Blonde Espresso vs Regular: Comparing Amazing Taste

blonde espresso vs regular

Do you want to know more about espresso drinks and their different flavors? Here is a great comparison of the two espresso flavors blonde espresso vs regular. Espresso has a unique and robust taste that you may not get in any other coffee flavor. It can be brewed with different combinations.

However, espresso usually comes with different coffee beans, which makes all the difference in taste, aroma, and texture. Every coffee flavor depends on coffee beans and how they are roasted. If beans are roasted darkly, they have a different taste and aroma than light or medium-roasted coffee beans.

Yes, it may be strange, but Espresso coffee depends entirely on coffee beans. And if you are an espresso fan, pick the right coffee beans to get the desired taste.

Also, check the difference between black coffee and espresso.

Well, here we are comparing two coffee flavors: one is regular espresso, and the other is blonde espresso. And how is a Blonde espresso different from a regular espresso? This article will explain everything in detail.

  • Blonde espresso is also called light roast espresso or cinnamon roast espresso. However, a blonde espresso differs from a regular espresso in many ways.
  • Blonde espresso comes with a citrusy flavor, mild and sweet taste, and a little acidic. It has more caffeine content than regular espresso. Blonde espresso uses lightly roasted coffee beans.  
  • Whereas regular espresso is prepared with darkly roasted beans with a strong and bitter taste.

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What is Blonde Espresso?

First, let’s look into what blonde espresso is all about. Blonde espresso is a light color coffee with a mild taste. The Blonde espresso has a mellow flavor and a less bitter taste than regular espresso.

But where comes the concept of blonde espresso? It is Starbucks that has introduced blonde espresso to reduce the intensity of regular espresso and gives a new and exciting taste.

Starbucks has started preparing espresso with lightly roasted beans called Blonde espresso. It is prepared with lighter beans with light color.

Blonde espresso has a milder taste, but it is slightly more acidic. Also, it comes with more caffeine than dark roasted beans.

Interestingly, people use different names for Blonde espresso; they call it blonde roast, light roast, and espresso roast. The basic objective behind blonde espresso is to make a good replacement for regular espresso.

You can also use it as a base drink for many flavors. In fact, it could be a great addition to cold drinks, like cold brew or iced latte.

blonde espresso cup
blonde espresso

What is regular Espresso?

Hardly anyone will not be aware of espresso coffee and its essential role in different coffee flavors. Regular espresso is a concentrated, strong drink thicker than regular coffee. It has almost replaced traditional black coffee due to its boldness and strength.

Even though it has a more complex brewing method than regular coffee, if you are not an espresso fan, you still need to use it as the base drink for other great flavors like latte, cappuccino, and Americano.

Here is the comparison between espresso and cappuccino.

Right here, you must be thinking, what roast does it use to get for perfect espresso? Regular espresso usually prepares roast uses dark or medium roast coffee beans. The intense extraction process also leads to more crema at the top than regular coffee.

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However, with blonde espresso gaining popularity, regular espresso is still more consumed worldwide. Starbucks makes espresso with mediumly roasted beans, which are more roasted for a robust taste.

blonde espresso
espresso cup

What is Starbucks Blonde Espresso?

Starbucks has recently named it blonde espresso; before that, similar drinks were called cinnamon roasts, new England roasts, half city, and light city.

Starbucks offers many blonde espresso flavors. You can get blonde espresso in venti to demi size. Here are the best blonde espresso drinks offered by Starbucks.

  1. Starbucks blonde Caffee Latte
  2. Starbucks blonde flat white
  3. Blonde cappuccino
  4. Starbucks roast coffee
  5. Starbucks blonde Americano Misto

What is blonde vs regular espresso?

These two drinks have a few similarities and differences. I’ll talk about them in detail to make it easy for you when picking any one drink.

Blonde espresso vs regular: Uncovering the Most Prominent Distinction

If you are wondering what is the key difference between the two? It is the types of beans and the use of different processing methods. Regular espresso uses medium to dark roast, whereas blonde espresso uses lightly roasted beans.

 different roasted coffee beans
Differently roasted beans

As you should know, the beans’ color and types of roasting determine the taste, strongness and acidity level.

Blonde vs regular espresso: Which Delivers the Superior Flavor?

Starbucks introduces Blonde espresso to get a milder, sweeter, and creamier taste than regular espresso. You will love the taste of blonde if you want a smooth and softer drink. While adding a latte and other flavors, you will get a flavorful taste.

Lightly roasted beans have certain benefits that we may not get in dark roasted coffee beans; it preserves their acidity and citrus flavor.

Regular espresso is roasted for longer, has a darker color, and tastes bitter. Also, regular espresso prepares in darkly roasted beans with a strong bitter taste.

However, adding steamed milk, milk foam, and other flavors may reduce the bitterness of coffee.

Blonde espresso is specifically designed for those who want smoother flavor. However, it may be a better replacement if you are making any milky drink.

Blonde espresso vs regular espresso: Analyzing the Discrepancies in Caffeine Content

When we darkly roast coffee beans, it tends to reduce caffeine. And lightly roasted beans have slightly more caffeine.

Another factor that you should keep in mind while picking the proper roast. Some people don’t want high caffeine, so regular espresso should be their choice. You can check the exact caffeine content in the above table.

Roasting process makes big difference

Every espresso drink has a unique roasting process. The roasting time and method define which beverage you like to make. Regular espresso is made of darkly roasted beans that take longer and roast at higher temperatures.

Regular espresso beans are prepared in dark brown. Due to longer roasting time, beans look oily and darkish. On the other hand, the blonde espresso beans are light brown and present a matte appearance.

Choosing Between Regular and Blonde Espresso: Which One’s Right for You?

It depends on what type of beans you prefer. Every coffee beans have certain qualities and use them when you prefer certain flavor. A better option to use darkly roasted coffee beans when you are making flavors like Mocha, Macchiato, latte and cappuccino.

Whereas you can use blonde espresso when you prepare cold brew or other iced drinks. Similarly, blonde espresso uses in vanilla drinks or different non-diary coffees. 

Lightly roasted beans use for cold brew, making the drink less solid and bitter. So blonde espresso is an ideal drink when preparing vanilla and almond milk.

However, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to a specific formula; it means you can add blonde espresso for quality drinks like latte, cappuccino, and cortado. Similarly, you can use regular espresso for cold coffees.

roasted beans

Also, it is worth mentioning that grinding blonde espresso beans is laborious and time-consuming since they are more challenging and denser.

If anyone wants the combination of espresso and brewed coffee, check out red, black, and dead-eye coffee.

Regular vs Blonde Espresso: A Calorie Comparison for Health-conscious

Anyone regular espresso drinker knows that adding any coffee beans contains almost no calories. A regular espresso has only three calories per shot.

And the blonde espresso has around five calories per drink. So there is little difference between both drinks as for calories are concerned.

Though if you add milk or other flavors, that will contain many calories. I recommend adding no flavors to your coffee if you are cautious about calories in your drink.

Blonde vs regular espresso: healthwise, what drink should you prefer?

The beans, whether light or dark brown, have similar health prospects. However, blonde espresso beans grow in a different environment, so they have other health impacts.

Blonde espresso uses lightly roasted beans with few health advantages compared to darkly roasted beans. Also, lightly roasted beans have more antioxidants, which have many health benefits.

Difference in origin

These two views are about the origin of blonde espresso; some believe it comes from Latin America. Another theory is that blonde espresso originates in east African countries such as Ethiopia. In contrast, Regular espresso originates in Latin American countries like Brazil and Colombia.

Blonde vs regular espresso: Comparing Acidity Levels

Blonde espresso has a higher acidity level than regular espresso. So, if you have gastro issues, you should not use blonde espresso as it will create digestive problems.

The blonde espresso’s pH level is 4.5, whereas regular espresso has a pH level of around 6. Many people prefer traditional espresso to avoid more acidic blonde.

When you use it the first time, you will feel it is more acidic. However, with regular use of blonde espresso, you will get used to this more acidic drink. But certainly, regular espresso is better when you have acidity.

blonde vs regular espresso: which drink should you prefer?

I have mentioned all the differences between the two beverages. Now I will discuss which drink is best for you and why? Since both drinks have low calories and a reasonable amount of caffeine, you can choose anyone beverage for your daily drink.

However, regular espresso can prove bitter and robust if you are new to coffee drinks. On the other hand, blonde espresso is less intense; you can try it first. But you may not get it in every coffee shop.

Which espresso shot is best for losing weight?

Blonde espresso and regular espresso come with almost no calories. If you use them in pure form and don’t add other flavors. Both these drinks are good for weight loss.

Even though the blonde espresso is a better option for losing weight, however, it will be perfect when you don’t add flavor to your blonde espresso drink.

Which drink has more antioxidant content?

Antioxidants have so many health benefits. Due to the shorter roasting time, the blonde espresso contains more antioxidants in one drink.

However, regular espresso also includes a good amount of antioxidants. So you can choose any drink for antioxidants.

How to make a blonde espresso at home?

An espresso (regular and blonde) prepares when we run hot and pressurized water through ground coffee. It needs to find a grind to make a perfect espresso.

You can make espresso without an espresso machine. Roasting coffee beans at 360 degrees Fahrenheit would create an ideal blonde espresso. And remove the beans just before the first crack.

Blonde espresso ingredients
  • 15 to 18 grams of coffee beans
  • water
  1. First, grind blonde espresso with a grinder.
  2. Place five teaspoons of ground coffee into the mug.
  3. Now, Pour the hot water over the grounds.
  4. Then cover it and leave it for one minute, or if you want strong coffee, leave it for two minutes.
  5. Place a filter on the top of another cup and pour the ground coffee through it.

So your blonde espresso is ready to drink.

espresso cup
blonde espresso cup
Creative Ways to Elevate Your Coffee Experience

If you enjoy flavorful coffee, you can add different flavors to your blonde espresso. This drink can add any flavour that you prefer to add.

Here I am mentioning a few flavors you can add to your coffee. But certainly, you can use any added flavour of your choice.

  • The first combination that I like most is adding almond milk and vanilla syrup.
  • Whereas when you buy from Starbucks makes blonde espresso, you can ask Barista for your favorite flavor.
  • Another option is to add more milk with a slightly sprinkle chocolate sauce at the top.
  • You can add sugar syrup to blonde espresso to make it sweeter, even though it is naturally a touch sweeter.

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Final thoughts

There is very little to choose from between these two drinks. The differences are minimal and unnoticeable if you are that meticulous about coffee flavors. If you are using traditional espresso, you can experiment with blonde espresso.

Also, both drinks have certain qualities you should remember while making your drink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is blonde espresso stronger than regular espresso?

Blonde espresso is a more potent drink compared to regular espresso. It contains more caffeine content than a regular espresso. So, higher caffeine will make it a stronger drink.

Is a blonde roast the same as a cinnamon roast?

Blonde roast and cinnamon roast have similarities but aren’t the same drinks. Both of these drinks have highly roasted beans and produce a sweet taste.

The blonde roast was first named cinnamon roast; afterward, it was changed to blonde espresso.

Is blonde espresso unhealthy?

Blonde espresso has lightly roasted beans compared to darkly roasted beans. It comes with a good amount of antioxidants and caffeine. So, blonde espresso is healthier than regular espresso.

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