Percolator vs French press: which coffee maker is better?

french press vs percolator

Are you looking for an excellent coffee brewer for your kitchen countertop? Do you want to know the difference between the French press vs Percolator? If yes, then you are at the right place; you will get all the information.

When we decide to buy a coffee machine, the first thing that comes to mind, it should give me the desired taste and aroma. Also, the built quality and how easy it is to brew coffee in that coffee maker. In that case, French press and Percolator can be considered when picking any coffee maker.

In this blog, I’ll dive deep into the French press and percolator brewing techniques, exploring their unique characteristics, why they are different, and which coffee maker you should pick and why.

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French Press vs Percolator: what are the differences?

Both look similar but have significant differences in brewing method and taste. Since both use different brewing methods, I think it is more important to understand the brewing process before anything else. Because I believe the brewing process determines everything in coffee.

French press brewing process

People also call it the plunger pot, as it uses a plunger to extract coffee. A French Press has dominated the coffee world over the decades because it brews robust and flavorful coffee.

French press brewing process

I like the French press since it leaves slight sediments and oils in the coffee during the brewing process, which leads to a robust coffee flavor. However, few would disagree with me if you want a milder taste coffee; a percolator should be a better option.

Also, you can customize your coffee in French press by adding more ground coffee and less water. It will give more concentrated coffee leading to a strong bitter taste.

Which coffee beans are best for French Press?

Since French Press extracts full-bodied and flavorful coffee and uses a plunger brewing method, the coarse grind is the preferred option. Also, always use freshly roasted coffee beans.

How to brew coffee in a French press?

Step-by-step Instructions

  • First, boil water, because boiling water should be used in French Press.
  • Add ground coffee to the French press. You can use a different ratio of water to ground coffee, but ideally, the water to coffee should with a ratio of 1:15. Make sure that water soaks well with ground coffee. In fact, stir with a spoon to get a perfect mixture.
  • Now let it steep for a minute or two minutes. This makes sure of an intense extraction. Even you can steep it for up to four minutes, but that will make coffee pretty strong.
  • Put the plunger on the French press and gently press it down to the bottom.
  • The coffee will pour down into the cups. I suggest you serve it immediately for a fresh taste.

A key point to remember is if you want a solid coffee, steep ground coffee for around 3 to 4 minutes. Conversely, if you want to get a milder taste, steep it for not more than 1 minute.

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Percolator coffee maker brewing process

A percolator is a classic coffee maker. People have been brewing coffee in Percolators for centuries but a slight improvement in brewing technique. It is still one of the favorite coffee makers around. Obviously, the brewing technique may not compete with the latest coffee machines, but you still get a real taste of coffee.

Coffee brewing gadgets on wooden bar counter. Coffee concept. Preparing fresh strong coffee drink.

Percolator has improved with its brewing method since the invention of the electric Percolator. But the classic stovetop is still there and making the perfect coffee. More people still prefer stovetops over electric Percolators.

Electric Percolator has a heating terminal at the bottom, leading to easy coffee brewing. Thus electric heating systems and other auto functions have made it easy to brew coffee. But if you ask me, it is still not producing the same level of taste that we get from a stovetop coffee maker.

How to make coffee in a Percolator?

  • First, fill the device with half water.
  • Add coarsely ground coffee to the Percolator basket. It is essential to add ground coffee considering the volume of water. Adding more ground coffee to less volume of water will lead to robust bitter coffee.
  • Place the Percolator on the heat source and let it heat up.
  • This process takes up to 10 minutes to brew.
  • Keep a closer look at the process; when the coffee is ready, it’s time to remove it from the heat source and let it cool down.
  • Now coffee is ready to serve.

Percolator vs French press: difference in taste

I have discussed the brewing process, which clearly shows that the French press brews much stronger bitter coffee than Percolator.

Though Percolator can make strong coffee with aroma if the right brewing process is followed. But if you want a milder coffee, the ratio of water to coffee should be more.

Percolator uses a traditional brewing method that focuses more on a large volume of coffee and has little interest in the taste.

On the other hand, the brewing process of the French press leaves sediments and oils, making it bold and bitter coffee.

Which coffee maker has more caffeine?

Again, the brewing method determines the caffeine level of a coffee cup. A percolator contains more caffeine than a French press.

Also, it depends on what type of caffeine we use in these coffee makers. But usually, a percolator contains around 180 gm of caffeine by following the traditional brewing method.

The French press has around 140gm of caffeine per serving.

french press adding ground coffee
Which coffee maker is easy to use?

I found the Percolator an easier device to operate. Both stovetop and electric versions can brew with similar tastes and aromas. However, the brewing process requires consistent monitoring because slight changes could lead to under or over-extraction.

In contrast, the French press requires more effort to brew. It is essential to grind coarse-ground coffee for French press. Also, the plunger needs to press gently to get the desired extraction. So for me, it may be a slightly difficult device to brew coffee.

Easy to clean

A percolator is comparatively tough to clean and maintain compared to a French press. The Percolator directly exposes to a heat source, which makes it hard to clean. Whereas the French press has fewer parts that can be removed easily to get a deep clean without much effort.

French press vs Percolator: which device is suitable for camping?

Many people prefer a brewer suitable for camping; it should be portable and easy to use. When we compare the French press to Percolator, we should look into certain factors to get a better understanding.

The coffee maker should be easy to carry in a backpack and easy to use in the wild. I prefer Percolator over a French press for camping.

Percolator stovetop coffee maker

Final thoughts: French press vs Percolator: Which device to buy and why?

If you love traditional brewing methods, the Percolator should be your preferred choice. In the traditional brewing method, no device can compete with the accuracy and extraction of a Percolator. Even though Percolator has redesigned its shape, it is now also available in electric devices.

But you should prefer French press if you look to get strong coffee every time. It can consistently brew similar tastes because of its brewing technique. However, it can be time-consuming and can’t brew in large batches.

Also, not much difference in the price range of French press and Percolator. So just keep in mind your personal preferences and pick any of the two devices.

I’ll only prefer the French press for its taste, texture, and features, which are unavailable in Percolator.

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