Keurig Vs French press: get to know all the differences

Keurig vs french press

Coffee has become part of our daily life. Most people love to make a great coffee cup at home. But how can we get a great cup of coffee? The right coffee maker and brewing method are essential to getting great coffee—lots of quality coffee machines are available in the market. Here we compare Two of the much-known coffee makers Keurig vs French press. I will try to get you the best brewing method by comparing these two coffee machines.

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Keurig Coffee maker

Keurig coffee maker

Keurig uses the traditional but reliable method to brew coffee. This coffee maker makes one cup at a time using pre-packed k cups. Another advantage of Keurig is that it allows you to make different coffee flavors by just adding k cups of your choice.

Keurig is known for making milder coffee, a great option for single users. It requires a little effort to make it ready for the next brewing. Keurig is available in different models with various functions. You can brew a single cup to multiple cups with customized settings.

Pros of Keurig

  • Makes coffee with a push of a button
  • Use k cups
  • Brews single cup within seconds
  • Can pick flavors for k cups
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Makes 6 to 8 cups with a water tank capacity

Cons of Keurig

  • It has a milder coffee taste
  • An expensive machine
  • Brew one cup at a time

French press coffee maker

French press

Also, it can be called a plunger pot. It brews strong concentrated coffee with a simple method. A french press works manually so perfect device for those who prefer manual coffee maker. And it has a metal or nylon mesh filter that allows the coffee oils to remain in the coffee, giving it a richer flavor and aroma.

A French press does not have electric equipment; it is a simple device and needs a simple technique to use. Anyone can clean this device without much effort. A perfect coffee maker if you need coffee daily in large volumes, and also it requires following a certain set of rules every time.

Pros of French Press

  • Brews strong concentrated coffee
  • It makes 3 to 8 cups at a time
  • It can give a consistently strong taste
  • An affordable coffee maker
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Cons of French Press

  • It can be messy when disposing of the ground and cleaning the filter
  • Also, it takes 8 to 10 to brew coffee
  • Everyone may not like the strong taste

Now let’s look into the differences between the two coffee makers.

Difference between the French press and the Keurig coffee maker?

Every coffee brand is known for certain features and qualities. These two coffee makers have specific qualities and features; one makes strong coffee the other makes milder coffee. I try to differentiate them in detail.

French press vs Keurig: Do you prefer a stronger taste and aroma?

The brewing method determines the taste and flavor of a coffee. The two coffee makers make coffee with significant taste and aroma differences. A French press brews bold, concentrated coffee, whereas Keurig makes smoother coffee. The ground coffee and brewing method controls the taste and flavor of a coffee.

In the French press, ground coffee is steeped in water for some time, which makes coffee more intense. Also, it gives a consistent taste if you follow a similar brewing technique every time. Keurig has a consistently smoother taste since it uses k cups. So French press is a clear winner when it comes to full-bodied robust coffee.


Keurig vs french press

Which coffee brews more cups simultaneously?

When buying a coffee machine, the first thing that comes to mind is how much coffee this machine can make. The volume and taste determine which coffee maker we should buy.

Keurig coffee maker water tank has a capacity of 4 to 30 ounces of water. So it can prepare 4 to 10 coffee cups depending on the water tank capacity. And french press can make 6 to 8 coffee cups at once. So not much difference in the capacity of these coffee makers.

Keurig vs French press: Which machine is easier to use?

A coffee maker that is easy to use and clean should be the first choice of any consumer. When we buy a machine first, we check how user-friendly it is. Similarly, it is important to see how much control you have over brewing and whether you can customize the coffee.

So when I look at the Keurig, an automatic coffee maker, it controls all the processes during the brewing. With a button push, the brewing starts, and it makes coffee in a few seconds.

Whereas the French press is a manual machine that needs every minute to control the brewing process. If the ground coffee steeped more than the given time, the coffee would become intensely bitter.

Interesting read.

French press vs Keurig: Which machine is affordable and sustainable?

No doubt that these are high-quality, sustainable coffee makers at affordable prices. French press is a simple manual device that can last many years without facing technical issues. It needs coffee beans to make coffee. But most importantly, you don’t need to spend many bucks to buy this coffee maker.

Keurig is a more sophisticated machine that may not be sustainable for long. It uses k cups to make coffee. Also, it is almost four times more expensive than French coffee. So if you want the least expensive coffee maker with a good brewing option, the French press should be the choice.

Which coffee maker should you pick between Keurig and French press?

Since the major differences between the two coffee makers discussed above, it is time to pick one standout machine. You should first remember to pick a device that gives you the desired taste and aroma and a good build quality that should sustain in the kitchen for longer. 

French press is the clear winner when it comes to taste and quality. But also a machine should be within your price range. Again french press is a cheap and great quality product.

If you ask me a French press coffee maker should be your choice.

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