio of 1:8. Whereas regular coffee is prepared with a ratio of 1:25. Which means cold brew has a higher caffeine concentration.

A 16 oz cold brew cup has almost 200 gm of caffeine. In comparison, one cup of espresso drink has 68 gm of caffeine. However, you can prepare cold brew in small cups if you want less caffeine.

Similarly, if the steeping process continues for long hours, the caffeine content in cold brew will increase.

And if you want more caffeinated espresso coffee, you should choose darkly roasted beans or blonde espresso beans. Otherwise, you may select two shots of espresso to get more caffeine.

What is the Calories count in cold brew vs espresso?

When picking any coffee, the first thing we should look at is how many calories this drink contains. But coffee has almost no calories; when milk and other flavors are added, they contain high calories.

Both drinks have almost no calories. However, a cup of cold brew consists of around 5 calories. And espresso coffee comprises only 3 calories in one shot.

So If you want a drink with fewer calories, these two drinks are ideal.

 an espresso drink with aroma
espresso drink
Cold brew vs. espresso: Which drinks are more acidic?

Cold brew has a more acidic level due to the high concentration of coffee than espresso. The acidity in drinks depends on the type of coffee beans. Every coffee has a unique taste due to the different coffee beans.

Coffee beans and the roasting process create acidity in coffee. Cold brew with a slight difference in seeping time could get you more acidity. Similarly, espresso can become more acidic if you don’t put the right grind and brewing process.

Espresso vs cold brew: which drinks are healthier?

Cold brew has more antioxidants compared to espresso. Because the grinding and brewing process assist in maintaining more antioxidants. As we know that antioxidants have so many health benefits. Cold brew has fewer calories.

Espresso drink comes with health benefits, but in comparison, cold brew has an edge. Also, cold brew helps you lose weight and improve brain activity.

Moreover, An espresso drink comes with almost no sugar or added flavors, so it doesn’t contain any calories. If you want more caffeine content, you can have two espresso shots instead of one.

Both drinks have health benefits if you use them accurately. If you add flavors, it will consist of more calories. However, I find cold brew a healthier drink.

Cold brew vs espresso: What is the difference in water temperature?

One essential difference between cold brew and espresso is the use of different water temperatures. Cold brew is prepared with cold water. Also, ice cubes are added to get a cold drink. Espresso is made with warm water and served hot.

Moreover, espresso water is prepared at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature gives more extraction and leads to more potent drink.

What is the Origin of espresso and cold brew?

The origin of cold brew is Kyoto, Japan. The slow steeping method also originates from Kyoto. This drink is prepared differently. Japanese is known to make perfect drinks; this drink is a good example which takes at least 12 hours to brew.

Espresso coffee originated in Venice, Italy, in the early 20th century. With time espresso has become the most consumed drink in the world. Also, Espresso has become the base for many coffee flavors. These days Coffee shops can only survive with espresso.

How to serve espresso and cold brew?

Espresso prepares hot, so it needs to be served immediately to get a hot drink. Regular espresso serves in a 2oz cup. However, every coffee shop serves the glass in different sizes. So you may not get the exact size of the cup in every coffee shop Unless you ask for a specific size.

Similarly, cold brew serves in different sizes, Since it fills with iced cubes. Also, optionally it serves with milk. Also, you can serve Cold brew in different sizes. Add iced cubes according to your choice and pick the serving glass accordingly.

We know that Cold brew is always served cold, and every coffee bar’s cup size may differ. Even though I am a regular espresso drinker, cold brew is always a good coffee when you crave something cold and more caffeinated.

Cold brew vs espresso: which flavor should you pick?

Cold brew is an ideal drink for the summer season, but you can take it any season. It is a refreshing and highly caffeinated drink that gives you a kick in the morning or afternoon.

An espresso is a traditional drink with a pungent taste. You can enjoy it any time of the day. It is an excellent coffee for your daily dosage. Also another plus point is that an espresso drink can be made within two minutes.

coffee drink

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Final thoughts

No drink can beat the taste and aroma of espresso. Similarly, no iced drink is better than cold brew. I have compared two thoroughly unique but strong coffee drinks.

I discussed in detail the differences between both drinks. You can decide which drink is better for you. However, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to one flavor because both these flavors have specific qualities that you will not get in other flavors.

You can try cold brew at home to compare it with espresso. This way, you can understand the difference much better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is espresso the same as cold brew?

Espresso comes with finely ground coffee, whereas cold brew prepares with a coarse ground coffee. Also, the brewing process, the water-to-bean ratio, and the time are different for both drinks. Both drinks have different tastes.

Is espresso or cold brew easy on the stomach?

Espresso a less acidic drink, a good option to relax your stomach. Cold brew with a longer extraction process may be challenging for the stomach.

Can I replace espresso with cold brew?

Both espresso and cold are highly concentrated drinks. You can replace espresso with cold brew. This drink gives you cold coffee with great taste. Also, cold brew gives you so many health benefits.

Cold Brew vs Espresso: exploring the differences
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Cold Brew vs Espresso: exploring the differences
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