Chemex vs Hario v60:  Comparing two great coffee makers

hario v60 vs chemex

Do you want a pour-over coffee brewer to get a delicious cup of coffee? Since it gives more control during the coffee-making process. Chemex vs Hario v60 pour-over coffee makers are two pour-over coffee makers that give a great taste.

In this article, I compare the differences and similarities between Chemex and Hario to make your choice easier. But I want to explain everything in detail so no confusion is left if you don’t know anything about the pour-over method.

First, let’s look at what the pour-over method of coffee making is.

What is pour-over coffee?

I think it is the most used coffee-making method since it doesn’t require any complex machines to make coffee. Even nowadays, many people prefer the pour-over process of coffee making instead of the latest espresso machines.

In the pour-over method, the hot water is poured into the ground coffee. While the ground coffee is held in a filter. And the water passed through into a container or cup.

However, when we compared it with other brewing methods, the pour-over takes more time to make coffee. I think it requires complete attention to brew coffee; otherwise you might end up getting an over-extracted or under-extracted coffee; it can also taste bitter.

Now that we know the pour-over method, it’s time to check what Chemex and Hario v60 is.

Chemex pour over coffee maker

Chemex pour over coffee maker

It is a bowl-shaped coffee maker with heat-resistant glass. Also, Chemex uses a paper filter. It has a wooden collar and leather tie around the neck, making it more attractive.

If you want a clear and clean cup of coffee, I suggest you use a slightly thick paper filter that will make sure no sediments and oils are left in the cup. Also, Chemex comes in different sizes, so you can pick a Chemex that can give you up to 13 cups.

What I like most about Chemex is the coffee-making process. You can make it any time of the day without giving much time. However, cleaning the Chemex after every use is required to ensure no sediments are left and you get a consistent taste for later use.

Chemex patented filters

You can buy Chemex patent stainless steel filters that are even thicker than paper filters, and they are reusable. Due to their thickness, these filters can give crystal-clear coffee and a milder taste.

Chemex filter

Also, people prefer paper filters for Chemex, so you can check the quality of the paper and stainless filters before buying any filter.

So how to brew in Chemex? It is important to know the brewing process so that you can differentiate the brewing process between Chemex and Hario v 60.

Chemex brewing method

The medium-coarse grind is recommended for the pour-over method when making in Chemex; it ensures no deposit is left in the container and gives a balanced taste.

First, place the filter in the brewer.

  • Add ground coffee.
  • Now add hot water through a gooseneck kettle, giving you more control and adjusting the water perfectly.
  • Stir it with a spoon or chopstick
  • Coffee is ready to enjoy

What is Hario V60?

Hario pour over coffee maker

Hario v60, a new pour-over method introduced around two decades ago In Japan. It has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts who love clean, bright coffee.

I like the unique cone-shaped v60, which is quite different from traditional coffee makers. It is available in ceramic, plastic, and glass material. Also, this coffee maker is available in different colors.

Hario v60 is aesthetically designed, and it can be cleaned with a few easy steps. However, what I see in Hario v60 is a preferable option if you have a small family because it has the capacity of fewer cups.

How to brew in Hario V60?

Since Hario v 60 and Chemex use pour-over methods to brew coffee, there is not much difference in the brewing process. You can follow the same steps of brewing given above.

However, there is a difference in the grind size of coffee. It is also due to the difference in filter thickness.

I would suggest a finer grind is a better option for v60. Even many prefer the same medium coarse grind that we use for Chemex. But you can use the grind size you like, and you will be slightly different in taste while using dissimilar sizes.

V 60 has thinner filters which work perfectly well with fine-grind coffee beans.

What filter to use in Hario v60?

Filters directly impact the taste and quality of your coffee. So when selecting, remember which filter will suit the grind size of your coffee.

Hario v60 filter

Hario v60 paper filters are specifically designed and are the most used filters in v60. I highly recommend you buy these paper filters with Hario v60. These filters are available according to the size of the coffee maker.

Hario v60 vs Chemex: what are the differences?

Since both v60 and Chemex are pour-over coffee makers, there is nothing significantly different between them. However, there are specific differences worth mentioning here.

Difference in filters

I found a slight difference in filters, resulting in different coffee tastes. This small difference in filters has a big impact on the taste and texture of coffee.

Chemex and Hario v 60 both can use paper or stainless steel filters. Additionally, Chemex is known for its thick filter that doesn’t let any oils or sediments. So Chemex has a clear texture and smoother taste.

Whereas Hario v60 uses a thinner filter, which allows oils and flavors to go through. These oils and sediments make the coffee stronger and bitterer. If you don’t like deposits to remain in your coffee, always buy a coffee maker with a thicker filter.

The difference in grind size

Since Chemex use different filters from v 60, both use different grind sizes to get the desired taste. Chemex needs a medium-coarse grind to get the perfect taste. If you try even a litter finer grind, it may not work and may give a bitter or unwantedly different taste.

V60 uses thinner filters that can brew faster and more flavored coffee. So fine grind would be a better option for V60. It will give more flavorful but a little bitter coffee.

So, use a medium-coarse grind for Chemex, and for Hario v 60, use a fine grind.

Chemex vs. Hario v60, which coffee brewer is easy to use?

This part is my favorite; whenever I use and check a coffee maker, the first thing I look at is how easy it is to brew coffee. Any brewer that is more technical and needs more attention to detail is not my preference.

Chemex is always a better option when it comes to making coffee without needing any prior experience. I make a quick cup of coffee with Chemex; it needs less attention and gives me desired less intense coffee in the morning.

On the other hand, v60 is also an easy method to brew coffee. While pouring hot water through a gooseneck kettle requires more attention to get the right volume of water. Also, pour the water gently to get the maximum extraction from ground coffee.

Few people prefer Chemex as an easier device to use than v60, but I found both easier to use and easier to clean. When you give more attention, you will get relatively better extraction.

Chemex vs Hario v60
Hario v60 vs Chemex: Available in different sizes

Always check the sizes of your coffee maker; if you have a big family, pick the one with a larger capacity.

Hario v60 and Chemex have different sizes to facilitate their customers.

ModelNo.Cups of coffee
Hario v6012 cups
Hario v6024 cups
Hario v6036 cups

You can buy any size of your requirements.

Chemex also comes in different sizes, from small 3 cups to 13 cups. If you need Chemex for a small family of two, you can buy the size of 3 cups. However, for large families, you can pick any larger cup size.

Final thoughts: hario v60 vs Chemex, which coffee maker should you buy and why?

The above comparison should make your choice easier when buying any pour-over coffee brewer. There is certainly not much difference in the brewing of the two. However, what I feel about the two will give my personal experience to make your choice easier.

Chemex has a more attractive design and better built quality when I compared it to the Hario v60. However, the bigger difference is the filter which ultimately leads to different coffee tastes.

I love a clean and clear cup of coffee, so I prefer Chemex any day for its quality of coffee. Chemex coffee is completely free from any deposits. Hario v60 is a good option if you don’t have any issues with remaining deposits in a coffee cup. Also, due to sediments, it doesn’t taste very pleasant, and it has a more black texture.

My suggestion

Buy Chemex; it is easier to make coffee and has a milder taste. It also gives you the option of making many cups. But again, you should keep your options open and pick a device that most suits your requirements.

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