Manuka Honey in Coffee: A Perfect Worth Trying Combination!

manuka honey in coffee

No one can deny Honey’s nutritional value and irresistible sweet taste in coffee or any other beverage. Usually, it is used as an alternative to sugar. Manuka honey should be a perfect addition due to its nutrient benefits to your next coffee drink.

Also, like me, if you love to experiment with your coffee adding different flavors with Manuka honey should be your next addition to your coffee.

Many love making sweet coffee, but they don’t prefer adding sugar. What should be the alternative? Adding Honey should be a better choice because it adds health benefits.

Also, you can add olive oil to coffee.

In fact, Manuka honey is an even better option since it contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

First, check what Manuka honey is before indulging in more details.

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What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is a type of Honey that originates from New Zealand and is produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the native Manuka tree.

Manuka adds sweetness, but it tastes amazingly better than any other sweetener. In fact, you can add it to other beverages like tea or milk.


What health benefits does Manuka honey have?

If you add sugar to your coffee, it will only add calories to your coffee. But Manuka honey adds so many health benefits.

  • It is highly antioxidant.
  • It contains minerals.
  • A natural energy booster.
  • It has an amino acid.
  • It contains minerals.
  • Good for digestion

Why should we add Manuka honey to coffee?

Adding Manuka or any other type of Honey can be a great option in coffee. Honey adds sweetness and a unique taste to coffee. Especially if you don’t want the sugar to be added to your coffee, replace it with Manuka or any other type of Honey to your coffee.

Coffee naturally has a strong bitter taste, and this honey has a sweet flavor, making it a unique combination. However, adding Manuka honey to coffee is quite an expensive choice compared to sugar.

Even though this honey is an amazing choice, adding it to hot coffee is not recommended. Honey doesn’t go well in hot water or coffee, so it is better to use it in cold coffee. Alternatively, you can make hot coffee, make it cold, and then add Honey.

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What points to remember while adding Manuka honey to coffee?

Manuka honey is an ideal combination with coffee. It tastes better than adding other sweeteners or flavors. However, ensure these points while adding Honey to coffee.

manuka honey
Add pure Manuka honey

Pick the right Manuka honey for your coffee. Many brands claim the right Manuka honey is available in the market but check the certified MGO rating. The MGO verifies all the compounds in Honey.

Pick the right coffee beans

Also, if you are a true coffee lover, you should know the importance of pure coffee taste. It needs good fresh coffee beans. A coffee taste depends on how much beans are roasted and how you brew coffee. So always pick high-quality coffee for this honey.

You can also add buttermilk to coffee.

Add slight cold coffee

As mentioned above, ensure the coffee is slightly cold before adding Honey. It doesn’t go well with hot coffee and can spoil your coffee.

Stir honey in coffee

Honey may not dissolve as quickly as we expect from sweet syrup. While adding honey to coffee, stir it well to get a consistent taste.

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How to make manuka honey coffee at home?

You can taste this amazing coffee at home with a few simple steps.

  • One cup of brewed coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of manuka honey
  • Milk or cream(optional)
  1. First, prepare a cup of brewed coffee with your favorite coffee beans and your favorite brewing method. Preferably use fresh coffee beans.
  2. Allow the coffee to get cool slightly; it ensures To preserve the natural properties of the Honey and avoiding excessive heat from degrading its enzymes.
  3. Now add two tablespoons of honey to the coffee and stir until it dissolves completely. If you want less sweet coffee, add only one spoonful of Honey.
  4. Also, give it a try with cold brew; that will be another excellent flavor if you like cold coffee.
  5. Add optionally milk or cream to your coffee, but it is purely if you want a creamy drink.
coffee is ready

A cup is ready to serve.

Anyone who loves espresso instead of brewed coffee can try Manuka honey with espresso.

Honey may settle at the bottom of the cup over time, so it’s a good idea to stir your coffee occasionally while drinking to maintain consistent sweetness.

How does manuka honey taste in coffee?

This honey may taste slightly differently if you buy from different coffee shops. Some brands sell more sweet Honey than others. So don’t expect a standard taste of Manuka.

Manuka honey has a rich flavor with earthy undertones. So, when added to coffee, it has a sweeter, stronger taste.

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How much Manuka honey to coffee per day?

You can’t add manuka honey to coffee as much as you want. There should be a balanced consumption every day. However, if you consume too much, it will have health precautions. Even though the use of it in moderation has multiple health benefits.

Right then, what should be the right consumption of manuka honey per day? However, there are no specific guidelines available, but it is recommended to use two to three spoons daily. Or use it for around 20 grams.

Final thoughts

Right! Here we are with another exciting coffee flavor, this time with Manuka honey. It’s a favorite taste if you are a fan of sweet coffee.

However, it has health benefits that you usually don’t expect from sweet coffee flavors.

The good thing about honey is that you add it to your brewed coffee without much change—a new experiment, honey in coffee, that you should try.

Manuka Honey in Coffee: A Perfect Worth Trying Combination!
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Manuka Honey in Coffee: A Perfect Worth Trying Combination!
Adding Manuka or any other type of Honey can be a great option in coffee. Honey adds sweetness and a unique taste to coffee. Especially if you don't want the sugar to be added to your coffee, replace it with Manuka or any other type of Honey to your coffee.
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