Jura vs Breville: which espresso machine to pick?

Jura vs breville

When we look to buy any coffee machine, the first thing that comes to mind is that it should be from a well-known brand. Few espresso brands have a clear edge over others. Jura and Breville have produces top-ranked espresso machines in recent times.

A classic comparison of Swiss and Australian espresso makers. Since Jura is a Swiss brand and Breville is an Australian brand. Two quality coffee brands are Jura and Breville; they develop mid and high-range coffee machines. I will be going to discuss and compare both brands and will try to make your choice easy.

Jura Auto espresso maker

jura espresso maker

Jura is known for sleek and compact designs. It is a leading name in the field of coffee machines. It more focuses on the latest technology and better interface for its consumers. Additionally it has features like a touch screen; one touch can provide the desired coffee within seconds. Also, it comes with a built-in aromatic grinder that you will only get in quality brands.

If you love milk coffees, Jura is the best option available around. The steam wand gives perfect milk frothing. It delivers precision in milk steaming and frothing.

Breville Espresso maker

Breville espresso maker

Breville, as a brand, has produced some of the top-notch espresso makers over the years. However, it has some traditional orthodox but solidly built coffee machines. The Breville machines are available in different price categories, from bit expensive machines to affordable small devices. It has various machines providing different brewing methods, such as drip coffee, espresso, and cold brew.

Breville Machines tries to give the best user experience to its customers. A few Breville machine has a customizable feature that allows you to get the desired coffee taste.

I have checked almost all coffee maker brands; every Brand has certain features; the Breville is right up there with the very best. As a brand, it always gives a hundred percent as for as build quality, design, and features are concerned. Also, Breville brings the best user experience, which you may not get from many other brands.

Breville vs Jura: the significant differences!

It is the comparison between two unique and highly competitive brands. One focuses on technology and performance and the other focueses on price and brewing quality.

Breville vs. Jura: difference in Design and Quality

People nowadays prefer a machine with a better appearance along with good features.

Jura focuses on sleek and modern build quality. Also, it is more known for creating contemporary designs with sustainable built quality. Jura, most of its machines have mid-size that can easily be adjustable at a small countertop.

Jura has a touchpad and touch screen that is easy to use. But it has highly expensive machines.

And Breville always has a traditional design with bulky machines. However, it has consistent solid build quality. Since it focuses on creating strong and long-lasting devices, the company takes advice from its consumer and reshapes the design according to feedback.

Also, check.

Do they have a Steam wand?

It is an integral part of espresso machines, especially if you look to get steamed and foamed milk for your coffee. However not all brands come with a built-in steam wand, and you need to get it separately. All models of Breville, from entry-level to top-range models, have good-quality steam wands. So if anybody wants exceptional steamed milk, Breville isn’t a bad option.

Even the Breville low-range machine has a manual steam wand. It gives proper milk frothing even though it will require more attention. In Comparison, Jura has a milk frothing facility only for high-end espresso machines. All top-range Jura machines have automatic steam wands.

These auto-steam wands have customizable features; you can adjust milk frothing according to your choice. However, all the mid or low-range Jura espresso machines don’t have steam wands. If you like more steamed milk with less foam, adjust it automatically, and it will extract low-foamed milk.

All the latte and cappuccino fans should look to get an espresso machine with milk-frothing functions. Otherwise, it will become tough to prepare steamed and foamed milk manually.

Jura vs. Breville: Which machine has a customization option?

A coffee freak always to customize its coffee drink. Brands have started to give more emphasis on customization. Jura has modern features with customization options. The Jura espresso machine is a preferred option for those who want a professional machine with fully automated options. In this espresso machine, all it requires is pressing a button to get your desired taste.

Whereas Breville comes with the more traditional style of brewing espresso. Most of its machines don’t have customization options. You need to perform all the steps manually. Similarly, Jura’s automatic cleaning feature is also missing in Breville machines. Breville machines need to be cleaned and maintained manually.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both Jura and Breville require regular cleaning and descaling to ensure perfect brewing. Regular cleaning is an essential part of continuing optimal performance. Top-range Jura machines have an automatic built-in cleaning system. However, a manual deep clean is needed after every few months. The Jura machine will guide you during the deep cleaning process.

On the other hand, Breville uses the manual cleaning method. It needs to be cleaned after every use. Few of us may prefer to clean it manually instead of relying on auto cleaning; in that case, Breville manually allows all the deep cleaning.

However, a few Breville machines come with auto cleaning functions, but I didn’t find them as perfect cleaning machines as Jura automated cleaning machines. So Jura has an edge as for deep cleaning is concerned. It gives the best automatic options, which we may not get from many other brands.

Jura vs Breville: Which machine has an affordable price?

Features and build quality may excite you, but the real business starts when we compare prices. The purchasing depends on the available budget; you may compromise on features but can’t afford an overly expensive product.

Both Jura and Breville are costly products. Though the mid-range may come within the budget. Breville has an affordable price range compared to Jura.

Final thoughts: Which Brand should you pick and why?

For things that should keep in mind the budget factor, Jura machines are advanced but more expensive than Breville. Also, while Jura espresso makers are expensive, they have proprietary technology, making them a favorable device to buy. If you can afford buy Jura.

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