French press vs espresso: which method brews better coffee?

french press vs espresso

Are you looking for a brewing method that gives the perfect taste and aroma? French press vs espresso are two well-known coffee-making processes. The French press and espresso machine are the two most used methods. A French press makes regular coffee in large volumes, while an espresso machine brews strong, robust coffee in a single cup. Each brewing method has its unique characteristics and delivers unique results.

I will discuss the features of the French press and espresso machine. Also, discuss the difference between the two and which machine and try to make your choice easy.

French press coffee maker: simple and easy to use

French press is a simple and unique way to make coffee. It is not a complicated machine with many functions. It comprises of stainless steel container with a plunger and metal mesh filter.

  • It requires simple steps to make coffee, First, coarsely ground coffee is added to boiling water and lets it steeped for a certain period.
  • In the next step, press the plunger, and the mesh filter will separate the coffee ground from the liquid.
  • The french press allows coffee flavors and oils to be fully infused into the water, giving a rich flavorful coffee.
  • It can produce a large volume of coffee only in a few minutes.
  • This machine has certain benefits that may not be available in an espresso machine. I think it an ideal for a large gathering when many cups are needed simultaneously.
french press machine

However, It has an imperfect filter, so a few deposits end up in the cup due to the French press’s inadequate filter. Otherwise, the French press is easy to clean and maintain. Anybody with basic knowledge can make coffee and also maintain the machine.

Also, this machine comes in a very affordable price range. It is a better option for people who can’t afford expensive machines. A French press can continue to work consistently without getting broken down.

Espresso machine: Strong concentrated coffee

Espresso machines are widely used to make coffee. All coffee shops use espresso machines to brew coffee throughout the day. The machine has also become a regular household item. It is a programmable machine that gives a consistent taste.

espresso machine
  • The espresso machine uses a high-pressure method to get concentrated coffee. It forces hot water to pass through the ground and extracts highly concentrated coffee.
  • An espresso machine can make almost every flavor. It can make highly concentrated drinks with crema at the top like espresso and Americano. Also, it makes milky drinks like cappuccino, cortado and latte.
  • Espresso machines also come with a steam wand to get steamed and foamed milk. If you plan to buy an espresso machine, always prefer a machine with a good quality built-in steam wand.
Espresso cup

Here are the coffee flavors that can make with an espresso machine. because the espresso machine allows you to customize drinks and make them according to your own choice.

  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cortado
  • Flat white
  • Macchiato
  • Red and black eye

French press vs espresso: how to get the best coffee flavor?

Both methods have certain qualities that aren’t available in other methods. For an instant, the French press specializes in making a large volume of strong coffee. It usually brews regular coffee.

Whereas espresso makes a single cup, also it can brew different flavors. So if you like flavors like cappuccino, espresso or Americano, use espresso.

On the other hand, use a french press if you want a strong or milder regular coffee. It depends on how strong a coffee you want to make in a French press.

Also, the French press is perfect for getting regular coffee in large quantities.

French press vs espresso machine: Which method is easy to brew?

I have discussed the brewing methods above; it depends on which method you prefer and why. However, you should pick a method which saves time and energy. For example, if an automatic espresso is used to brew coffee, it only needs to press a button, and it will deliver a cup of coffee in a few seconds.

Whereas a French press brews coffee in 8 to 10 minutes. Although first, it requires grinding beans. The French press machine is easy to clean and maintain. So keep these factors while selecting any one method to brew.

French press vs espresso machine: Looking for the least expensive machine?

It is important to consider the cost factor when buying a coffee machine. All the features of the two methods I have discussed in detail. Now It is easy to predict the price. French press is a simple, easy-to-use coffee maker without expensive equipment. A good quality French press machine comes under $50.

Whereas Espresso machines are expensive and need continuous maintenance. However, less expensive machines are available with fewer features. The espresso machine costs vary; it is available for over $100 to $1000.

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Final thoughts: Which method should you prefer to make coffee?

If you love to drink different flavors like Americano, latte or more flavorful drinks like macchiato or mocha, you need an espresso machine to make all these flavors. Also, automated espresso machines make brewing a concentrated cup of coffee easy with a single push of a button.

The maintenance and cleaning of such a machine are more challenging. Also, it is an expensive machine. The French press is preferable to regular coffee enthusiasts. And it usually adds very few or no added flavors. It is good when it needs to serve in large volumes.

Both methods make strong concentrated coffee and aroma but espresso has clearly an edge over the French press due to its intensive brewing method. It depends on which method you prefer.

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