Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus: which coffee maker is better and why?

Keurig mini plus

Are you looking for a single-cup brewing machine? Do you want a quick and easy method to brew a cup of coffee? Keurig coffee makers are the solution to your perfect cup of coffee.

Keurig mini and Keurig mini plus are two high-quality machines with certain differences. It is important to know both machines’ features and qualities before buying.

Keurig mini plus has an option of a strong button to give an extra strong coffee, while k mini has no such control. Mini plus also has pod storage and a removable reservoir, which are unavailable in mini.

Also, both machines are available in different color options.

In this article, I will compare two quality machines by Keurig, one Keurig mini and a mini plus. I hope after this comparison article you will be able to make a better buying decision.

What is the difference between the Keurig mini and mini plus?

Both coffee makers will give you the perfect cup of coffee. However, the K Mini Plus has more features than the K Mini. Obviously, the K Plus is a little more expensive than the k mini. Basically, the Keurig Mini Plus builds upon the success of the Mini with some additional features designed to enhance convenience and versatility.

Editor’s pick

Keurig Mini Plus

Keurig mini Plus has additional features. It gives more control and convenience. It has a strong brew button to make concentrated coffee. K plus has a removable water reservoir. Also, it has pod storage facility.

Let’s check in detail.

The difference in the Brewing process

K mini plus has a strong brewing button, allowing the water to remain in contact with ground coffee for longer. The strength control button extracts stronger coffee.

While in K mini, the standard brew button, the water flows through the ground normally. So it gives a less intense coffee. Mini Plus has the edge over K Mini if you want a coffee maker to extract strong coffee.

Keurig mini vs mini plus: The difference in water reservoir

When it comes to water reservoirs, Mini Plus has a removable water reservoir. The K mini has an attached reservoir.

So filling a removable reservoir is easier. Mini plus should be your choice if you have a small kitchen space and face difficulties filling the reservoir.

When you see these two coffee makers they apparently look quite similar.

Editor’s pick

Keurig Mini single serving coffee maker

Keurig mini has an elegant design that occupies a small space in the kitchen.

It brews between a cup size of 6 to 12 oz. It also with a removable drip tray and is easy to clean. K mini comes in an acceptable price range.

Pod storage Feature

Again mini plus comes with the facility of pod storage. Whereas in k mini, you need to buy spare pod storage.

Mini plus has a storage capacity of 9 pods. You can store your favorite k cups in the machine and use them instantly whenever making your favorite coffee cup. It contains in brewing slot and can be used whenever you want a new cup of coffee.

In k mini, you will have to get external storage for k cups.

Comparison Table Keuring mini vs plus

FeaturesKeurig mini plusKeurig mini
What to makeOne cup coffee makerOne cup coffee maker
Brewing size6 to 12 oz.6 to 12 oz.
Water reservoirRemovable water reservoirfixed water reservoir
Extra featureA button to make a strong cup of coffeeNo additional button
Weight4.6 lbs.4.6 lbs.
Dimensions 12.1-inch height, 4.5-inch width and 11.3 depth12.1-inch height, 4.5-inch width and 11.3 depth
DesignSmart, sleek slim with multiple colorsSmart, sleek slim with various colors
Pods storage9 k cups holderNo
Auto shut offIt gets automatically shut off if it remains idle for 90 secondsIt gets automatically shut off if it remains inactive for 90 seconds
Ease of useEasy to use, one push button to get coffeeEasy to use, one push button to make coffee
costLittle more expensive than the k miniCheaper than the k mini plus
keurig mini vs keurig mini plus

Both coffee makers have 6 to 12-oz brewing sizes.

What are the similarities between Keurig mini plus and Keurig mini?

Both have similar designs and brewing capacity. Also, both coffee makers have the same size.

Occupying a small space in the kitchen

Keurig k plus and mini both have similar and smaller sizes. So you don’t need to worry about space because both coffee makers can easily fit into a small space in the kitchen.

The exact size of both machines is 4.5 inches wide and 12.1 inches tall.

Auto shut off

All the Keurig coffee makers have an auto shut-off function making it easy for the user. It turns off if the machine remains idle for one and a half minutes.

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Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus: Similar functions

Both machines brew a cup of coffee in less than two minutes. K mini and K Plus are ideal for one cup servings.

Mini Plus and Mini are both simple machines to operate. You only need to push a button to start brewing. It takes 90 to get a cup of coffee. However, Mini Plus has one extra button to brew a strong cup of coffee.

So both coffee makers have similar coffee unless you use a strong button in mini plus. Similarly, both coffee makers have the same water capacity. You can brew coffee in two sizes one is 6 oz., and the other is 12 oz.

Both mini and mini plus is designed for one cup serving. So if you want more cups, you should look for other Keurig machines with larger reservoirs.

Appearance and design

Both have compact, sleek, slim, and stylish designs. Also, both have a removable drip tray; however, K Mini plus has a chrome accent on the removable tray, which is lacking in the k mini.

This is the only difference in appearance between the two.

Which Keurig coffee maker is best, K mini or K mini plus?

Keurig always produces great coffee machines. Every machine can give you the perfect cup of coffee. Keurig Mini and mini plus are two simple machines with excellent brewing capabilities.

K mini plus comes with more functions than the k mini, but it will cost you a few more bucks. The strong brew button at the top makes k plus give you a strong coffee. This button is missing in k mini.

Also, K Mini Plus holds up to 9 k cup pods. This feature isn’t available in k mini. It also has a chrome accent on the removable tray, while the k mini has only a plastic coating.

So, if you value added features such as a removable drip tray and slightly larger water reservoir, the Keurig Mini Plus may be worth the investment. Its enhanced functionality offers added convenience without sacrificing the compactness that makes Keurig Mini models so popular.

So if you want one cup coffee maker with extra features, Keurig plus mini should be your choice. But the k mini still works perfectly fine if you are tight on budget.

Final thoughts

Whether you choose the simplicity of the Keurig Mini or the enhanced features of the Mini Plus, you can’t go wrong with either option. Both models deliver convenience, quality, and versatility in compact packages, making them perfect companions for coffee lovers on the go.

So, weigh your priorities, consider your needs, and get ready to enjoy delicious coffee at the touch of a button with your chosen Keurig Mini model.

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