Breville vs Gaggia: What is the best espresso machine?

It seems you are looking for the best espresso machine for your kitchen. You probably checked different brands and came to decide on Breville vs Gaggia. I think you have made a better decision to pick one machine from these two espresso machine makers. Because both machines have produced some classic and top-notch espresso machines over the years.

Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville barista expresso machines make ideal espresso shots and give different options to customize your drink. However, it is essential to understand these two brands’ differences and functions before you decide between them.

Before comparing machines let’s check the features of these brands.

Breville Barista Espresso


If you love Australian brands, Breville is there as one of the best in making espresso machines. Breville has created different top-quality espresso machines, but none are better than Barista Express.

  • Making an ideal espresso shot in Barista Express will take less than a minute. This machine comes with a built-in grinder and attached tamper.
  • Also, it has a high-quality steam wand, specifically for latte lovers. The steam wand is beautifully designed with a rubber grip.
  • Another interesting feature of Breville barista express is the double-layer filter baskets.
  • It has one hot water spout. A hot water spout makes it quick and easy for American lovers.

Gaggia Classic pro

The Gaggia brand was created in Italy. As we know, Italy makes amazing coffees and espresso machines. This machine has gained popularity worldwide. Gaggia Classic Pro is the leading semi-automated machine made by Gaggia.

  • This machine is designed to give users an easy interface and easy-to-use features. So anyone with a basic understanding of espresso can operate this espresso machine.
  • It has a dual steam wand for better steamed and foamed milk.
  • Gaggia aluminum boiler lets users control the temperature and prepare coffee at a fast pace with the perfect heat.

Now let’s check and compare these two machines’ build quality, features, and brewing performance.

The difference between Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville Barista Express

Here are the key differences between the two amazing espresso machines.

Which machine has stronger built quality?

Espresso coffee is the first choice for many coffee lovers, but it is important to make espresso that gives the essence of coffee with its aroma. Gaggia is known for its compact traditional design and superior materials. It is solidly built using brushed stainless steel.

While the Breville machine is made of stainless steel and has a sleek design. This machine is slightly bigger and heavier than Gaggia.

Breville vs Gaggia: Which machine has a better interface?

When making an espresso shot, you need a machine that may give you different features like grind size, temperature and shot volume. The machine with more functions will probably be preferred by the customers. Both espresso machines are built semi-automated.

However, the Breville machine has a different and standout user interface. It contains more user-friendly features than Gaggia. These features allow you to make a customized drink.

Also, the Breville machine’s inbuilt function will inform you when the next maintenance will be needed. And it has programmable single and double shots of espresso. Gaggia has a different interface and a few buttons. It can be pre-programmed to get a specific espresso taste every time you make it.

Do these Breville and Gaggia machines come with a built-in Grinder?

When an espresso machine comes with a built-in grinder, it makes life so much easier. However, many brands haven’t included it in their machines. Also, a quality grinder will make a perfect grind for your coffee.

Breville Barista Express has a built-in grinder and control button that allows you to get the desired grinding for your coffee. Additionally, this grinder automatically adds beans to the portafilter and makes the desired powder for the next espresso shot.

On the other hand, Gaggia has no built-in grinder. You have to buy a separate grinder.

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Breville vs Gaggia: which machine has a better steam wand?

The steaming wand is an important part of espresso machines. It is used to steam milk. If you love making milk coffees like lattes or cappuccino, you must consider buying a machine with a steam wand. Also, the steam wand helps in creating latte art.

Breville Barista Express and Gaggia Classic Pro have good quality built-in swivelling steam wands. However, the Breville steam wand has a faster heating system; ideally, it takes around 25 seconds to get steamed and foamed milk. While the Gaggia steam wand takes almost double the time to steam milk.

Also, Breville has a stainless steel wand, and Gaggia has a plastic wand. I personally prefer Breville Barista Express because it has a better steam wand. It takes less time, but a better quality steamed and foamed milk. Especially good for those who like to make latte coffees.

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Breville vs Gaggia: Which machine brews better?

So it is important to know that with all these functions and features which machine brews better and gives the ultimate coffee taste. In fact, these machines extract the ultimate taste and aroma. You can’t differentiate them in brewing if you are a new user. However, you will know the difference when you use both machines for a longer period.

Gaggia classic pro performs slightly better in brewing due to the 58 mm portafilter. Also, this machine needs to be set manually, like getting the right ground coffee and water volume.

Breville vs Gaggia

In the case of Breville expresso pro, you can program it for single or double-shot espresso; it needs minimal manual work. However, both machines extract the perfect strong cup of coffee if we know how to use these machines.

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Breville vs Gaggia: Final thoughts, Which machine should you pick?

Breville and Gaggia machines should be your choice when you want a durable and long-lasting espresso machine for the kitchen. Gaggia Classic Pro is good for your kitchen if you have a small space. It works manually to adjust your espresso. Also, with a reasonable price range, Gaggia Classic Pro should be your preferred device.

However, if you like a programmable machine to get a similar taste every time, Breville Barista Express is a better option. This machine is bigger in size but with more features. The Breville barista has a built-in grinder, giving it an edge over the Gaggia classic Pro.

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