Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi, Which machine to buy and why?

Buying a Nespresso machine can be overwhelming because there are so many options available. Many high-quality brands are manufacturing Nespresso machines. It becomes challenging to choose one brand over another.

In this article, I have researched and tested both Breville and Delonghi machines to make your choice easy.

Two major brands are manufacturing Nespresso coffee machines; one is Breville, and the other is Delonghi. Both brands are top of the list when you plan to buy espresso machines.

First, you should know a few things to be able to choose the right brand for your needs.

What is Nespresso?

Nespresso is one of the coffee types introduced by Nestle. You can make Nespresso coffee by using different types of pods. It is a propriety technology; companies like Breville and Delonghi have taken authorization from Nestle to manufacture it.

Both companies have made slight changes to produce strong and delicious Nespresso for their users. It is up to you what taste you like and what features you prefer from these two quality companies.

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What is Delonghi?

Delonghi is well known Italian brand manufacturer of coffee machines. Delonghi manufactures highly credible and well-designed coffee machines for its customers worldwide.

It creates super-automatic machines for its consumers to get the best coffee without any effort.

What is Breville?

An Australian-origin company is famous for manufacturing kitchen appliances. Its stainless steel espresso machines are in high demand worldwide.

Breville’s price range is affordable for all consumers. If you are looking for a semi-automatic espresso machine, then Breville is one of the best brands.

Both Delonghi and Breville make top-quality Nespresso machines. It is difficult to differentiate between two brands. You will hardly notice any difference in taste between the two brands if you have a cup of coffee from each. They use similar brewing options, the same pods, and the same pressure, leading to the same taste.

However, I can say the only difference between them is the appearance and shape of the machines. Therefore, you can pick whichever brand you like for your coffee maker.

However, there are slight differences between the two brands, which I discuss in more detail below.

Nespresso coffee machines made by Breville and Delonghi

Both brands have developed the same Nespresso machines for their customers. Breville and Delonghi’s functions, features, and specifications are the same. However, they differ in shape and size of these brands.

Nespresso Vertuo next breville vs delonghi                                                              

Vertuo next machine uses the latest technology. Both Breville and DeLonghi both have similar brewing systems. They also utilize the exact cup sizes. Also, you can make single or double shots on both machines.

Both brands have an automatic shut-off system after making the coffee. Both have the same water tank capacity. Also, the product’s weight and dimensions are the same.

vertuo next breville

However, Breville virtuo next machine has a chrome finish, available in red, grey, and rose black. Whereas Delonghi comes with matte black, white, and rose gold.

Vertuo next has an automatic capsule ejection and storage system.

So it is our choice to pick between Breville and Delonghi vertuo next; both have similar functions and specifications. But vertuo next having a compact design is perfect for your countertop; it will give you delicious coffee daily.

Nespresso vertuo plus breville vs delonghi

This is another good addition to Nespresso machines from Delonghi and Breville. You can make both coffee and espresso from this versatile machine.

Vertuo plus also uses centrifusion extraction technology. Also, this machine comes with a rotating water reservoir, which enables you to set it to the side or in the back.

vertuo plus delonghi

Both Delonghi and Breville are available in different water tank sizes.

Delonghi vertuo plus comes with a flat top, and the Breville has a rounded shape from the top. However, Nespresso vertuo plus has the same features in both brands.

Also check.

Vertuo Plus delivers perfect espresso with crema in different cup sizes. These smart coffee makers let you make single-serve coffee or espresso throughout the day.

Nespresso vertuo breville vs delonghi

It was introduced in 2015 in the market. Again Nespresso vertuo has developed by Delonghi and Breville with the same features that we see in vertuo next and vertuo plus.

Breville Veruo contains a larger water tank of 40 oz and can hold 12 used pods. In contrast, Delonghi vertuo has a capacity of 54 oz and holds 17 used pods.

nespresso vertuo breville

Both have different designs; Breville vertuo has a rounded top and bottom, whereas Delonghi comes with a flat top.

Nespresso vertuo automatic coffee and espresso maker brews tasty single or double shots. The machine shuts off automatically after being inactive for a few minutes to save energy.

Nespresso citiz breville vs delonghi

The Nespresso citiz machine by Breville is more expensive than Delonghi. The spout design on Delonghi is prominent compared to Breville.

Nespresso citiz has an attached milk frother that was missing in other machines.

citiz delonghi

Both have a 19-bar extraction system. The machine consists of a standby system to reduce energy consumption. Also, both devices come with a high-quality heating system.

You can make different flavors of coffee, from bold or mild, iced or hot, or you can make tasty espresso. Also, You can use 30 capsules to make the coffee of your choice.

It has a 34 oz size water tank. This is a compact machine that can easily get fit in the kitchen.

Nespresso Essenza mini

Breville and Delonghi have designed entirely different shapes of Essenza mini machines. However, the functions and specifications of both devices are similar for users.

One touch of 19 bar pressure extracts the perfect cup of espresso or coffee. Also, both have 20.3 oz size water tanks. And it only takes around 20 seconds to heat up.

Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi: Essenza mini

This machine has an automatic shut-off feature after being inactive for 9 minutes.

You can adjust the cup size and make lungo and espresso with one touch.

Add ice, and you can make iced coffee. Also, both machines have an automatic switch-off function.

Exclusive Nespresso machines developed by Delonghi and Breville

These two giants of coffee machine makers have exclusively designed their own Nespresso coffee machines. Delonghi expanded its own Nespresso brand with Lattissima, and Breville developed Creatista.

Best Nespresso coffee machines

Delonghi and Breville have created the best Nespresso coffee machines if you’re looking for high-end, perfect, quality machines. Each coffee Nespresso machine is discussed after proper research and testing to make your choice easy.

Nespresso lattissima by DeLonghi

The machine is designed with some exclusive features. It blends milk with freshly brewed coffee to avoid separate milk warming. You can make 3 milk recipes: Espresso Macchiato, cappuccino, and latte.

Lattissima performs consistently over a long period; it has excellent milk-frothing ability.

lattissima  DeLonghi
lattissima DeLonghi

It has four models introduced; if you’re interested in these top-rated exclusive Delonghi machines, you can check more features and specifications on amazon.

Lattissima one is the first model of the lattissima line. It has a compact design, preferable if you have a small kitchen space.

Delonghi lattissima One has a small water reservoir and a small capsule container. You can also customize your drinks.

This machine is perfect for a small family. Another good feature is the descaling indicator, which lets you clean your device when needed.

Also, You can adjust the milk frother, making a cappuccino or latte according to your taste.

You can adjust the milk frother, making a cappuccino or latte according to your taste. It has 19 bar pressure system that can steam milk in a few seconds.

An automatic brewing system makes this machine highly recommended for all coffee and espresso lovers.

This machine has the latest technology in milk frothing system. You can make espresso, lungo, cappuccino, and latte macchiato with one touch.

Lattissima plus from Delonghi has 19 bar pressure that extracts delicate taste and aroma. The fast heating system lets you make drinks in no time. Also, the descaling indicator shows you the cleaning time.

The machine turns off automatically when it remains inactive for 9 minutes.

This is the premium machine in the lattissima models. This device has all the advanced technologies if you love to make Nespresso in one touch.

You can program 6 brewing options to make different drinks of your choice.

Nespresso Creatista machine by Breville

This is an original high-quality, modern Nespresso coffee machine by Breville. It makes excellent espresso and coffee with one touch.

Creatista is made of stainless steel state of the art design created explicitly for contemporary kitchens.  

You can check more about Breville on Amazon.

Nespresso delonghi vs breville, Creatista Breville
Creatista Breville
  • Creatista Uno

The machine has a built-in steam wand; it lets you choose three milk texture levels. It comes with a stainless steel milk jug, which makes it easy to froth or steam.

Creatista Uno by Breville enables you to make 6 beverages. You can also make hot water in 25 seconds.

Smart coffee maker, you can program espresso and lungo.

I recommend this machine if you want an affordable Nespresso coffee machine.

  • Creatista Plus

An excellent coffee machine if you love coffee and other steamed milk beverages. The LCD screen panel in the machine makes it easy to select and brew. Also, with a fully automatic steam wand, you can create textured milk for latte and other milk drinks.

The Nespresso creatista plus by Breville comes with a sleek, stylish design and stainless steel finish. If you like black coffee or coffee with textured milk, the system will direct you, and you can personalize your drinks.

  • Creatista Pro

This is the premium quality in the creatista line. The elegant chromed finish makes it look beautiful. While the unique touchscreen panel makes it easy to use.

Creatista has a separate hot water spout that lets you determine how much water is needed. Thermojet’s fast heating system enables you to make a cappuccino in two minutes.

The system has automatic milk texturing, which allows you to set your milk temperature and texture. It has 8 different pre-sets that enable you to make your favorite coffee like a Barista.

This machine is the best choice if you want the perfect coffee or cappuccino.

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What should you buy, Breville or Delonghi Nespresso machine?

Both companies are world-renowned for coffee and espresso machines. However, as for Nespresso machines are concerned, both companies have similar qualities. A slight difference in the size and shape of the devices.

The decision you can make between Breville or Delonghi. But certainly, you need to check the price list before deciding between these two giants of Nespresso machine makers.

It would help if you focused on a machine’s color design and size before selecting any appliance for your kitchen.

Nespresso Breville vs Delonghi my recommendations for you

Since it is difficult to choose between Delonghi and Breville, as both companies have similar machines with similar high qualities.

So pick a machine and keep in mind the available kitchen space at your home. I think you should preferably pick one of the exclusive DeLonghi or Breville machines.

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