Delonghi dedica vs Breville bambino: which machine to pick?

delonghi dedica vs breville bambino

Breville and Delonghi, two well-known coffee makers over the years, have produced some of the finest quality espresso machines. Both brands have qualities that you will not find in their competitors. Breville Bambino is one of the best mid-range espresso machines with excellent brewing performance. Even we can rank it higher as it has more features than any mid-range machine.

Similarly, Delonghi dedica is also a mid-range machine with exceptional features. But it has fewer features than Bambino. Also, the affordable price range makes it attractive buying.

I will compare these two espresso machines and try to find out which is better for you.

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What are the differences and similarities between Delonghi dedica and Breville bambino?

I like that both machines for certain reasons, have compact and sleek designs with similar features. Additionally, both brands have quality steam wands.

I checked the performance of the steam wands, and they gave perfect steamed and foamed milk. However, Breville Bambino is a high-end espresso maker with more features and control.

Let’s check the difference in details.

The difference in build quality

Always check the dimensions of these machines if you have a small countertop in the kitchen. it is pretty hard to pick anyone on its built quality since both have quite good appearance. If you buy a device and find out it doesn’t fit in your kitchen, it will be massively frustrating.

If you look closely, Breville Bambino has a slightly better but larger machine. It also has an elegant front panel button to select single and double-shot espresso.

Breville Bambino espresso machine

Breville Bambino

Delonghi dedica vs Breville bambino: Which machine has better brewing quality?

These espresso machines deliver high-quality concentrated coffee, specifically when using pre-ground coffee. And most importantly they use pressurized filter baskets that give highly intense coffee.

Delonghi dedica has the feature of changing the brewing temperature, enabling the extraction of more or less concentrated coffee. However, Breville bambino has a pre-infusion feature that wets the ground before extraction; it extracts more taste and aroma.

Bambino has a 54 mm portafilter which distributes equal water to ground coffee. It improves the flavor of the coffee. Whereas dedica has a 51 mm portafilter which is also good enough to get good extraction, Bambino is clearly better in this regard.

Delonghi dedica Espresso machine


Delonghi dedica vs breville bambino: Which machine has a larger water tank?

A large tank ensures more coffee cups in less time. Also, it gives the freedom to make coffee anytime without the hassle of filling the tank every time. Always prefer a machine with a large water tank. Here, the Breville bambino has a clear edge. It has a removable water tank with double the capacity of Delonghi dedica.

The water tank capacity of Breville Bambino is 64 ounces. While Delonghi dedica has a size of 35 ounces. Pick Breville Bambino and enjoy more coffee cups with a single refill if you have a large family.

Which machine has a better steam wand?

Another important factor is the milk frother while selecting an espresso machine. Especially if you love milky coffees like latte or cappuccino. A good steam wand will give perfect steamed milk for espresso.

Delonghi dedica comes with panarello steam wand. Unlike the regular steam wand, the Panarello wand exposes wind to the milk during steaming; it creates firm and beautiful textured foam. Whereas Breville Bambino steam wand works both in automatic and manual methods.

I personally love to have an automatic steam wand because it only needs to adjust the temperature and texture, and the machine will do everything automatically. Also, these latest auto wands give much better quality milk foam.

However, the Bambino steam wand can also work manually. So you can adjust the temperature while steaming the milk and allow more wind exposure to the milk. Breville Bambino has a temperature sensor, which automatically steams and stops when it ends steaming.

So Breville Bambino is a preferable option over Delonghi dedica in terms of steam wand quality.

Which machine has a better heating system?

A better heating system enables the desired extraction in a limited time. An essential aspect is to get maximum heating in a few seconds. A machine with a quick heating system should always be preferred over a slow one.

Breville Bambino uses the latest technology of thermojet heating systems. It ensures to get maximum extraction within 3 seconds. Also, this system is energy efficient. Delonghi dedica comes with thermoblock, a comparatively slower heating system; it takes 40 seconds for extraction.

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Delonghi dedica vs Breville bambino: What is the price difference?

Do you want an expensive machine with more features or one that brews perfect espresso with limited features? It is essential to consider all the factors before deciding on any product. We have checked all the features, and it is obvious that Breville Bambino has more advanced functions and this machine has better-built quality than Delonghi dedica.

But Breville Bambino is more expensive than Delonghi dedica. These are a lot of bucks, so pick Breville Bamabino if you can easily afford it. Otherwise, Delonghi dedica is the perfect brewing machine with almost the same taste and aroma.

Which machine is easy to clean and maintain?

Bambino comes with an auto-purge function. The auto purge cleans everything automatically after brewing and makes it ready for the next cup. Also, it has a removable drip tray which is easy to clean. Whereas Delongh has no auto-cleaning system; it requires everything to be cleaned up manually.

If you don’t have enough time, Breville Bambino is a better option since it cleans up everything in seconds.

Final thoughts: Why should you buy Breville Bambino?

Breville Bambino has a significant edge due to its features, performance and brewing quality. However, the brewing quality also depends on the beans’ quality and freshness.

But when comparing affordability, Breville Bambino is an expensive device, so you can pick Delonghi dedica, less costly with almost similar brewing quality.

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