Cacao vs Coffee: Which Brews Reigns Supreme?

brewed cacao vs coffee

If we go through the most consumed and loved beverages, cacao and coffee, right up with the very best. No other beverage can meet the taste and aroma of these two drinks. If you haven’t tasted these flavors, you should immediately turn to cacao and coffee for the best.

Both cacao and coffee beans are highly consumed beans worldwide; no other beans are so popular and loved. But what is the basic difference between the two? Anyone who loves chocolate knows cacao beans. These beans are used to make chocolate, While coffee beans are used to brew coffee.

Do you know the differences between white coffee and black coffee?

If you are looking to get a high-caffeine drink, the coffee should be your first choice, and the cacao has more calories and less caffeine. Also, cacao contains highly stimulant theobromine.

 Let’s look into two drinks with more details.

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What is cacao?

Anyone who loves chocolate should know that cacao is the raw form of chocolate; it is processed to make cocoa powder. And cocoa is the powder form of chocolate. We usually add cocoa powder to our beverages.

It is interesting to note that cacao beans have no taste; they develop taste and aroma during roasting, so they need proper roasting and fermentation. It gradually develops into something special drinkable beverage.

Also, you can add buttermilk to your coffee.

cacao vs coffee

What are the health benefits of Cacao?

Another common factor in cacao and coffee is that beans have numerous health benefits. Cacao is highly antioxidant. When we brew cacao, it has the following benefits.

  • Immune booster
  • Low carbs
  • Less acidic
  • Low calories
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve bones
  • Improves heart health

How many types of Cacao?

Cacao beans, the primary ingredient used to make chocolate and other cocoa-based products, come in different types, each with its unique flavor characteristics.

  • Criollo

It is the rarest but highly expensive cacao bean. These beans are less bitter and acidic but highly aromatic. It contains complex fruit flavors. However, Criollo trees are susceptible to diseases and pests. So it has limited cultivation that means it has higher prices.

  • Forastero

It is highly cultivated and easily available in the market. Most of the chocolates are made with this type. Because It has a chocolatey and slightly bitter taste. But the taste mostly depends on the technique of brewing.

  • Trinitario

It has the features of both Criollo and Forastero. These beans originate from the Caribbean island. However, these beans taste differently from region to region. It may not be easily available in every market.

  • Nacional

Nacional beans discovered very recently in Ecuador. It has a strong and creamy taste and is considered the finest cacao. You can enjoy the sheer taste of cacao if you get this flavor for your next drink.

What are coffee beans?

Any coffee enthusiast should know that coffee beans—are the most essential ingredient of any coffee flavor. Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee plants. These beans are roasted and then ground to brew coffee.

Also, these beans are highly cultivated worldwide; every region has a unique and signature taste and aroma. We need to check the most critical coffee beans.

Arabica coffee beans  

These are the most popular coffee beans worldwide. When we order a coffee cup, we expect coffee made from Arabica coffee beans because it has a more attractive, smoother taste and is slightly bitter.

However, it has perhaps the lowest caffeine content compared with other flavors.

Robusta coffee beans

It comes second to Arabica coffee beans since it has comparatively less cultivation worldwide. However, it has a strong and bitter flavor with a hint of cocoa, which many people don’t favor when picking coffee beans.

Also, unless you’re a fan of caffeinated drinks, you should avoid them because robusta coffee beans are high in caffeine.

Robusta coffee beans

Liberica coffee beans

These coffee beans grow in only a few countries. Its cultivation has gone lower due to its highly bitter and smokey flavor. Also, it is costly to grow these beans.

These beans need more presence at the commercial level.

Excelsa beans

Again, rare coffee beans are only cultivated in a few countries. Due to its unique, tarty, and floral taste, it has become a famous brand.

What are cacao and coffee?

Now, let’s check what are the differences between cacao and coffee. Cacao beans come from cacao fruit that is generally used to make cocoa powder or chocolate. Cacao beans’ texture is quite similar to almonds. It contains carbs, protein, and fiber.

Cacao vs. coffee: Which beans are better?

Both have pretty dissimilar beans. Cacao beans are larger and have a rough surface. In contrast, coffee beans are smaller in size and have a smoother texture. But when beans are roasted and brewed, they have a completely different taste and aroma.

The coffee beans are specifically used to brew different coffee flavors. You can’t use it in other beverages or food.

In contrast, cacao beans are widely used in making other chocolate beverages and foods, as well as in brewed cacao. But if you look to get a strong coffee flavor, brewed cacao will never make anything closer to the taste of coffee.

cacao bean
cacao bean

Brewed Cacao vs coffee: Do they have a different brewing process?

Coffee has so many brewing methods that can be used to make your coffee flavor. Brewed cacao also uses simple steps to brew your favorite coffee cup. Let’s check the brewing process of both flavors.

How to make brewed cacao?

Cacao has a simple brewing technique like any other coffee drink. Cacao beans can brew in a French press Moak pot or a simple coffee machine. In fact, you can brew it without having a machine.

  • Ground cacao beans
  • Water
  • Sweetener or any flavor (optional)
  • First, you need two tablespoons of ground cacao.
  • Now add 6 ounces of boiling water and stir it.
  • And let it steep for around two to three minutes.
  • Optionally you can add sweetener or any other flavor.
  • You can stir it again to mix it well before enjoying brewed cacao.

So, while making brewed cacao, it needs roasted and ground beans. Also, it is highly recommended not to use any flavor in your favorite brewed cacao.

brewed cacao cup

How to brew coffee?

In contrast, coffee is a highly customizable drink. You can choose flavors of your choice.

  • Ground Coffee beans
  • water
  • sweetner (optional)
  • First put, pour over the coffee dripper on the top of the cup.
  • Add ground coffee to the filter.
  • Now, slowly pour the hot water on top of the ground coffee. And the water passes through into the cup.
  • A cup of coffee is ready to serve.

Don’t add flavors or sweeteners if you want to enjoy the sheer taste of coffee beans.

Cacao vs coffee: Which drink tastes better?

Cacao beans have a naturally sweet and dark chocolate flavor, and you should brew it when you crave something chocolaty and flavorful. In fact, you don’t need to add flavors to your sweetener to your coffee.

Whereas coffee beans have a robust and bitter taste. Even though different coffee beans have pretty diverse tastes, for instance, if you use arabica beans, it has a smoother and slightly sweeter taste, whereas robusta has an intense flavor. But it can be sweeter by adding flavors or sweeteners.

Cacao vs coffee: Why coffee has more caffeine?

Caffeine is a crucial part of all coffee beans. Caffeine determines how healthy coffee is and how the coffee will impact the body. Coffee is always a high-caffeine drink; conversely, cacao has less caffeine content. You can pick brewed cacao if you feel to avoid high caffeine.

Coffee beans have high caffeine levels. A coffee glass of 240ml contains around 95 mg of caffeine. Due to high caffeine, coffee has specific health benefits. However, excessive use of high caffeine is not recommended.

In contrast, cacao has only 15 mg of caffeine in a similar-sized glass. Cacao is a good alternative if you face health issues due to the high caffeine content in coffee.

Also, check what is white Americano.

Coffee vs cacao: Which drink has fewer Calories?

Both coffee and brewed cacao contain low calories until we add sugar and milk to the drink. Brewed coffee comprises only five calories. And brewed cacao has slightly more calories due to the sweeter chocolate flavor. A brewed cacao contains only 20 calories.

You can consume these flavors as much as you like without high calories. But brewed cacao has slightly more calories due to its natural sweetness.

brewed coffee
What are the health issues that can be caused by cacao and coffee?

No doubt that these two drinks have great natural taste and aroma, but excessive use may lead to specific health issues. Also, it is essential that we should know the content of a drink before we decide to drink it. Let’s check these issues in detail.

Cacao includes theobromine, a naturally stimulating substance whose effects may continue daily. It has few negative impacts if you continue drinking cacao. Frequent use of cacao may cause appetite loss, headache, and nausea. Theobromine may also cause heart implications.

Coffee containing high caffeine levels can cause specific health issues in your body. Coffee can cause you jitters, insomnia, headaches, and addictions. Also, high coffee consumption may lead to high blood pressure, reduce iron absorption, and increase fracture risk.

However, coffee is also a good source of antioxidants. If you use coffee in balance, it will improve your mental and physical health. It also reduces the risk of fatal diseases. Coffee is more acidic than brewed cacao. As we know, acidity causes stomach irritation.

Try breve coffee at home.

Cacao vs coffee: Which drink has more health benefits?

I have discussed all the pros and cons of both drinks. You can pick any drink, keeping in mind the given points. Brewed cacao has less caffeine, so brewed cacao is the better option if you prefer a less caffeinated drink. But brewed cacao may be sweeter than coffee.

Also, brewed cacao includes theobromine which, if we consume it frequently, can cause heart issues. Both drinks have low calories. So you can consume them without worrying about getting high calories.

You can pick any flavor of your choice. If you are a chocolate fan, brewed cacao is definitely the better option. But you should never restrict yourself to one drink and keep changing with different flavors.

cacao vs coffee. making coffee

I like brewed cacao more than anything. It is mainly because cacao contains theobromine which contains almost no caffeine; it also tastes delicious with chocolate notes.

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Wrapping up

I highly recommend you taste both flavors and enjoy the taste of coffee and cacao. You can try both drinks at home. Each flavor has its unique and delicious taste. You can’t ignore the real taste of any flavor.

Well, But if you can brew both flavors, why not make them and check the difference? If you regularly consume coffee flavors, you should try brewed cacao, a good alternative with better taste and specific health benefits.

Also, you should consume every drink in moderation. You can just change it after some time and brew a new refreshing taste because consuming a particular taste for a long time reduces the attraction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can cacao brew like coffee?

Yes, you can brew cacao like coffee. You can use a French press or any other coffee maker to brew it. I have mentioned the cacao brewing process above.

Is brewed cacao stronger than coffee?

No, brewed cacao contains low caffeine content. So it is less intense than coffee.

Is it ok to drink brewed cacao daily?

Yes, you can drink cacao daily, but it is highly recommended to drink it in balance. You can use 4 to 6 tablespoons of cacao or two to three cups of brewed cacao daily.

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

Cacao is an unprocessed version of cocoa. When cacao is processed and roasted, it turns to cocoa.

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