Aeropress vs v60: Which brewing method is better?

aeropress vs v60

Coffee brewing is a difficult art; it takes time to understand the best brewing method. Many brewing methods are available, making it challenging to pick the best one. Everyone has his favorite brewing methods. But the natural method of coffee making is the one that you like the most.

While searching for the best brewing method, two well-known methods are Aeropress and V60. I will discuss and compare these two methods and try to find the best method.

I like the Aeropress coffee maker; it makes coffee in multiple ways. Also, it brews a bold bitter flavor that you may not get in other methods. In comparison, v60 uses a traditional pour-over method of coffee making. But Aeropress gives such control over the brewing process and extracts strong coffee.

Aero press vs Hario v60: Why are two different brewing methods?

The brewing method makes or breaks a coffee taste; if you apply the perfect brewing method, it will give the desired taste and aroma.

Both use different brewing methods. V60 uses the pour-over method, while Aeropress uses the plunger system. While making coffee in v60 requires more attention because slight distractions may result in unpleasing coffee. In that case, Aeropress can ignore minor mistakes and still give a consistent taste.

Aeropress Coffee maker

Aeropress coffee maker

The Aeropress needs an immersion process to get an intense extraction. And when pressure is applied through the plunger method, the water and ground coffee goes through a filter. It leaves sediments and oils, which makes coffee more spicy and bitter.

V60 pour over coffee dripper

In contrast, v60 uses a traditional pour-over brewing process. Pour over method is easier to use, easy to clean, and, I think, the easiest device for camping. If you need a coffee maker for camping, the v60 is a strongly built compact device. An easier machine to make with little facilities.

It processes coffee through a paper filter. While brewing in v60, always use coarse grind to get better results.

Aeropress vs v60: Do they differ in taste?

These brewing methods have a unique and robust coffee taste. And they have their unique taste and aroma.


Aeropress has an immersion process extracting intense and bitter coffee. The taste will intensify when you immerse for a few more minutes. With the plunger pressure making method, it removes oils and results in an enriching sharp taste.

Aeropress gives more control over the brewing process; it gives you a desired consistent taste. Additionally, the versatility of the Aeropress enables testing with various brewing techniques, including inverted brewing, which can produce different flavor profiles.


The pour-over method is the oldest but still an effective brewing method. This method using a paper filter, delivers milder and slightly sweeter coffee.

V60 usually adds a paper filter, which removes all oils and sediments and gives a crystal-clear coffee. However, using fresh, top-quality coffee beans is a preferable option for v60; it enhances the freshness and quality of your coffee.

In fact, every brewing method gives the top quality taste if using fresh and quality coffee beans. Aeropress makes robust and flavorful coffee with fresh coffee beans.

The difference in brewing time

Everyone expects a coffee machine to brew quickly without compromising on taste. But every brewing method has a different timing.

In my opinion, the brewing timings depend on the grind size and water-to-coffee ratio. Also, it depends on how an individual prefers to brew the coffee.

Aeropress is the clear winner, as it takes less time to brew coffee. However, the steeping process takes one more minute, but the brewing process is so smooth and quick.

Also check.

So it will take one to two minutes to finish the brewing process. It takes around 30 seconds to steep and about a minute to press the plunger down.

In contrast, v60 takes a little longer to brew; brewing takes 2 to 3 minutes. It starts brewing when water pours into ground coffee and filters through to the cup. And it allows it to bloom for 45 seconds.

However, the blooming process can be reduced, but that will impact the taste of coffee. You can experiment by adding less coffee and more water to get a milder coffee taste.

Hario v60 vs Aeropress: difference in size

Both these coffee brewers are not recommended for making coffee in a larger capacity. Basically, these coffee brewers are designed for small families.

However, the V60 makes coffee in three sizes, so it gives more choices. Hario V60 has three sizes.

  • V60 01 brews only one cup or two cups.
  • The V60 02 brews up to 4 cups of coffee.
  • And 03 has a larger capacity of making 6 cups.

On the other hand, Aeropress can make up to 8 to 10 ounces of coffee, a perfect coffee for two to three people. When more water is added to Aeropress to brew more cups, the strength of the coffee reduces. In my opinion, if you want a better taste, only use it for two people.

Aeropress brewing method

Aeropress vs v60: which device is easy to use and clean?

With time, new and innovative techniques are used to make coffee brewing easier. Even though these new coffee machines are little challenging to clean after every brew. But they have made it a lot easier to brew coffee.

That’s why I always find Aeropress easy to use and clean. Similarly, Aeropress has a more effortless and repeatable brewing technique which is a good option if always have time constraints. While v60 requires extra effort and attention to get a consistent taste, it means more time.

So I would suggest Aeropress over v6o when it comes to brewing technique and cleaning of parts is concerned. Aeropress has fewer parts, and it is easier to clean and reassemble.

Hario v60 vs Aeropress: which device has an affordable price range?

Any product’s price depends on its features and brewing quality. When we compared Aeropress to v60, it has more features and functions, so it is slightly more expensive than v60. But if you buy with a large capacity, the price will go up.

Aeropress requires buying filters separately. Whereas the v60 dripper has a more affordable price range, it also needs to buy filters separately.

Hario v60 plastic coffee dripper is less expensive than a ceramic coffee dripper. Also, if you want to buy a reusable stainless steel coffee filter, it is more expensive than a paper filter. Additionally, v60 is available with a glass server, which is more costly.

Final thoughts: V60 vs Aeropress: which device to buy?

After checking all the differences, the decision should become easier for you. It depends on what type of coffee you prefer. Because these two coffee makers are brewed differently and have different tastes and textures.

Aeropresso vs v60: Hario V60 brewing method

You can also experiment by using different brewing methods. However, if you ask me, Aeropress is my preferred device. It has slightly thicker coffee with an intense flavor.

A perfect drink to wake you up in the morning. Another cup in the afternoon makes an energetic day. But I suggest using fresh, coarsely ground coffee for the best results.

However, if you don’t like deposits in coffee, Hario v60 is a suitable alternative for clean and smoother coffee. Also, the V60 is available at a reasonably low price.

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