Frappuccino vs Cappuccino: Exploring the differences

what is the difference between Cappuccino and Frappuccino?

When discussing coffee flavor, two options are available for making coffee. One is cold, and the other is hot coffee. Well, deciding about flavor, do you prefer a cold or hot coffee? Here is the comparison between two exciting flavors: Frappuccino vs cappuccino, one is hot, and the other is cold. Also, they have other interesting facts. Cappuccino is more of a traditional hot taste, and the frappuccino is a cold drink.

While talking about the differences between frappuccino and cappuccino, both drinks have different ingredients and tastes. Cappuccino is an old traditional drink, while Frappuccino is a trademark drink of Starbucks introduced in the recent past.

Frappuccino prepares with brewed coffee and added flavors. And cappuccino, an espresso base with milk, gives a traditional taste and aroma.

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First, let’s examine what Frappuccino and cappuccino drinks are about.

What is Frappuccino coffee?

Starbucks creates and innovates new and delightful coffee flavors. Frappuccino is one of those Starbucks trademark drinks.

It is a blend of frappe and Cappuccino as it contains all the qualities of these two drinks. That is why it is named after the combination of these two words, frappe, and cappuccino.

Frappccuino is a cold drink; it adds brewed coffee, milk, and iced cubes. Starbucks uses Frappuccino as a base for other drinks. It uses instant Coffee to customize drinks without milk. Another great comparison.

Frappuccino is a Starbucks trademark drink
Starbucks Frappuccino

There are around twenty Frappuccino drinks available at Starbucks. These Frappuccino drinks mostly include chocolate syrup and caramel and serve cold. Also, it includes sugar syrup in every cup.

The more interesting fact about Frappuccino is that it is customizable and can be made in different combinations. You can add different flavors to make a drink of your choice.

Frappuccino is a perfect drink for those who always love to make coffee in different flavors and don’t want to stick to a particular taste.

What is Cappuccino coffee?

If you go to any coffee shop and ask for an espresso and milk drink, you probably get a cappuccino every time.

This flavor is so familiar and known that every Barista prefers cappuccino over other flavors because cappuccino brews with the perfect combination of espresso, steamed, and foamed milk. You can check the difference between espresso and cappuccino.

Cappuccino an espresso and milk drink
A cup of Cappuccino

What are the differences between Frappuccino and Cappuccino?

These two are different drinks. No rocket science is needed to differentiate these two drinks. Also, one adds brewed coffee iced cubes, and the other makes with hot espresso and milk.

Frappuccino is cold, Cappuccino is hot

The first significant difference, Frappuccino is a cold drink while Cappuccino is a hot drink. Starbucks designs Frappuccino to make a cold, highly customized drink. Cappuccino is made with hot espresso shots and added with hot steamed and foamed milk. However, an iced cappuccino is available if you want a cold cappuccino.

Frappuccino vs Cappuccino: Do they use different ingredients?

The use of different ingredients makes all the difference. Here, one flavor is highly flavorful, adding more flavors and ice cubes. The other is hot with one shot of espresso and steamed milk.

However, the other significant difference is the use of coffee and espresso. Anyone who knows the difference between brewed coffee and espresso understands how different these two flavors are. In other ingredients, Cappuccino adds steamed and foamed milk.

And Frappuccino is prepared with Coffee, whipped cream, ice, and other flavors. Sometimes, Frappuccino is prepared without Coffee and only includes ice, tastes, and whipped cream.

Also, here is another comparison between milky and non-milky drinks: Americano vs Cappuccino.

Why do both flavors use different serving sizes?

Cappuccino is served in a smaller cup than Frappuccino. Since Frappuccino adds more flavors and iced cubes, it requires a larger cup. The cappuccino has a delicate balance of steamed, foamed, and espresso; it requires only a 6 oz cup size.

Well, if you prefer a small coffee size the cappuccino should be your first choice because Starbucks’ Frappuccino comes with the double the size of the cappuccino. It has a 12 oz cup size.

frappuccino and Cappuccino are two different drinks.

Cappuccino vs Frappuccino: Which drink is strong and tastes better?

No comparison when it comes to the strength and boldness of a flavor. Cappuccino is far more intense due to the use of espresso and less milk. Frappuccino is a milder and delicious drink.

However, if you favor a sweet, creamy option, frappuccino is the best. Another great comparison between the two looks like similar drinks, Cortado vs Cappuccino.

Also, brewed coffee is less intense flavor-wise than espresso. Even though cappuccino adds two parts of steamed and foamed milk. But coffee enthusiasts like me will always prefer cappuccino due to its strong drink but delightful taste.

Also, you cant use frappuccino with its cold characteristics. Frappuccino, with its all flavors, should always use once in a while.

Also, check the difference between frappe and latte.

Frappuccino vs Cappuccino

How much caffeine content is in Cappuccino and Frappuccino?

Caffeine varies in both drinks. Frappuccino caffeine depends on how much Coffee it uses. Caffeine may vary from 60 to 180 mg in Frappuccino. At Starbucks, you can get a frappuccino without brewed coffee. It may have no calories.

On the other hand, if you add two espresso shots to Cappuccino, it will have much more caffeine than a frappuccino. However, you can add only one shot to avoid any extra caffeine. Don’t miss the comparison between flat white vs cappuccino.

Frappuccino vs Cappuccino: Why Frappuccino has more calories?

It depends on how much milk, sugar, and other flavors are added to the coffee. In the case of these two flavors, Frappuccino clearly has more calories. You shouldn’t expect fewer calories when looking at Frappuccino’s ingredients.

Also, the more flavors like whipped cream or chocolate flavors you add it will increase the calories.

Frappuccino calories may vary from 140 to 590, depending on the glass size and ingredients. If we use whole milk, whipped cream, and chocolate flavors with sugar, the calories will increase in Frappuccino.

In contrast, a cappuccino has fewer calories per drink. The Cappuccino usually doesn’t come with sugar or added flavors. So the steamed and foamed milk will add the calorie content to it.

A cup of cappuccino

Frappuccino vs cappuccino: which drink should you prefer and why?

You can’t pick one over the other as a better drink. Every flavor has certain qualities that you may not get in other flavors. Here, these two drinks are different in many ways. So, picking one for your next drink should depend on individual preferences.

  1. Cappuccino

Anyone who loves strong espresso flavor with steamed milk should go for a cappuccino. No coffee flavor can compete with the taste and aroma of cappuccino.

I always prefer Cappuccino as it gives me a perfect balance of milk and Coffee. You can consume many cups of cappuccino without worrying about extra calories.

Also, there are two types of cappuccino drinks. One is dry cappuccino, and the other is wet cappuccino. You can check all the differences between wet and dry cappuccino.

2. Frappuccino

Frappuccino is a delicious, flavorful drink. It is a sugary drink and contains a high number of calories. However, it contains a lower amount of caffeine.

If you are craving something sweet and creamy with high calories. Frappuccino should be your choice. It gives you the flavor and tastes you will not get in Cappuccino.

cappuccino vs frappuccino: how to make more delicous flavor?

You can make both drinks at home. An espresso machine and a blender are enough to make Cappuccino and Frappuccino. However, Frappuccino can make with so many options and flavors.

FrappuccinoI usually made with either brewed coffee or instant coffee. Also add chocolate or cinnamon powder at the top to get amore delicious taste.

Similarly, cappuccino can also be made with flavors, but preferably it should be made without flavors.

Frappuccino and Cappuccino are two delicious drinks.

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I hope this article will have made your choice easy to pick one drink over the other. This is basically a comparison between a flavorful Starbucks drink with an evergreen delicious cappuccino. Starbucks makes this drink have the full option of adding your favorite flavors.

In this comparison, you can’t pick one drink; both have certain qualities and features that make them different from other flavors. But it would be best if you enjoy both tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Frappe and Frappuccino the same drinks?

They are different beverages; frappe is a Greek drink made with instant Coffee. At the same time, Frappuccino is a trademark brand of Starbucks.

Is Cappuccino a stronger drink than Coffee?

No, a Cappuccino has 68 mg of caffeine. Whereas Coffee has 70 to 100 mg of caffeine per cup. So Coffee is a stronger drink than Cappuccino.

Which drink is sweeter, Cappuccino or Frappuccino?

Frappuccino is a sweeter drink than a Cappuccino. Frappuccino comes with whipped cream, chocolate, or other flavors, making it a sweeter drink.

Frappuccino vs Cappuccino: Exploring the differences
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Frappuccino vs Cappuccino: Exploring the differences
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