Espresso vs Moka pot, which machine is better?

espresso machine vs Moka pot

What could be your first choice when selecting a coffee machine? Do you prefer a traditional device to make a regular coffee, or do you prefer the latest espresso machine to get a strong, robust coffee? Moka pot vs espresso machine, in fact, is a comparison of traditional manual vs latest automatic coffee machines.

Moka and espresso are two well-known coffee makers. Each machine has distinct features that make them unique. The espresso machine and Moka pot are being used to make different coffee flavors. An espresso machine is complex and compact, and a Moka pot is a simple and easy-to-use device.

An espresso machine gets you a perfect cup of espresso, while a Moka pot also makes espresso but may not have the same quality.

Let’s look more closely at which machine will be perfect for your kitchen top.

What is Moka pot?

A Moka pot is a stovetop or electric espresso maker. It is a traditional coffee maker that brews coffee. This device was introduced in 1933 by an Italian Alfonso Bialetti. At that time, this machine was a revolution in the field of coffee making.

Interestingly when you look Moka pot closely, this device has three components; the lower chamber is filled with ground coffee and water. The upper chamber collects brewed coffee. And the filter funnel is used to pass the hot water.

The Moka pot brews the coffee at 1 or 2 bars pressure. However, with this bar pressure don’t expect any crema at the top of espresso.

Moka pot
Moka pot

How to make espresso in a Moka pot?

Making an espresso shot will take ten minutes. Add ground coffee and water to the chamber; put a Moka pot over medium heat. When it starts boiling, the steam rises to the upper chamber. This process gives a strong, rich coffee.

What are the benefits of Moka pot?

Moka pot is simple and easy to use.

  • It is easy to use even using the first time. So anybody without any prior experience can use this machine.
  • Also, it can make multiple espresso shots in one go.
  • A Moka pot is a cheaper device.
Drawbacks of Moka pot

It has a few drawbacks when compared to an espresso machine.

  • This device has a poor extraction process.
  • The taste may vary with making every new cup.
  • Difficult to set the amount of coffee to the heat. Which leads to different espresso tastes.
  • Moka pot always takes longer brewing time.

What is an Espresso machine?

An espresso machine is a complicated device to operate, and it is an expensive machine. Also, high-quality espresso machines are available for professional use.

This machine uses a pump to push high-pressure water through ground coffee. It gives highly concentrated espresso coffee with a rich crema.

a compact espresso machine
espresso machine

Benefits of espresso machine

  • Espresso devices can be programmed to get the same taste with every new cup.
  • This machine also has a steam wand to make steamed and foamed milk.
  • Espresso machines are capable of making various combinations of coffee flavors.
  • It uses high pressure to get a strong and richer espresso shot.
  • A good quality espresso machine allows setting the time, temperature, and pressure.
  • An espresso machine quickly gives you more coffee cups than a Moka pot.
  • It takes only 30 seconds to extract the excellent quality espresso shot.
  • An espresso machine brews with a pressure of 8 to 10 bars.
  • Also, it provides rich milk foam at the top.

Drawbacks of the espresso machine

  • First, espresso is an expensive machine.
  • Moreover, it will take time to understand the functions of an espresso machine. It can be challenging if you’re not tech savvy.
  • Espresso Machines are programmed to make one cup at a time. It can consume a lot of time to prepare multiple shots.
  • Also, these machines need continuous maintenance. It includes regular cleaning and replacing burrs.
  • It is a large device that needs ample space in the kitchen.

Difference between Espresso machine vs Moka pot

Since I have discussed the Moka pot and espresso machine in detail. Now, let’s check the differences between the two.

FeaturesEspresso MachineMoka Pot
What to makeAll coffee flavorsAll coffee flavors
Brew timeIt takes 20 to 30 secondsIt takes 10 minutes
FlavorA strong concentrated coffeeA smooth and less strong coffee
DurabilityA compact complex deviceSimple devices and parts are easily replaceable
Ease of useThe complex machine takes time to expertEasy to use for new users
cost100$ to 10000$30$ to 100$
espresso vs Moka pot

Brew time

A Moka pot usually takes more time to complete brewing, from heating the water to brewing the coffee. While an espresso machine takes less time to make a cup of coffee.

An espresso machine takes only 20 to 30 seconds to make a perfect cup of coffee, whereas a Moka pot takes around 10 minutes.

Ease of use

If you are new to coffee makers, an espresso machine can be more challenging to brew. It will take time to learn the espresso machine.

In contrast, the Moka pot is a more straightforward brewing machine. It uses a simple technique to brew coffee. However, Moka pot also takes more time to make a perfect coffee.


When brewed in an espresso machine, it gives a strong concentrated coffee compared to a Moka pot.

The brewing process in the espresso machine extracts the intense flavor of the coffee.

A Moka pot brews less concentrated and less bitter drink.


When we talk about the durability of two machines, the Moka pot has fewer parts. If any component breaks down, it is easy to replace. This machine is inexpensive and can be replaced with a new device.

On the other hand, an espresso machine is a complex device with many smaller components. And every part is expensive and needs an expert to replace it.

Although the latest espresso machines have become sophisticated electric devices with warranties. So it can be sent to the service center to replace the broken part. It is a preferred device if you have the resources to get one.


Compared to a Moka pot, an espresso machine is significantly more expensive. You can expect to pay between $100 and $10000 for an espresso machine. In addition to domestic use, this machine is also available for commercial use.

A good brand of Moka pot can come in $30 to $100. A Moka pot is viable if you don’t want to spend much money on a coffee machine.

brewing espresso


These machines have a few merits and demerits. It is the individual preference to pick one machine over the other.

An espresso machine has more functions and gives more concentrated coffee. This machine allows you to customize your drink. Also, espresso machines are programmed to provide you with every drink’s consistent flavor.

The Moka pot is inexpensive and can give you almost the same flavor. This machine is easy to use and clean. Also, its parts can easily be replaceable. A Moka pot can be a great alternative if you don’t have the resources to get one compact espresso machine.

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