Health Pros and Cons of Coffee: Why should we drink coffee?

Coffee has many health benefits and drawbacks. If you love coffee, you should know the pros and cons of coffee. High coffee consumption can cause health issues, while balanced coffee consumption has massive benefits.

Coffee is perhaps the most famous drink worldwide. Many people like drinking it every day. Some people don’t like drinking it; they don’t like the smell of Coffee. Others drink coffee every now and then but have never been coffee freaks.

All coffee lovers must know the health pros and cons of Coffee. Coffee comes with so many health benefits. You can’t deny the incredible taste and energy coffee gives us throughout the day.

Coffee comes with different beans, sweeteners, and other added flavors. Knowing how much Coffee and these added flavors can harm or benefit your body is essential.

Coffee drinks can damage our health. We may get serious health issues. This article ensures you get all the health details related to coffee drinks. Here are the health advantages and disadvantages of coffee.

How much coffee is consumed worldwide?

Do you know that Coffee is one of the world’s highest-consumption drinks every day? More than 2.25 billion cups are consumed daily in the world. Very rarely you will find people that don’t consume coffee in the morning breakfast.

Also, more than 2.5 cups are consumed per person per day. So it is essential to know all coffee’s health pros and cons.

While drinking is not an unhealthy exercise, but important is to drink it in balance. Since too much consumption of coffee can lead to health issues.

How much coffee is consumed in America everyday?

In recent times, America has become a high coffee consuming country. Every year, more people start drinking coffee. Americans love few coffee flavors more than anything; flavors like espresso and cappuccino are the most drank flavors.

Everyone individual in America usually drinks 1.87 cups of coffee per day. It is incredible to know that Americans consume 146 billion cups every year. The recommended consumption of coffee should be 8 ounces of coffee per day.

What are the health Pros of Coffee?

There are so many merit points of coffee. The coffee flavor, if consumed in moderation, will give you so many benefits.

pros and cons of coffee, a summary of cons and pros of coffee

Coffee increases brain activity

Coffee contains caffeine that improves cognitive functions. It enhances alertness and vigilness in your body. Your mind starts to be more focused and active. Regular Coffee improves your sleep pattern.

It improves physical performance

Caffeine directly enhances your physical performance. After a cup of Coffee, you can do challenging physical activities. Also, I suggest you drink one cup of Coffee before going to the gym. It will improve your performance in the gym.

Coffee reduces cravings

Coffee increases your blood sugar level. It regulates glucose, reducing your craving for sugary snacks. 

It reduces depression

Caffeinated Coffee can decrease your Depression. According to a study, if you drink four cups of Coffee. The chances are that it will reduce your depression.

However, drinking one or two cups of Coffee will not impact your depression.

Fights Diseases

Moreover, a coffee drink is rich in antioxidants; it fights against diseases in your body. Coffee decreases the chances of new diseases entering your body.

It reduces risk of cancers

if you drink coffee regularly, it will reduce cancer risks in your body. It decreases estrogen levels, which is linked to cancer disease. Coffee also reduces inflammation in your body, another important factor to cause cancer.

It Improves heart health

According to a research report, if you drink one cup a day, the chances of heart attack will be reduced from 5-12%. Also, it improves the overall health condition of your heart.

However, using added sugars, steamed Milk, and other flavors will negatively impact heart health. It is essential to continue your daily exercise to live a healthy life.

It reduces Parkinson Disease

Another study reveals that Parkison disease can be reduced due to the consistent use of coffee. A study finds that people who drink regular coffee have little chance of Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s is an old age disease; if you drink a balanced coffee diet, the chances are high that it will save you from Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee reduces pain in the body

Coffee helps reduce pain in the body. If you have a headache, drinking coffee will hopefully ease the pain.

You work all day can generate pain in your body; a cup or two of coffee will help to mitigate the pain. A coffee cup relaxes your muscles and makes you feel fresh and energetic.

Coffee reduces Alzheimer’s disease

Regular use of coffee decreases the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. So, if you use coffee consistently throughout your life, the chances of getting Alzheimer’s will be reduced when you get old.

Coffee reduces Diabetes in your body

 A cup of coffee lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Regular use of coffee decreases the chances of Diabetes by 11 to 17%. It improves the insulin process in the body.

It Reduces the chances of liver cancer

According to a report, Two cups of coffee per day reduces the chance of liver cancer by 43%. The health of the liver improves with the regular use of coffee.

Is coffee a good source of antioxidants and nutrients?

Coffee contains a good amount of antioxidants. One cup of joe comprises 2 gm of antioxidants.

There are 200 to 250 mg of Antioxidants in one cup of coffee. Antioxidants fight against atoms that can cause damage to your body.

What coffee impacts on the skin

Coffee contains a high level of oxidants, which helps the skin surface from damaging rays. We know that antioxidants are used in medicine for skin care.

So regular use of coffee will positively impact your skin.

pros and cons of a coffee cup

What are the health disadvantages of coffee drinks?

Coffee comes with so many health benefits. However, there are a few drawbacks to drinking regular coffee. You must know these cons before deciding about coffee.

Also, coffee can only damage your health if you consume too much daily and for a long time. You can use coffee in small amounts without any health precautions.

Coffee addiction

Coffee contains caffeine. When you use coffee regularly, you will be addicted to coffee. If you don’t use coffee any day, you could get headaches, fatigue, and nausea.

As I told you earlier, you should enjoy coffee daily, but only a cup or two is enough. When you drink more, you will get addicted and start drinking more, eventually damaging your health.

Coffee can cause high blood pressure

Caffeine enriches coffee stimulating your nervous system and heart pumping. If you have blood pressure issues, it aggravates the problem.People with blood pressure issues are recommended to switch to decaf coffee. Coffee drinks should always be used in moderation.

Feel of restlessness

When you drink coffee consistently, you will feel its negative implication. Also, too much use of caffeine daily may experience restlessness and uncomfortable during the day.

Regular use of coffee can cause Anxiety

When you consume coffee heavily, it can lead to panic attacks. You feel anxiety and may experience a fast heartbeat.

Anxiety can lead to many other diseases in the body. So it is essential to remain fit in life by drinking less coffee.

Coffee cause insomnia

High consumption of coffee may lead to sleepless nights. Due to heavy caffeine dosage, you may get difficulties sleeping. Even for some people, some amount of caffeine can lead to sleepless nights.

Digestive issues

If you consume a high dosage of coffee, it may upset your stomach. You should avoid an empty stomach coffee that can lead to stomach issues.

Teeth decay due to coffee

Coffee generates teeth issues and bad breath and it also decays the color of teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth after every cup of coffee.

Coffee reduces iron absorption

High-caffeine drink reduces iron absorption in the body. You need to create an hour gap between coffee and iron-containing meals. It will improve your iron-containing food consumption.

Increases fracture risk

When you consume high caffeine, it increases fracture risk in your body. Due to the high consumption of caffeine, you may lose calcium in your body and vitamin D.

Chest pain

Very high consumption of coffee may impact your central nervous system. It may lead to too much blood flow to your heart which can cause chest pain.

Here are a few randomly asked questions regarding coffee’s impact on the body.

Impacts of coffee on weight loss?

As we discussed earlier, coffee reduces cravings. So we don’t need to eat after a cup of coffee. Coffee also enhances the metabolism in our body, leading to burning more body fat.

However, using sugar and other flavors will help increase your weight. So if you want to drink coffee and lose weight simultaneously, don’t add sugar and flavors to your coffee.

health benefits of coffee

Health Pros and cons of coffee: How much coffee to drink a day?

There is no specific rule regarding how much coffee is good for you in a day. A study reveals that 8 ounces of daily coffee is enough for an individual. It means you are consuming 400 mg of coffee every day.

We can mitigate the adverse effects of caffeine on our bodies. Also, we should avoid adding sugar and other flavors.

You must know how much your body can absorb the caffeine. So don’t consume more coffee that may negatively affect your body.

caffeinated coffee

Does coffee cause ulcers?

Generally speaking, coffee doesn’t cause ulcers. You may hear people say that coffee causes acidity. This is the wrong perception.

 Coffee doesn’t cause any abdominal issues. However, it depends on your body structure and other food intakes. Also, your physical activities determine gastric distress.

You can’t blame for ulcers and other abdominal issues. A healthy diet and exercise can save you from gastric diseases.

Can a pregnant woman drink coffee?

A pregnant woman can drink coffee in a small amount. But they should drink less amount of coffee. High caffeine isn’t recommended for a pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman can drink moderately to get the positive from a cup of coffee. According to a report, pregnant women shouldn’t consume more than 300 mg of coffee daily.

One or two cups of coffee aren’t concerning for a pregnant woman. This amount will not negatively affect the baby and mother.

Is it safe for kids to drink coffee?

Generally, kids are not recommended to drink coffee. The caffeine intake may negatively impact their body. However, you can give a smaller amount of coffee to a growing child.

Kids can actually drink coffee, but it will need to be under your strict observation. You can disallow coffee for kids if you find any negative impact on your child’s body.

In adolescents, you can allow 100 mg of coffee to your kids.

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How to drink coffee without getting any negative implications?

If you want to know all the positives of coffee and avoid damage, I am giving a few interesting points to consider. These steps will make your coffee safe to consume. However, consume coffee with certains considerations.

Use no sugar

Using sweeteners in your coffee adds extra calories to your body. Adding sugar to your coffee also mitigates the real taste of coffee. You can add natural sweeteners if you want sugar in your coffee.

Reduce usage of Milk

Milk adds taste to your coffee, but it also adds extra calories to your body. You should avoid milk and cream in your coffee. Make yourself addicted to coffee without cream and milk.

You can add other non-dairy flavors to your coffee. Non-dairy flavors include almond and oat milk.

glass of milk
Reduce highly caffeinated drink

You should ensure a balance caffeine level in your daily coffee. If you start consuming high levels of caffeine, it will negatively affect your body.

You can try decaffeinated coffee if you already have any health concerns.

How is the use of Cocoa, cinnamon, and mushroom powder in coffee?

Cocoa powder can be an excellent addition to your coffee. But make sure not to add any sweetener to it.


Cinnamon has many health benefits. It is filled with a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon is also a delicious tasty addition to your coffee. You must try it in your coffee.

Add mushroom powder

You can use dehydrated mushroom powder to add nutritional value to your beverage. Mushroom consists of antioxidants and vitamins. Adding mushrooms makes your coffee more delicious and healthy.

benefits and drawbacks of coffee


You can drink your favorite coffee any time of the day. You must drink in balance; too much coffee may lead to health issues. However, coffee has so many benefits for the body.

Coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide. People are unaware of its pros and cons. If you drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily, you certainly benefit from this drink.

People with health issues can use it in a smaller amount. A pregnant woman can use one to two cups every day. Similarly, kids should avoid high consumption of caffeinated drinks.

However, everyone needs to know the health pros and cons of coffee.

As a coffee freak, I suggest you drink coffee without added flavors. But make sure it doesn’t have any negative implications for your body. So, let’s continue to drink more coffee and enjoy this amazing beverage.

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Health Pros and Cons of Coffee: Why should we drink coffee?
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