Macchiato vs Mocha: exploring all the differences

macchiato vs mocha

Coffee, without adding any flavors, is a bitter solid drink; many would love to enjoy it in its purest form. However drinking pure coffee without flavors and sugar may not be easy for many people. It takes time to get used to strong coffee flavor. If you are new to coffee, you can use delicious, flavorful coffee like Mocha or less flavorful Macchiato.

You may enjoy pure coffee. That’s fine, but if you want to add some flavors to your coffee, many options are available. Add sugar and chocolate syrup, or add milk with other flavors.

So, two of the most exciting and flavorful coffee tastes are Macchiato and Mocha.

But in reality, Macchiato is less flavorful than many thought it might be. In fact, Macchiato is an espresso-based drink with a spoonful of milk. So Espresso is the dominant factor in it; with adding of milk, the bitterness and bold taste are still there to enjoy.

But in contrast to Macchiato, the Mocha is a more flavorful and delicious drink. Even though The Mochas are an espresso-based drink that includes chocolate sauce and steamed milk.

So when you drink Mocha, the delicious taste of the chocolate sauce and steamed milk will dominate the taste, and espresso will make it slightly bitter. Mocha is a good option if you don’t worry about calories and want a sweet, chocolatey drink.

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First, let’s examine two drinks in more detail. It will make our job easy to differentiate the two beverages.

What is Mocha Coffee?

Mocha is a perfect combination of chocolate and espresso. If you’re a fan of Chocolate, nothing can beat the taste of chocolate when it adds to coffee.

Mocha adds chocolate sauce, which makes it a unique and flavorful coffee. Combining coffee, milk, and chocolate creates a sweeter and creamier drink.

Mocha has an espresso shot, chocolate sauce or powder, and steamed milk. Also, you can add whipped cream at the top to get a fluffier creamier texture. Mocha can be added with other flavors.

Now you can guess that Mocha is a highly customizable drink. It can be customized with several variations. Instead of dark chocolate, you can add milk chocolate. Also, you can add brewed coffee to replace the espresso shot.

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a cup of Mocha

What is Macchiato Coffee?

Unlike Mocha, the Macchiato is a more espresso-dominated drink with a small volume of milk at the top. And it has a strong coffee taste, with a splash of milk only improving the texture and making little or no difference to espresso’s strong taste.

Macchiato is an espresso-based drink with a splash of milk and topped with thin foam. Due to its small volume, the Macchiato is served in a small cup; even you can enjoy it in espresso cups.

The likable thing about Macchiato is that you can easily make this drink by adding a small volume of milk to espresso.

How many Types of Macchiato?

Macchiato is a famous and highly consumed drink among coffee lovers who want a strong espresso taste with a small volume of milk. Also, Macchiato is available with certain changes. I love coffee because I can add more flavors and get the desired taste; Macchiato is there to make it more flavorful.

When you visit any local coffee shop, there are two types of Macchiato: traditional and latte.

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Traditional Macchiato

Traditional Macchiato comprises an espresso shot and a small amount of milk. The traditional Macchiato has a bold flavor and bitter taste.

True coffee lovers will never make changes to Macchaiato. Any other coffee flavor can not replace Macchiato’s taste, texture, and aroma.

Macchiato vs Mocha, a cup of Mocha

Latte Macchiato

With time, some have replaced the traditional Macchiato by adding more steamed and foamed milk. Also, it is made differently when an espresso shot is poured into the steamed milk and then topped with foamed milk.

Since It uses more milk than a traditional macchiato, it has a creamy texture and a milder and sweeter taste. Also, The Latte Macchiato can be added with other flavors, but mainly Caramel is added.

What is Macchiato vs Mocha? Differences explained

Both these drinks are dissimilar in many ways. The two coffees differ in taste, ingredients, and preparation. I will explain the differences in detail.

Mocha vs Macchiato: What Differences in Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, there are significant differences between the two. Mocha and Macchiato are made with espresso as the base coffee. But Mocha always adds flavors and syrups that differentiate it from Macchiato.

While Macchiato only adds a small volume of milk.

A mocha is a more flavorful coffee; it uses a 3:1 ratio of steamed milk and chocolate sauce to espresso.

In contrast, a Macchiato is always prepared with an espresso shot, and a small amount of milk or even a few drops of steamed milk will do the job.

Difference in Brewing method

Like ingredients, the brewing method is also a critical part of any coffee flavor. The brewing method determines any coffee flavor’s taste, texture, and aroma.


Let’s discuss the brewing method of Mocha.

  • First, make an espresso shot in any espresso machine. However, you can add two espresso shots to get a pungent taste.
  • Chocolate sauce or syrup is then added to the espresso shot. The amount of chocolate can vary depending on your personal preference.
  • And lastly, steamed milk is poured into the cup. Also, add some foamed milk at the top.
  • If you like, you can pour some whipped cream at the top.

The other method of making Mocha is pouring espresso over the chocolate and mixing it, then adding steamed milk.


In Macchiato, an espresso shot is made then a dollop of milk foam is added on the top. It doesn’t contain any steamed milk. However, a thin foam layer can be added at the top.

Mocha vs Macchiato: difference in using and preparing milk

When we talk about the differences, the first major difference is the use of milk in both drinks. Mocha uses a good amount of milk in a single cup, double the coffee volume.

Also, every time you should give full attention to adding flavors to your coffee; otherwise, you might end up getting different flavor altogether.

In comparison, the Macchiato uses only a spoonful of milk in a cup or a few drops of fresh milk just to add texture.

Mocha milk is steamed at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and gets topped with foam. More like a latte coffee, you can create latte art at the top. In Macchiato, only a slight amount of milk foam is added to espresso, which doesn’t change the taste.

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Mocha vs Macchiato:Unraveling the Coffee Strength Debate

I think it depends on the ingredients and the brewing process, which drink is more potent. If you add more flavors and milk, the taste will become milder and sweeter. Now, you can easily guess which is more intense here.

Since Mocha uses a lot of milk and chocolate syrup, it has a smoother and sweeter taste. And Macchiato uses only a spoonful of milk, which makes it a strong coffee, almost like an espresso shot.

A cup of Macchiato

Since Macchiato is more of an espresso drink, it is a more robust coffee than a Mocha. So if you want a strong drink, go for Macchiato.

Mocha vs Macchiato: A taste and aroma Face-off

Mocha is certainly more flavorful and sweeter coffee. In fact, it is right up with the most delicious taste on the list of all coffee flavors. You can pick Mocah any day if you crave something sweeter and chocolatey with a tinge of espresso.

Only pick Macchiato when you want a robust taste of espresso with slight steamed and foamed milk.

Why Mocha has more calories than Macchiato?

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find a significant calorie difference between the two drinks. Mocha is a much higher calorie drink than Macchiato due to additives like chocolate sauce and milk. Never pick Mocha if you are wary of calories.

Macchiato Calories

Macchiato has fewer calories as it comes with an espresso shot and a splash of milk. We know that an espresso shot almost consists of no calories.

So we can assume that a cup of Macchiato comprises only around 17 calories.

Mocha Calories

Mocha with such ingredients has a high content of calories. A cup of Mocha contains almost 162 calories. So if you do want a fewer-calorie drink, you should choose Macchiato.

Otherwise, Mocha has no competition if you don’t care about calories and enjoy a creamier and more flavorful drink.

mocha vs macchiato, a cup of mocha

Mocha vs Macchiato: Pick the less caffeine drink

Nothing much different when it comes to the caffeine content of the two drinks since both have espresso as the base drink.

However, Macchiato usually adds two shots, which will double the caffeine. And Mocha always has one shot.

You can manage caffeine by adding only one shot to both drinks and enjoying a caffeine balance.

Macchiato vs Mocha: make a healthier choice

It depends on your diet preferences. The Macchiato is the best option for a low-calorie drink. It is a healthier option for health-conscious people. You can drink a maximum of cups without consuming calories.

On the other hand, Mocha has high fat due to steamed milk and chocolate. If you want to lose weight, I would prefer the Macchiato because it contains balanced caffeine. And caffeine helps you reduce weight.

However, caramel macchiato contains sugar, which may have more calories than regular Macchiato. So always keep these factors in mind when picking any flavor.

Do you know the difference between a Caramel Macchiato and a white chocolate Mocha?

Even though Machhiato is always a great drink if you don’t add any flavors to it. Becuase it is known to have a strong flavor of espresso, but if you add flavors like caramel, it will reduce the true taste of it.

Adding Caramel to Macchiato will make it sweeter and slightly thicker, but it is still different from chocolate Mocha. Caramel is nothing more than just adding thick liquid sugar to your coffee. But it is comparatively less sweet than chocolate Mocha.

It’s only a great option for those who love caramel flavor, so adding it to Macchiato will make your day.

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Mocha vs Macchiato: Why should you prefer Macchiato over Mocha?

I have explained everything about these two incredible drinks. It must have made your choice easy to pick any beverage.

If you ask me, I like both drinks. You can consume both beverages at different times of the day. I usually prepare a cup of Macchiato in the morning to energize myself for the day.

The solid and bitter taste of Macchiato boosts my morning. And one cup may be in the afternoon to keep me going.

However, I don’t drink Mocha daily because it contains high calories. I usually make a Mocha with chocolate sauce on weekends. So it is a personal choice to pick a drink at any time of the day.

difference between mocha and macchiato.
A Mocha cup

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Final thoughts

After going through this article, I hope you understand the differences between the two. You can not pick one drink over another since every drink has certain qualities.

I suggest you try both drinks and enjoy the difference in taste, texture, and aroma. I also prefer Mocha if I crave something flavorful; it is quite similar to a latte coffee, and Macchiato looks like an espresso drink with a whitish texture.

You will get nothing more than a delicious flavor when you brew a cup of Mocha, while Macchiato is just another espresso coffee with a small amount of milk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Macchiato stronger than coffee?

Yes, Macchiato is usually made with two espresso shots, making it more robust than a Mocha.

What’s the point of Macchiato?

Macchiato has two espresso shots with a spoonful of milk, making it different from a traditional espresso. Milk is the difference; otherwise, it is a simple espresso coffee.

Is Mocha just chocolate and coffee?

Mocha adds chocolate syrup or powder and coffee or espresso. Also, you can add whipped cream at the top, making it a unique drink. The chocolate flavor distinguishes it from other coffee flavors.

Macchiato vs Mocha: exploring all the differences
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