Chemex vs French press: check all the differences

Chemex vs French press

Are you looking for a manual coffee machine that always produces great consistent coffee? Chemex vs French press, are two quality coffee machines that brew excellent quality coffee. We always look to get the best coffee-making machine that can provide consistently strong coffee. A lot of good quality coffee makers are available in the market.

Chemex uses the pour-over method using a paper filter in brewing. While the French press uses the immersion method. It is essential to know all the differences and similarities between Chemex and the French press before deciding to buy any one machine. 

In this article, I will compare and check the features of Chemex and French press and determine which will best suit you.

What is Chemex coffee maker?

Chemex coffee maker

This pour-over coffee maker gives an excellent taste and clear, smooth coffee. We know that pour-over provides excellent control over the brewing process that allows you to get a consistent taste.

Chemex was invented way back in 1941, and it is still galloping in the coffee world. More advanced brewing methods are introduced, but the Chemex brewing method is still popular among true coffee enthusiasts.

I will discuss the brewing methods of Chemex and French press because they have different brewing processes.

Let’s see the brewing process of Chemex.

How to brew coffee in Chemex?

While making coffee in Chemex medium grind will work perfectly fine.

  • First, place a paper filter in the brewer. The filter should be folded in half, with the thicker side of the filter covering the spout.
  • Add medium ground coffee to the filter.
  • In the next step, pour hot water over the coffee. Also, ensure that hot water reaches all the grounds and let it bloom for 30 seconds.
  • Now gently pour all the remaining water into the coffee.
  • Wait for the coffee to finish dripping through the filter. This will take around 3-4 minutes.
  • Now remove the filter and discard it.

Coffee is ready to enjoy.

What is the French press coffee maker?

french press coffee maker

French press has been a popular brewing method for more than a century. Most coffee enthusiasts and traditional coffee lovers prefer the French press over many latest coffee and espresso machines while making a strong coffee.

French press is prepared with durable material, but cleaning and maintaining the product is simpler. However, I found out it needs to be handled carefully; otherwise, it can be broken easily.

French press is a versatile coffee, it can be used to brew different flavors, and you can use it to make cold brew. The only negative of the French press is that it leaves a few rudiments and oils which make coffee bitter and slightly acidic. Also, it requires cleaning the coffee maker regularly.

How to brew coffee in a French press?

It also requires coarse grind for French press. Since the ground will be filtered it will give less bitter coffee.

  • First, add coarsely ground coffee into a French press.
  • Now put hot water into the ground coffee.
  • Stir with a spoon to ensure the ground coffee is completely wet.
  • Let it steep for at least three minutes.
  • In the last step, put the plunger and gently press it down. It requires a gentle press, so the plunger shouldn’t get hard.

Coffee is ready to serve.

french press vs chemex

What I saw in the French press is that it makes great coffee every time. However, make sure to clean your French press thoroughly after each use to prevent the buildup of old coffee oils that can affect the taste of future brews. So cleaning is essential to get a fresh and pure taste after every use.

What are the differences between French press and Chemex?

I have discussed the differences in the brewing process of the two coffee makers. It is clear they work differently and have distinct tastes.

French press vs Chemex: Difference in taste

Due to different brewing processes, the taste between the two is quite stark. French press gives a full-bodied, enriched taste and is less acidic with many oils and sediments.

And Chemex’s even simpler brewing process extracts clean and crisp coffee with a milder taste. In contrast to a French press, it leaves no deposits and oils.

The difference in brewing time

We always look for a coffee maker to make a quick cup of coffee. Chemex and French press are simple brewing processes that take a little longer than the latest espresso machines. While Chemex will take four to five minutes to brew, although setting up Chemex will take a few more minutes.

In comparison to Chemex, the French press takes a minute less to brew. However, the steeping process will take a few more minutes in a French press.


French press usually prepares coffee in three to four minutes.

French press vs Chemex: which coffee maker is affordable?

The critical point is buying an affordable coffee maker while getting the desired coffee taste. We may have fewer features and less control over brewing when buying cheaper coffee devices.

But Chemex and French press have perfect brewing experience and affordable price range. Also, there is not much difference in prices. However, Chemex has a marginally lower price range than the French press.

Final thoughts: Which coffee maker to buy?

These coffee makers brew excellent coffees with certain differences. I would give my observation, but you may decide on your preferences.

If you want an excellent fresh coffee without getting any remaining, the Chemex should be your first choice. This pour-over can give a smoother taste and no acidity and bitterness.

Also, Chemex has comparatively a reasonable price range with a beautifully shaped and designed coffee maker. I also like the way it performs consistently and gives a similar taste every time. And it is available in various sizes.

On the other hand, the French press brewing process leaves oils and sediments, tasting it bitterer than regular coffee. Also, a French press has a slightly higher price range than Chemex.

Another annoying fact about the French press is that you will need to clean it entirely after every use. So if you don’t like cleaning, you should choose Chemex.

While comparing all the significant factors, it looks like Chemex is a better option because it brews a smooth clear cup of coffee. However, whichever device you pick, always handle it carefully.

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